Be interested in the Olympic Stadium Display? Just follow me!

Just European Cup’s heat waves went over, the Rio Olympics Games are flourishing again. At the night of August 5th, 2016 for the local time, the 31st Summer Olympic Games was held in Lou the maracana stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is the first time for the Olympic Games held in South America.

With shining colorful light, the LED stadium screen has become one of the most necessary facilities in the modern large-scale stadium, not only make the wonderful broadcasting for the live sports events, especially some important events, European cup, Spain and NBA games etc, also has won the public concerns for its colorful and excellent displaying effects.

Rio de Janeiro lies in the north of the Capricorn Tropic, the west bank of Guanabara Bay, Atlantic, hot and rainy for the full year, so for the design of LED stadium display, the natures of high grade anti-dust, anti-water, anti- corrosion of salt mist have become the most important requirements. And there’ s no doubt that the superior displaying performance, extra-high IP grade and long lifespan LED display must become the hot points to focus for the world.


For the hottest stadium screen model of HSTV, the superior design programs have help them to reach to the hot sales and the nice choice for the sports events.

1. The cabinet of HSTV adopts the unique angle adjustable design, that make sure all audiences can watch the performances as our stadium display can adjust the inclination angel(75°~90°) of the cabinet.

2. The stadium display selects the material with soft mask and upper covering, not only protects the LED lamp also avoids the severe damage because of crash for the athletes.

3. The stadium display adopts the high-efficient optical transmission system, thus reducing the transmission distance in the stadium to avoid the signal delay.

4. Own the function of double cable hot backup, that means two computers are controlling a display, when one computer has problems, another computer take place automatically, thus make sure the normal display working.

5. Have the superior anti-water performance with IP65 grade, so it has no problem to keep the display working in the rainy day.

6. The stadium screen is matched with the specific stadium playing software, so it has become very convenient to manage the score, replay the programs, ads, edit the program lists.

The same world, the same dream, the Olympic will always keep shining with its unique glamour, as one of the high standard LED display enterprise,HSTV will also continue to walk through the more shinning LED manufacturing and service!