How To Choose The Stage LED Display

The stage LED display is now widely used in concerts, TV programs and large-scale performances, and the performances and effects of the above show are shown on the big screen. The content is rich and colorful, and the effect is vivid and realistic. How to choose? Optokingdom answers for you.

Stage LED screen selection skills:
1. If stage use, temporary meeting stage, Interior and exterior stage of wedding ceremony, the general requirements of soft light, the viewing distance is relatively close to the range of about 5 meters, this time to consider the display, installation is convenient mobile problems such as accuracy, shooting out of the picture, can choose the models P4 and P5.
2., If for the stage performance use, the first consideration is the model P4 indoor LED display, whether the audience or the stage performers can clearly see the screen display. When the budget price cost overruns, and then consider the P5 led display, but in the 3 meters in the visual range display effect is quite different, P4 will be more hd.
Above is the Shenzhen LED display manufacturer optokingdom on stage LED screen size and selection skills, for more relevant information, please contact us or visit website www.optokingdom.com. With the further development of domestic culture and entertainment, the stage LED display will only become more and more popular and appear in our daily life.

What Should You Pay Attention To When Choose Stage LED Display

What is the stage background LED screen?
In brief, the LED screen, which is applied to the stage background, is called the stage LED display, and the most intuitive and distinguished representative is the Spring Festival Gala in the last two years. The background we see in the stage is the LED display that is used. The biggest feature of this display is the rich scenes, large screen size, gorgeous content, people can feel the scene of the immersive.

The segmentation of the stage LED display is divided into three main parts:
1, Main screen, the main screen is the stage of the most central screen. Most of the time, the main screen is approximately square or rectangular in shape. Because of the importance of the content it shows, the pixel density of the main screen is relatively high. Now the main screen for the main screen specifications are P4, P5 and P6 .
2, Sub screen, sub screen is used for the main screen on both sides of the stage. Its main use is to set the screen against the main screen, so the content it shows is relatively abstract. As a result, the models used are relatively large. Now commonly used specifications are: P7.62, P8, P10, P12 and P16.
3, Video development screen, it is mainly used in relatively large occasions, such as: large-scale concerts, singing and dancing, concerts and so on. In these occasions, because of the large size of the site, there are many places that can’t see the characters and effects on the stage, so there is one or two big screens on the sides of these venues. Its content is generally on the stage live broadcast, and now commonly used specifications similar to the main screen, P4, P5 and P6  specifications of the LED screen is much more used.
Some of the special stage LED display will be used in some KTV, discos and other entertainment venues, the so-called LED shaped display is LED display special shape transformation based on traditional LED screen, the features of the new product is better able to adapt to the overall structure and the environment of the building, the size and shape according to requirements to build, more fashionable and changeable.

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An outdoor led display accident

There was a strong thunderstorm in Weifang City on June 30 2016, the thunderstorm caused an accident to Weifang Olympic Oktoberfest that the makeshift lighthouse and led display truss got collapsed.


It’s said that the stage lighting and sound items are the center decoration for the Weifang Olympic Oktoberfest, all the devices are imported top-level audio and lighting equipment. However the gorgeous decor did not escape the storm because the stage rental display truss is not stable enough for storm resistance.


Because the rental led display cabinets are light weight, thin, not easily deformed and can be quickly installed, it is widely used for arena, wedding, events and other places. But we should keep in mind the potential security risks and problems when building screens truss. In order to avoid such accidents, HSTV suggests clients build suitable led display stage from the following two basic aspects:

First is to choose led cabinet which is light weight and easy to be assembled and disassembled, such as the carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, the unique nano-polymer materials and other new materials can significantly reduce the rental display weight and thickness. These cabinets are good for display quick installation and maintenance and reduce the burden for stage truss so as to increase the security.
Second is to select a regular construction project team to build the stage truss. They can make sure reasonable steel structure building and avoid the potential security problems due to wind and other external factors.

three designs for stage led display applications


Along with the LED technology development, LED displays are widely used in stage applications. According to HSTV summary, there are three designs for stage led display applications.

First one: led display is designed as the whole background and side curtain for the stage, so that the display will do all the space-time changing, actors perform without real props.

The advantage of this design is to save money for the stage because a video on the screen can tell the whole story, but it has its defect that the stage lose its spatial characteristics, audiences will see flats on the stage at improper angles.

Second one: the led displays are the main parts of the stage but there are enough spaces for stage lighting devices around each display unit.

The led screens are hung orderly under stage truss framework, and between the screens there are Moving Head lighting equipment. The screens can enhance the stage screen depth and perspective effect, and the lighting equipment can increase the nice dynamic atmosphere. It’s defect is the stage structure is relatively simple and not vivid.

Third one: the large led display is the center of the stage or do as the stage backdrop, coupled with the real front to complete the stage sets.

This design makes the stage has strong sense of form and three-dimensional feeling, and there are enough space for stage lighting. Such a stage is consistent with the traditional aesthetic concepts, but also increases the elements of modern technology. Both the close shot and vista are real enough to give perfect stage display effect.

Of course there are various stage styles, and each time age also has its own form of stage performance, but led display has undoubtedly became the trend of this time, it can be seen every corner of our life and is indispensable on the stages. Science and technology are not the only means to create ideal stage effects, but our thought is the key for the stage innovation.