Rental Stage LED Screen Solutions

LED Display solutions characteristics

With the innovation and development of LED screen, LED screen in the rental stage background, bar entertainment, wedding ceremony, music theatre, conference and other large-scale activities in the frequent use, and stability of rental led screen in the whole process plays a vital role, especially the scene activity leasing series. In order to achieve a variety of display effects, often need to change the rental LED screen splicing modeling, rental LED screen requirements, not only frivolous, installation and debugging convenience, but also a very high stability.
Rental LED screen Product features

1, Mainly used in stage background, bar entertainment, ceremony, wedding, conference, exhibition, music theater, etc., need high-definition display, rapid installation and disassembly occasions;

2. Elegant and flowing appearance, streamlined appearance design, is a perfect display of science and art;

3, Flexible and easy to assemble structure, the box is concise, atmospheric, ultra-thin, ultra light;

4, Using the latest crash disk technology, in the rental process more stable, longer service life;

5 、Patent no fan design, no noise, low power consumption, can be used in -30 degrees C~60 degrees C temperature range;

6, Indoor box system cover with plastic technology, lighter box, lower cost. The outdoor use of die-casting aluminum system cover, suitable for all kinds of weather;

7, Can be customized arc screen: customized according to customer needs, bevel design, splicing arc screen;

8, Seamless assembly technology: box and module gap tolerance control in 0.1mm, screen body level of splicing distance is controlled at 0.2mm;

9, Box size 500X500, easy to lease calculation, is the stage background, bar entertainment, ceremony, wedding, meeting and other applications ideal choice;

10, Convenient installation and without the use of tools: box structure of the four parts of the four handles, the installation can be arbitrarily snatch, convenient and quick;

11 、Diversified installation structure design: box can be used for lifting, piling, column installation, wall hanging;

12, Point by point correction of high-end display technology: point by point correction function, and has high refresh rate, high gray level, high color contrast, high color display effect;

13, Patented technology so that the screen is more stable: stability is similar to 36 times the product, after rigorous testing SGS;

14, Automatic timing function, to ensure that each screen body of the same frequency, so as always to maintain consistency of color;

15, Reduce the use of cost: small box, small space, quick turnover, taking up manpower and time, cost is greatly reduced;

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Rental LED Screen Brings People A New Visual Feast

With the wide application of LED display in the market, its excellent advertising capability has been recognized and favored by more and more businesses, but also gave birth in relation to the rental of conference, exhibition and performance occasions such as the objective demands of the LED display. But the high construction cost prohibitive for many small and medium-sized businesses, in order to one or several temporary commercial campaign has invested heavily in clearly worthwhile, it is in this market to stimulate demand, the rental market with the birth of LED display.
For small and medium-sized businesses, rental LED display screen with “small investment returns” advantage, only need to pay a rental fee, you can have led display for their own use, to achieve brand publicity, advertising, to create an atmosphere to greatly reduce the investment risk. LED display rental market is rapidly becoming the manufacturers in the eyes of the meat and potatoes, and the characteristics and advantages of leasing display are inseparable. The rental display box is light and thin, which can be quickly installed and disassembled, easy to transport and easy to maintain. It is suitable for large area leasing and fixed installation applications. At present, LED is widely used in the stage screen rental lease, dance parties, conferences, exhibitions, sports, theater, auditorium, lecture hall, multi-function hall, conference room, performance hall, disco bar, nightclubs, discos and other high-end entertainment.

The quality and price of a LED display is usually the two most important factor considered by a leasing firm. In the past, price competition is almost the mainstream of the market. In the past two years, high-quality LED display has gradually been paid attention to.

From the rental perspective, LED display quality should not only possess the structure effect, easy easy, light good display, but also have the advertisement demand under the new era. As a result, high-quality rental LED screens are often more persuasive than prices.

The future, rental LED screen products will be standardized specifications, high-definition display, high density, a screen multi-purpose, fast installation, security, maintenance simple, thin box and other directions continue to move forward. From the conventional screen needs to screen all kinds of special needs, small pitch LED display screen as the display device is the most suitable stage, as the transmission carrier of beauty, the future will be more and more comprehensive and more delicate.

The rental LED display includes products from LED display manufacturers to rental vendors or advertisers, as well as products leased by rental agents and advertisers to other units or individuals.

Unlike the conventional LED screen, LED screen leasing due to the inevitable positioning itself because of the need of repeated installation, disassembly and transportation, so the product requirements are high, exquisite in appearance design, structure design and material selection, intuitive understanding is “beautiful configuration, installation of the portable light, stable and reliable quality”. As a “functional products”, rental LED screen can bring people a new visual feast, show the creative and cultural content of the activities, to meet people’s spiritual needs.