Led display applications in sport stadium

The European Cup was officially began in Paris, France at three o’clock Beijing time on June 11. European Cup was held in ten cities of France, the 24 European strong teams and 51 matches ignited millions of passionate fans. It’s quite sensibly that such a wonderful event can’t leave led display. HSTV summarizes the following applications for led display in sport stadium:

High refresh full color big LED screen: it is used for highlighting the stadium live broadcast or wonderful slow-motion replay and so on.

LED perimeter display: it’s not only used for playing any length bar advertising, but also used for information dissemination.

Bucket-type led display: it’s one of the most common led displays for sports stadium applications, can be used for sports live broadcast, wonderful shot replay, commercial advertising broadcasting, as well as a timing and scoring classification.

Timing and scoring LED screen: it is connected to the game timing and scoring system to display the players’ game scores and related information. from the sense of a game, it is very important and necessary because general sport events are inseparable from the timing and scoring LED screen.