How Effective Waterproof to Outdoor LED Display

As we all know, LED display is divided into indoor and outdoor, indoor display needs moisture-proof, outdoor display not only need moisture-proof, as well as waterproof. If waterproof, moisture-proof-proof work is not in place, it is extremely likely to cause a short circuit, serious may also cause a fire, etc.. So, in this storm faster than the open book of the season, waterproof, moisture-proof is the essential work of LED display.

How to do LED display moisture-proof, waterproof?
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For indoor display, the first moderate ventilation. Moderate ventilation can help the water vapor attached to the display screen to evaporate quickly, reducing the relative humidity of the indoor environment. However, avoid in some wind and humid weather ventilation, this will increase the indoor humidity; secondly, placed desiccant indoors, with moisture-proof to physics, reduce the moisture-proof in the air; or open air conditioning dehumidification, if the screen is mounted in the space to install air conditioning, you can turn on the air pumping damp weather wet.

The outdoor LED display itself environment than the complex indoor, indoor moisture-proof can take the method, but the outdoor screen should not only consider the damp problem, but also make daily maintenance of waterproof work, especially in the rainy season, so a good seal installation can help the display screen to reduce the influent risk, regular cleaning and display attached to the dust, can also help to display better heat dissipation, reduce adhesion of water vapor.
At the same time, late in the process, PCB board, LED display the humidity caused by power supply, power line etc components will be easily oxidized corrosion, and the failure, so this requires us to make the LED display, the PCB board to do anti-corrosion treatment. For example, the coating of Sanhuang paint, power supply and power line to use high quality accessories, welding is the most susceptible to corrosion in place, should pay attention to the protection work, especially the frame, easy to rust, rust treatment do best.

Finally, whether indoor or outdoor screen screen. The most effective way to avoid the wet damage function is often used to display, the working state of display itself will generate some heat, some water vapor can be evaporated, thus greatly reducing the possibility of short-circuit caused by damp. Therefore, the regular use of the display, the relative humidity of the display screen is not much smaller.

Outdoor Led Display Cleaning Dust and Impurities Steps and Methods

Outdoor LED display gradually into the “HD” era, the screen display and color reproduction is particularly important. Factors that determine these effects are in addition to uniformity, grayscale, refresh rate, contrast, color gamut and color temperature, as well as dirt and dust. Therefore, the need for regular outdoor led display for cleaning, to ensure that led screen display.

LED display cleaning is a high-altitude operations, need to be equipped with professional cleaning team. Cleaning operations using high-altitude sling way (commonly known as Spider-Man) or mining robes, with professional cleaning equipment, cleaning personnel according to the screen on the different dirt to choose a different cleaning agent targeted cleaning, so as not to damage the led lamp And the premise of the face of the completion of LED display cleaning work.

After the installation of cleaning in order to clear the accumulation of dust and impurities after a period of time, we must first consider the purchase of better quality cleaning kit, the cost of cleaning fluid, including electrolysis, high purity distilled water, antistatic liquid, etc., can effectively clean the LED screen On the dust and other stains. Some users think that water can be, but also will not affect the outdoor LED display. But the cleaning effect of water is relatively poor, and clean the dust will be attached again. At the same time need to pay attention to is that you can not spray the water on the screen, but to a little cleaning fluid sprayed on the cleaning cloth, and then gently wipe along the same direction, and before cleaning, the need to power cord Pull out.
There are three steps to clean up maintenance:
Step 1: Vacuum. Remove the dirt and dust from the surface of the display mask.
Step 2: Wet wash. Use water spray and steam humidification spray display mask, with a vacuum cleaner on the brush to brush the lamp mask, the dirt clean.
Step 3: Drying. Use a vacuum cleaner to dry the water after leaving the water droplets and water marks to ensure that the display mask clean and dust-free.
Outdoor LED display needs regular maintenance in order to play the best display effect.


The development trend of LED display

With the application of new technology,the new forms of outdoor advertising continue to emerge, the outdoor LED display media has born.

 LED full color display is the new information display media which developed rapidly in the world. It combines the modern high-tech. And it has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and bright colors. The advertising screen of outdoor LED display is large with the great visual effects which can attract the audience’s eye fully. It is a new combination of media and high-tech.


LED display also has the advertising features that it can achieve a high effective rate. Compared with the TV, newspaper and other media, the price is lower than others. These unique value make the LED display media become a new and popular product. LED display is not just an extension of outdoor media and TV media, and it has a greater creative space. With the digital age of the concept of communication, it is an unique form of screen. LED outdoor large screen will be more intelligent and more humanitarian in the future.

With the rapid development of the outdoor LED display media, the ecological environment of the industry must have the great change. As a new form of display media, there are many things to do in the industry of outdoor LED screen media. At present, many companies of LED display, they are just busy with making the screen resources acquisition and the customer development sales, but they can’t  focused on the construction of industry norms and the LED display media monitoring system.

The value research report of LED display has pointed out that if the monitoring system and effect evaluation is not perfect, the capitalists and advertisers will underestimate the value of new forms of LED display. The degree of market integration is not enough, and the fierce competition reduced bargaining power. Outdoor LED display has the characteristics of television and other outdoor medias, and also has its own unique media attributes. This makes the LED display media evaluation system construction is relatively complex. Now, phoenix city has undertaken an exploratory attempt to work with third-party media monitoring agencies. And it expected to work together with the industry to build the evaluation index system of LED display media. The capital and resources are the basis of the upper. And the integration of resources, the attributes of media, the value of media and the deep insight from the media audiences are the sustained power which can make LED display developed to the higher lever.

led display consistency
led display consistency

The development of Urbanization and the changes of urban life style have promoted the rapid development of outdoor LED display media. There are the opportunities and challenges. After the baptism of market competition, it closed to the consumer terminal effectively. Outdoor LED display media will get a great development to become a strong media!

The  industry of LED large screen advertising will continue to expand the scale. After the development for more than ten years, the industry of LED advertising large screen in China are basically formed a number of key enterprises!


What is the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor LED display

indoor led display

A very important difference of indoor LED display and outdoor led display is the LED’s brightness, Indoor LED displays are just bright enough to be seen indoors, but have not bright enough to be seen in direct sunlight. Outdoor led panel signs can be seen and used in full-on, mid-day sunlight, and are weatherproof to withstand the harsh environmental conditions. Sometimes, people choose an outdoor led panel sign for indoor use, they just want the led panel sign to be seen from the street.

Another difference between indoor LED screens and outdoor LED screens relates to the resolutions that the screens offer. Because outdoor LED screens are normally intended to be viewed from farther distances than their indoor counterparts, outdoor screens can rely on lower resolutions with very little compromise in terms of visibility. Indoor LED screens that are intended to be viewed from shorter distances require higher resolutions to achieve picture with optimal quality.

The most obvious and commonly thought of difference between indoor LED displays and outdoor LED displays relates to the ability of the display to withstand inclimate weather conditions. Because indoor LED displays are not exposed to the elements, additional protections are not necessary, whereas with outdoor LED displays, weather protection is not an option, especially in certain geographic regions where extreme weather conditions are frequently experienced.

No matter the type of LED screen you are looking to purchase, there are certain characteristics that you should be sure to take into account. There are reasons why we manufacture indoor LED displays the way we do, and there are other reasons why outdoor LED displays are manufactured differently. When deciding which LED screen is right for you, be sure to take each of these factors into consideration.

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