An outdoor led display accident

There was a strong thunderstorm in Weifang City on June 30 2016, the thunderstorm caused an accident to Weifang Olympic Oktoberfest that the makeshift lighthouse and led display truss got collapsed.


It’s said that the stage lighting and sound items are the center decoration for the Weifang Olympic Oktoberfest, all the devices are imported top-level audio and lighting equipment. However the gorgeous decor did not escape the storm because the stage rental display truss is not stable enough for storm resistance.


Because the rental led display cabinets are light weight, thin, not easily deformed and can be quickly installed, it is widely used for arena, wedding, events and other places. But we should keep in mind the potential security risks and problems when building screens truss. In order to avoid such accidents, HSTV suggests clients build suitable led display stage from the following two basic aspects:

First is to choose led cabinet which is light weight and easy to be assembled and disassembled, such as the carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, the unique nano-polymer materials and other new materials can significantly reduce the rental display weight and thickness. These cabinets are good for display quick installation and maintenance and reduce the burden for stage truss so as to increase the security.
Second is to select a regular construction project team to build the stage truss. They can make sure reasonable steel structure building and avoid the potential security problems due to wind and other external factors.