Haisheng LED Co.Ltd Transparent LED Display Makes Glass Curtain Wall More Attractive

In the modern city, we saw many or all kinds of conventional display, they are installed in high-grade office buildings, commercial complex and Technology Expo periphery, windtight, blocking the outdoor light and viewing sight glass curtain wall value was ignored.

The transparent LED display, the most fantastic display technology, has attracted much attention since its birth. It is the best partner of glass curtain wall, as long as there are glass places can be applied, such as commercial building, high-end office buildings, large shopping malls, sightseeing elevators, science and Technology Museum, car 4S shop and other glass curtain wall occasions.
The transparent LED display solves the difficult problem that the traditional LED display can not be applied in a large area of the glass curtain wall. The building as carrier of information dissemination is usually referred to as “Media Wall”, along with the development of LED optoelectronic technology and modern architectural media technology breakthroughs in recent years has been in hot pursuit of the market, especially in the application of glass curtain wall building, the emergence of various solutions. Transparent LED display technology has the characteristics of high pass, ultra thin, and has obvious technical advantages in the field of architectural media. The glass curtain wall is a new blue ocean field when the city outdoor advertisement resources are exhausted.

Transparent LED display produced by Haisheng LED Co.Ltd, the modern art and other metal together perfectly, and has high permeability, high stability, long life and other characteristics, the rate is as high as 80%, which after completing the installation not only will not affect the original style of building and indoor lighting and viewing sight, but also the lighting glass building, enhance its commercial value, play a good advertising effect.

Haisheng LED Co.Ltd products since its listing, has been sought after and loved by customers, the company’s products have been used in large buildings glass curtain wall, commercial complex, special-shaped science and Technology Museum, brand shop window and other scenes. Especially the led dance floor, led strip curtain display, rental led display.Thank customers, friends for our products of trust and support, we will continue to do a good job of products and services, to create value for customers, set the benchmark for the industry, to become a global leader of the LED screen!

Product Parameters And Definition Of Transparent LED Screen


Transparent LED display series product parameter
Pitch point (mm)
Pixel composition
Pixel density (pixels/ m)
Unit board size (mm)
Weight (kg/ m)
Brightness (cd/ m)
Refresh rate
Scanning mode
1/2 scan
Static scan
Static scan
Static scan
Average power


Transparent LED Display Features:

1. Can be customized according to requirements, seamless splicing installation

A variety of standard sizes, combined with the glass curtain wall perfect installation, almost no installation structure.

2. High transparency, daylighting is good

With the use of side light emitting high pass display technology, the X-ray rate is above 80% without affecting indoor lighting.

3. Simple structure

The screen thickness of only about 10mm, screen body weight 12Kg/ square meters, light, without additional steel structure.

4. Beautiful appearance

The screen body matches perfectly with the glass keel and the fulcrum keel;

5. Clever design


Outdoor viewing extends the use of architectural media advertising without affecting the shape of the building.

Transparent LED display applications:

Such as glass curtain walls, building walls, as well as banks, shopping malls, theaters, commercial streets, chains, hotels, municipal public buildings, landmark buildings, etc..

The Cooling Performance of Transparent LED Display

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, in the era of progress, transparent LED display more and more appear in people’s field of vision, transparent LED display with high transparent, green energy-saving characteristics favored by the customers, then what about the cooling performance?
The LED display is critical for LED screen heat dissipation performance and life, general LED display manufacturers in product design, production and processing and construction through physical cooling, air convection cooling, air conditioning and refrigeration cooling, wind tube and heat conduction material, heat dissipation will LED display solutions.

In general, the average power consumption of conventional LED display per hour about 300W per square, the maximum power consumption of about 900W per square; and the average power consumption of transparent LED display per hour about 250W per square, the maximum power consumption of about 800W per square; transparent LED display in the square units per hour than the conventional display such 50W-100W, after long-term use can save a lot a cost of electricity. Low power consumption, low calorific value, screen body problem will not be too high, so that the normal operation of the display in normal temperature environment.

Display mode is a big difference between the transparent screen and the conventional screen. The conventional LED display in the basic work of all points on the light and heat; and the transparent LED display at work, only part of the show will shine, the other part does not light, the screen body temperature is much lower than the conventional screen.

In the product structure, the transparent LED display screen installation using light bar type structure, there is a gap between the heat lamp, lamp can soon be sent out, the cooling performance is good, do not need to complete the display of the conventional auxiliary fan and air conditioning and other tools.

In summary, the transparent LED display very good heat dissipation, low energy consumption, is a representative of a new generation of green display, environmental protection and energy saving, its future development potential immeasurable, its blue ocean market is coming!

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HaiSheng LED CO.,LTD. Give you some tips to maintain the transparent LED display in daily!

Surprisingly, the transparent LED display is a popular product in our company! Because our company focuses on producing the transparent LED display of high rate of perspective, the light weight and the unparalleled pixel pitch! At present, in the high-grade office buildings of city center, commercial complex, windows and other places have begun to gradually apply the transparent LED display. In the process of using the transparent LED display, how should our customers to maintain it in daily? Now let me give you some tips!


  1. Screen body is strictly prohibited the water, the iron powder and the other conductive metal. Thetransparent LED display should be placed in a low dust environment. Because the large dust will affect the display. At the same time, if it has too much dust, it will cause damage to the circuit.
  2. Whenit’s flooded with various reasons, please turn off the power immediately and contact the serviceman. You can use it until the screen body is dry.
  3. When the surface is stained with dust, please clear it with the vacuum cleaneror the air gun facilities. Do not wipe directly with the rags and othe In order to prevent the body from falling off, you can’t operate it with force.
  4. In order toprevent damage to the product surface, you can’t wipe with cloth which it is too hard, rough or dirty.
  5. It suggested that the rest time of thetransparent LED display must be more than 2 hours a day. In the rainy season, you can use it at least once a week. Generally, you should open the screen at least once a month and lighten it more than 2 hours.
  6. Need tohave a regular check whether it is in the normal work, whether it has the damage to the line. If it can’t work, it should be replaced in a timely manner. When the line is damaged, please repair or replace the damaged line.
  7. For the sake of prevent to cause the current and the power cord heat is too large,you can’t play for a long time in all yellow, all red, all green, and the other full screen. When the LED lamp is damaged, it will affect the display life.
  8. Do not disassemble, splicing screen body.
  9. If the Internal wiring is caused the failure, please contact the service manimmediately.


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