Outdoor LED display: From Commercial Attributes Close to Social Properties

In people’s minds, the biggest function of outdoor LED display is the commercial advertising information broadcast, is a typical outdoor advertising “spokesperson”. However, with the improvement of urban construction level, urban managers are increasingly using outdoor LED display of social management in the emergence of many adverse phenomena exposure, the side as a “city civilized persuasion”, “urban bad habits broadcast And “social management supervisors” and other roles, which also achieved the outdoor LED display from the pure commercial to the social welfare features enhanced gorgeous change, to enhance the outdoor LED display diversity development “epoch-making” meaning.
In foreign countries, the use of outdoor LED display to carry out public welfare, participation in social construction cases are everywhere:

United States: Many of the US outdoor LED display operators also work with relevant government and public service agencies to play an important role in participating in social events and protecting the public. In November 2012, the Federal Authority (FEMA) used digital screens to broadcast emergency weather warnings in ten states in Hurricane Sandy. Every time you update, from production to playback, the process is less than 15 minutes. In April 2013, after the US Boston Marathon bombings, local and national security departments began to use the outdoor LED Screen to warn and inform the public. Police will be the suspect’s photos published on the screen, and warned the public in the city to hunt in the process of indoors.

UK: To mobilize the people to contribute to African women’s entrepreneurship, the British public welfare organization Microloan uses a special outdoor LED display held a special outdoor donation activities: public organization Microloan in an outdoor LED screen shows a piece of coins with a piece of Africa Women image picture, when the passers-by through the big screen in accordance with the instructions to send text messages to donate, the display will be floating some coins, the original image of a little incomplete women together, so as to achieve the purpose of donations.

Thailand: To enhance public awareness of the protection of children and to effectively protect children from being unlawfully infringed, the Child Protection Agency (CPCR), together with Leo Burnett, produced and presented “CHILD” on the outdoor LED display and outdoor big names in various centers in Bangkok ABUSE “series of outdoor public service ads, and in the ad attached to the report phone. After the event was launched, CPCR received more than 300 calls per day. At present, such a way has become the most effective preventive measures, making child sexual abuse prevention issues have been effectively improved.

For the rapid promotion of urban diversification landscape and low-quality outdoor advertising between the contradictions, as the outdoor display on the road to the development of “stumbling block”, and pure commercial advertising to play a single function, but also lead to the audience have a strong resistance to psychological. In the face of the development trend and problems under the new situation, it should effectively avoid the single advertising function and commercial attribute of the display screen in the future development of the outdoor LED media operation enterprises, and should realize the relationship from the mercenaries to the society The role of the role of change, as the audience access to social information of the public carrier. At the same time, outdoor LED display manufacturers also need to carry out technological innovation, such as to ensure that the field of outdoor advertising products with automatic brightness adjustment system and multi-level gray-scale correction technology, from the technical source to reduce the outdoor LED display light pollution influences.

First of all, outdoor display manufacturers to make products better integrated into the urban environment. In the determination of the location according to its regional characteristics, the surrounding environment, according to the characteristics of the carrier, such as the overall situation of the overall design, so that outdoor display as part of the landscape, reduce the outdoor display installed in the city for approval, planning, management, Multiple levels of the problem.

Second, combined with the different characteristics of the audience in different regions, outdoor LED media operators should also play content on the appropriate increase in the people, convenient social information, so that the outdoor display is not only a simple advertising carrier, but also become the audience access to information, Good platform.

Once again, suitable for the current “Internet +” development trend, enterprises should focus on the outdoor display screen, a wide range of distribution characteristics, stepping up the establishment of converged networks, and the Internet, mobile Internet, large data associated with networking, real-time information sharing , To achieve the rapid transmission of information dissemination effect. Combined with the new situation, the display manufacturing enterprises but also market-oriented, outdoor LED display to explore the new era under the requirements of the new properties to produce changes in the market and demand, in line with urban development and management of outdoor products, become the public can Accept the standard information product, not just an ad terminal.


The development trend of LED display

With the application of new technology,the new forms of outdoor advertising continue to emerge, the outdoor LED display media has born.

 LED full color display is the new information display media which developed rapidly in the world. It combines the modern high-tech. And it has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and bright colors. The advertising screen of outdoor LED display is large with the great visual effects which can attract the audience’s eye fully. It is a new combination of media and high-tech.


LED display also has the advertising features that it can achieve a high effective rate. Compared with the TV, newspaper and other media, the price is lower than others. These unique value make the LED display media become a new and popular product. LED display is not just an extension of outdoor media and TV media, and it has a greater creative space. With the digital age of the concept of communication, it is an unique form of screen. LED outdoor large screen will be more intelligent and more humanitarian in the future.

With the rapid development of the outdoor LED display media, the ecological environment of the industry must have the great change. As a new form of display media, there are many things to do in the industry of outdoor LED screen media. At present, many companies of LED display, they are just busy with making the screen resources acquisition and the customer development sales, but they can’t  focused on the construction of industry norms and the LED display media monitoring system.

The value research report of LED display has pointed out that if the monitoring system and effect evaluation is not perfect, the capitalists and advertisers will underestimate the value of new forms of LED display. The degree of market integration is not enough, and the fierce competition reduced bargaining power. Outdoor LED display has the characteristics of television and other outdoor medias, and also has its own unique media attributes. This makes the LED display media evaluation system construction is relatively complex. Now, phoenix city has undertaken an exploratory attempt to work with third-party media monitoring agencies. And it expected to work together with the industry to build the evaluation index system of LED display media. The capital and resources are the basis of the upper. And the integration of resources, the attributes of media, the value of media and the deep insight from the media audiences are the sustained power which can make LED display developed to the higher lever.

led display consistency
led display consistency

The development of Urbanization and the changes of urban life style have promoted the rapid development of outdoor LED display media. There are the opportunities and challenges. After the baptism of market competition, it closed to the consumer terminal effectively. Outdoor LED display media will get a great development to become a strong media!

The  industry of LED large screen advertising will continue to expand the scale. After the development for more than ten years, the industry of LED advertising large screen in China are basically formed a number of key enterprises!


What is the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor LED display

indoor led display

A very important difference of indoor LED display and outdoor led display is the LED’s brightness, Indoor LED displays are just bright enough to be seen indoors, but have not bright enough to be seen in direct sunlight. Outdoor led panel signs can be seen and used in full-on, mid-day sunlight, and are weatherproof to withstand the harsh environmental conditions. Sometimes, people choose an outdoor led panel sign for indoor use, they just want the led panel sign to be seen from the street.

Another difference between indoor LED screens and outdoor LED screens relates to the resolutions that the screens offer. Because outdoor LED screens are normally intended to be viewed from farther distances than their indoor counterparts, outdoor screens can rely on lower resolutions with very little compromise in terms of visibility. Indoor LED screens that are intended to be viewed from shorter distances require higher resolutions to achieve picture with optimal quality.

The most obvious and commonly thought of difference between indoor LED displays and outdoor LED displays relates to the ability of the display to withstand inclimate weather conditions. Because indoor LED displays are not exposed to the elements, additional protections are not necessary, whereas with outdoor LED displays, weather protection is not an option, especially in certain geographic regions where extreme weather conditions are frequently experienced.

No matter the type of LED screen you are looking to purchase, there are certain characteristics that you should be sure to take into account. There are reasons why we manufacture indoor LED displays the way we do, and there are other reasons why outdoor LED displays are manufactured differently. When deciding which LED screen is right for you, be sure to take each of these factors into consideration.

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