Open a new chapter in the laser projection–the Olympic projection show

“The budget is not enough, but the light will add the brightness” this is probably the best description regarding the Brazil Olympic Games, though the cost of this opening ceremony is only 1/10 of London Olympic Games, the panoramic stage light show projected by the 110 twenty- thousand -lumens highlighting engineering projectors brings the beautiful and incredible Brazilian style to the global audiences.


In fact, in recent years, the cases regarding highlighting engineering projector applied in the big opening ceremony and other large sites can be found everywhere, such as the 2008 Olympic Games, the World Exposition, the National Games etc. Through the engineering projector, those large-scale creative performing show could definitely meet the harsh stage design requirements.

Compared with the Beijing Olympic Games, the opening ceremony in Rio also adopted the panoramic stage technology,it can be seen the whole stage in site is a large projection screen that has becoming so magic under the help of 110 twenty thousand lumens engineering projector. In the first act of performance, the ground projection is applied to demonstrate the history of Brazil,plus the wall projection on the ribbon and wood demonstrates the human resources, indigenous people, the Amazon jungle, colonial, immigration,the past and present of national integration, showing truly vivid picture to the audiences.


In the following performances, the projection matched with the performances of actors forms the perfect cooperation, and the virtual 3D scenes projected in the stage have brought an incredible impression of actors performing at the top of city,it’s so fantastic!

The most important thing is that through the application of highlighting engineering projector, Brazil Olympic Games has used the lowest cost, and the unique projection technology not only helps save large prop cost also make the projection more delicate and more colorful, more suitable for the Brazilian impassioned live show. What’ s more, compared with the LED display or other displaying products, the application of projection technology has brought more convenience for the camera shooting,demonstrating more bright and clear images.

In addition, with the engineering projector improving constantly the brightness, it may replace the lamps as the facing light application,thus will achieve the renew light and shadow blending effects, in that condition the video, lighting and actors will form a three-dimensional unity.

It can be believed that through the application of highlighting engineering projector in Brazil Olympic Games, it will inspire the stage designers for more demands of engineering projector in order to create the unique stage lighting show. While the application of laser projector will increase the possibilities of engineering projector applied in large-scale markets.