Trends of Rental LED Display

As a customized die-cast aluminum case design, light, thin, fast installation for its most important features for indoor & outdoor rental LED display . The thin and light box can be quickly installed, removed and transported, suitable for large-scale rental and fixed installation applications. It accepts VGA, HDMI, S-video, composite, YUV and other video input signals, can be free to play video, graphics and other programs by real-time synchronized transmission. Various information. LED displays rental is favored by the majority of customers in the last two years, has been used in a variety of large-scale party, activities. Since it gradually saturated with the market, how should indoor & outdoor rental LED screens development in future?

1. Standardization design
Easy to install, easy to calculate the area (such as 500mm * 500mm and 500mm * 1000mm) structure, is the irreversible trend of the domestic rental market is expected that the structure of the future market share of products can reach 70% or more.


2. Higher Precision
Currently on the market high precision led display rental is the trend. Brightness requirements can be debugged, the control system requirements for the use and control in place.

3. Multi-function
Rental led screens in future requires multi-functions. The rental led displays that can be used as main led screen, mesh led screen and led dance floor will be more and more popular.

4. Installation fast, safe
Accessories and cable types to be less, easy to identify, to achieve rapid product fast, accurate installation; assembly also has self-locking mechanism to eliminate hidden dangers of misuse;

5. Easy maintenance, can be individually removed and replaced
With power and signal work status self-test function, it can show the rental led screens’ power and signal work status. When the screen has problem, it can quickly determine the problem, and make the appropriate maintenance measures;

6. Light and thin
New materials such as carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, nano-materials such as the use of gradually wide, thinner and thinner cabinet. The weight of a single 500 * 500 cabinet  can be less than 8KG, light and easy to install, space-saving, space-saving stage space and transport packing box.

7. Industrial design
Leasing screen enterprises from the practical like to focus on the design, both appearance and user-friendly experience.

8. Mixed rental available
Calibration data can be loaded in the receiving card and the module, and no need to correct  when replace module and receiving card, to meet the requirements of using mixed batch of cabinet needs. In addition, the control system should also better meet the compatibility of different batches of products.