The share from Haisheng— The design of the lifting stage in Spring Festival Gala! (Chapter 2)

The characteristics and the horizontal layout of the lifting stage in Spring Festival Gala makes us very surprised, do you know the structure of the stage and the difficulties in design and installation? Now let me tell you!


Part 3: Structure of the stage

Because No.1 CCTV Studio is an existing building, the installation of the equipment just can rely on the method of “expansion” on the scene. The all single machine equipment are installed on two channels. Between the channel steel and the ground is connected by expansion. According to the characteristics of small size and difficult structure arrangement, it adopted the program which use the geared motor to drive the gears directly. The power is transmitted from the drive gear to the other pair of gears. Consequently, with the drive of the gear, the middle frame can run. At the same time, the middle steel frame, fixed steel frame and LED steel are connected together with the chain. The chain is formed into a closed chain. Because the fixed steel frame can not exercise, with the operation of the middle frame, LED steel will run. Between LED screen and LED steel frame is connected by the screws. The control of the travel and the speed of the elevator is based on an encoder which is mounted at the end of the motor.


Part 4:Difficulties in design and installation

1.Difficulties in design

The difficulty in design is the shaking of fixed steel frame. If the design is not reasonable to shake, it will bring great security risks to the show. The biggest obstacle to solve the problem is that the space is insufficient. At last, it carried out the physical trial and the measurement through the steel frame mechanical calculation tools.

  1. Difficulties in mechanical installation

Accuracy of installation position and operation precision is the difficulty in mechanical installation. The requirement of the verticality is so high after the installation of the single device. If it is skew, the lifting platform must rub each other. Seriously, it will damage to the LED screen. Because the lifting table is the vertical and horizontal arrangement, when the position is skew, it must affect the gap between front and back or left and right lifting platform. It will cause a 0 gap, too large a gap or a negative gap. Therefore, the uniformity control of the gap must be accurate between the each lift table. After the strict quality checks, the clearance of the lift is controlled within the allowable range.


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