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LED display quotes and budgetary assessments 14 strokes


Are you planning to buy LED display? Are you worrying about the costs? With years of experience, HSTV will provide you some detailed costs of LED display for your reference. Here we go!


1. Display Screen Cost: Generally, how much is one square meter,i.e.,xxx USD/ ㎡? Price is different as the different material and screen module. Screen quotes include the whole set components that colored LED desired: die, module circuit board, IC driver chips, module power supply, steel cabinet and plastic masks and all the internal cables and so on.

2.Control system costs: that is display sending card and receiving card costs , Generally, one screen just need one piece sending card, which is installed in host computer. But the number of receiving cards is decided by screen size. In general, the larger area, the higher density that the screen is, the more receiving cards need to be used.

3.Computer for controlling: It’s the necessary equipment to control LED display. Computer configuration requirements: dual-core CPU, 2G memory, 512M or more discrete graphics, motherboards should have PCI slot.

4.Sound + Amplifier:The devices that allows screen synchronized video to emit sound, usually with 1 amplifier, 2 stereo.

5.Distribution cabinet: Small size LED display needn’t it; the recommended maximum power 10KW or more of display to use. It will provide stable voltage and current for each part of the device, effectively prevent the switch trip and other problem.

6.Cooling equipment: outdoor LED display more than 20㎡ must be configured air conditioning by the manufacturer to ensure the normal operation and prolong the life of each components of the display screen. Generally, indoor screen or small size screen needn’t it; large indoor display is strongly recommended with a wall-mounted air conditioner which is effectively cooling, ensuring the normally running in high temperature, reducing the failure rate.

7.Mufti-functional Card: the main role are smartly regulate the brightness and temperature and other values of full color LED screen so as to achieve energy saving and extend the life of led display; Indoor display may not be used.

8.Arrester: Used in outdoor LED display,primarily used for lightning protection; Indoor display may not be used.

9.Video Capture Card: TV card, a small card installed in the computer, coupled with the appropriate driver software that allows the display simultaneously broadcast cable channel program. Users can choose by themselves if needed. It’s inexpensive.

10.LED Video Processor: mainly to improve the whole display effect and function of the application of large-screen, fully tap the value of the display. To solve a variety of video signal access, process, and display problems,to complete signal format conversion between different formats.There are different brand and model number of LED video processor, the prices are also varies.

11.LED playback software: including computer system software, LED video playback software. They are generally provided free of charge.

12.Steel structure, Manual installation: The bracket for fixing and installing the display is usually with steel frame structure, and aluminum plate or stainless steel edging material. Labor cost of installation is included(suggestion: ask the manufacturer to provide free steel structure design drawings, look for local producers to make the bracket. It’s simple to produce that the average worker can complete it. Cost less and easy to install)

13.Shipment: It is depending on the  transport distance. Shipping also can be handled by themselves.

14.Technician fee: Sometimes when screen is shipped to the customers, the manufacture would send 1-2 engineers to guide the installation, commissioning on-site. Generally, customers simply responsible for general expenses and travel expenses accommodation of the technical engineers.

The above are costs summary about LED display from HSTV. For more details, feel free to visit our website http://www.optokingdom.com/ or send inquiry to our sales. We are always here for you!

Optokingdom expands more world-class LED advertising display in the market!

With the gradual maturity of LED technology, the cost of LED is dropping largely, the cost of LED display is also decreasing largely, that help promote the popularization of LED display. As the biggest area covered by LED full-color display–Advertising media, also opens the era of traditional print advertisement upgrading. As the first and the biggest online shopping mall with selling led product in China, Optokingdom are expanding more LED advertising display to a higher grade.


LED advertising displays are applied broadly in commercial area with kinds of advantages, follow Optokingdom expertise for us:

High refresh and high gray level make the image of LED display more vivid, meet the high visual requirements applied in commerce.

Have the function of correcting the brightness and color point-by-point, make the image of LED display more colorful, meet the high visual requirements.

The ads pictures can change at any time, displaying different ads for different customers unceasingly.

Use the high-efficient optical transmission system that helps reduce the transmission distance to avoid the signal delay.

Matched with the multi-functioned card, can set the time by software or switch on or off manually at any time.

The standard design of cabinet make the same cabinet size suitable for different pixel requirements, that brings more convenience for the display installation.

The LED cabinet is more light, more thin,that helps save the transportation cost.

The unique anti-water cabinet design meets the IP65 protection standard,so it can be installed outdoors directly.

The outdoor LED display’s brightness is over 6000cd/M2, suitable for different installation environment. In the design, HSTV(one of the brands under Optokingdom) is always insist the concept of energy-conservation and environment protection.

The intelligent environment-control device helps adjust the brightness according to the environment brightness automatically.

The control system of LED video owns dual backup system, once the faults happen, the customer could change to another ready system.

HSTV provides the specific maintenance parts for the customers, as all the spare parts are module-design, easy for after-sale maintenance.

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Have met common faults? Don’ t worry, welcome to here!

As one part of Optokingdom service system, hotline support has provided a good after-sale guarantee for customers, you can contact our after-sale department when you have problem with maintenance or operation. We will offer you the solution by phone. If the problem could not be resolved by phone, our engineer would be sent to help you based on the real problem happened.

After-sale call:0755-29784452

Working time:24hs/day 7days/week

Now let ‘ s face one of the common faults—LED screen show nothing (dark screen), showed in  the following Figure 1


Regarding the above fault, there ‘ re several reasons for it:

Reason 1: No AC power supply


Solution: Check whether the power supply of the large screen normally open distribution cabinet switches, power indicator light.

Reason 2: The computer is not working


Solution: Start-up led software, check the sending card.

Reason 3: Network cables connection


Solution: Check the network cables

Reason 4: Control system is broken down(sending card)


Solution: Check the control system(sending card)

Reason 5: Receiving card power supply


Solution: No DC power supply, the first receiving card is broken down.

 Reason 6: DVI cables not connect


Solution: Turn off computer, connect DVI cables.

Reason 7: Graphics card setting


Solution: Check the display mode of the computer is replication mode or not.

Regarding any problems on maintenance or operation, you can also contact our engineer team via sales@hsleddisplay.com at any time. A response will be sent asap when we receive your emails.


How to choose suitable LED power supply for led display?

led Power supply is playing an important role to the quality of a led display, but how to choose suitable power supply for led display? The answer is on www.optokingdom.com.

Three points for selecting power supply:

1. Application environment conditions: temperature, humidity, sand and dust, installation method.

2. Electrical application condition: lightning protection, PF value, loading voltage, safety grounding wire.

3. Laws and industry regulations: certifications requirements, environment requirements, EMC requirements.

Six points for checking the power supply quality:

1. Environment: power supply should have wide working temperature range, good humidity performance and high protection level and so on.

2. Input voltage: to make sure normal output, the power supply should have wide input voltage so that it can be used well in both high voltage condition and low voltage condition.

3. Power factor and conversion efficiency: the higher power factor the better for power supply because higher power factor is good for improve the utilization rate of power grid, so as the conversion efficiency does because it can improve the effective power utilization rate and reduce the subsequent cost.

4. Voltage stable accuracy: power supply should have good voltage characteristic to ensure no voltage fluctuation when it is under light load and heavy load conditions.

5. Material grade: select international real-name brand components can prolong the service life of the power supply.

6. Certification requirements: due to the third party supervision, the materials for certificated power are restricted by the certifications, it has more reliable quality.

Different led display installation Summary

Generally speaking, the led display installation structures can be divided into floor standing type, building face side wall mounting type and roof top fixing type, each type has different stress and strain characteristics.

By comparing the finite element analysis of three kinds of supporting structure system, HSTV gets the corresponding optimization scheme for each supporting structure: the cantilever mast for floor standing structure should use circular cross section; the wall mounting type structure should use composite truss; the roof top fixing type structure should use space truss design. By making optimal design against the key joints on the supporting structure and making shear key or cross-shaped stiffening rib construction measures to optimize the node stress state, it can improve the safety performance of the supporting structures.

Floor standing supporting structure:

Floor standing led displays are usually installed in city squares or important traffic cross roads, HSTV suggests to use space steel truss structure. The foundation structure is made of 2 pieces of space lattice columns which are composed by 4 pieces of steel columns, and upper part which is for installing display will use multilevel horizontal space truss structure, in this way the structure can meet both the requirements of structure stress and the requirements for maintenance space preset.

Wall mounted led display installation structure:

There are limited space for floor standing installed led displays in cities because of the dense constructions, in order to make full use of led display dynamic image ads display functions in city commercial areas, the led displays are usually mounted on the building face side.

According to the building face side condition and  convertible condition as well as the display installation height above ground, the led display installation structures are divided into wall mounted structure and roof installation structure.

Wall mounted installation structures usually adapt a steel structure fastening on the building face side and the led display is fixed on the structure, between the display back side and the building face side there is a maintenance space for the display.

Roof installation structure

Because the wall mounted led displays cover large area of the building face side, it can affect the indoor lighting, thus wall mounted led displays are usually used for shopping mall and other large commercial building. The moderate height office building and residential constructions will install the led display on roof.