The share from Haisheng — The design of the lifting stage in Spring Festival Gala! (Chapter 1)

  In the Spring Festival Gala on CCTV, not only did the changeable lifting stage left a deep impression on hundreds of millions of viewers in front of the TV, but also it brought a new concept of the stage! It will bring revolutionary changes to the stage design in the future, especially the stage design of the television studio!


Part 1:Characteristics of the stage

There are four characteristics in Spring Festival Gala:

1.Work closely with actors or plot.

Whether the traditional stage exercise or not, the host or actor should stand or perform in accordance with the fixed position of the stage. When it needs the movement with the stage, the actor must in a fixed position on the stage. The stage occupied the No.1 CCTV studio in Spring Festival Gala. In addition to the area for audiences, the lifting stage which is composed of 304 lifting tables, it is full of every area where the actor will reach. So as long as the actors in the performance area, no matter where you are, the lifting stage can run with the actor according to the needs of the plot. It can change from the traditional sense of the person or the scene of the stage into a stage or landscape.

2.Fast and changeable combination.

It didn’t increase or decrease any props and scene on the stage in Spring Festival Gala. It just change the combination of the lifting platform and the video content of the LED screen. Each program has its own “scenery and props”, it can achieve them through the organic combination of the lifting platform and the change of LED screen video content! Although the change of each scene or situation just use a few seconds, it can make people to be personally on the scene and feel real!


3.Participate in performance.

Because the size of each lifting platform is small, it is up to 304 blocks. Not only the lifting stage plays the role in manned scenery, at the same time, but also it involved in a variety of performances. In the whole Spring Festival Gala, almost all the lifts are running to work in with the actors and performing to enjoy hundreds of millions of viewers. With the change of the story, the lifting platform plays a important role in performing.

4.Embodiment of scene and props.

Because the surface of the lifting platform is paved with the LED screen, and the LED screen is connected to the video control system. Therefore, when it is combined with the combination of lifting platform, it can create richer scene and props!

Part 2:Horizontal layout of stage.

No.1 CCTV Studio is a circular structure. The lifting stage is arranged in long strips. The length from front to rear is 34.835 meters. It is almost the entire length of the studio. The width from left to right is17.41 meters. The width is also exceed some theater stages. The whole performance area is all the lifting stages. The basic size of the lifting platform is 1m * 1m. There are 266 pieces of these basic lifting platforms. It accounted for a total of 87.5%. The lifting stage group is composed of four kinds of specifications.

The design of the lifting stage in Spring Festival Gala is changeable!


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