How to choose the module when customize LED display?

When receiving the new questions from customers regarding how to select the most suitable module for the actual usage, HSTV would give the most professional reply and suggestion for the customer’ s finial selection. As we all know, the LED display have five different kinds of LED modules, there also exist their own advantages and disadvantages among different modules, so when customize the LED display, the customer should learn the characteristics of LED modules for ahead, then make the selection according to the actual application and site conditions. Below let’ s together get to know kinds of LED display module.

According to the craft difference of the LED screen surface treatment, we can divide into Plug-in Module, Surface Mounting Module, and Semi-SMD Module, Three-in-One SMD Module, Three and One SMD Module.

Plug-in Module

Refers to when DIP encapsulation, the lamp tripod  get through PCB board, the tin is tanked into the lamp hole through welding, thus the LED module through the craft is Inserting-lamp module, with the advantage of large-angle, high brightness, nice heat-emitting and the disadvantage of small pixel density.

Surface Mounting Module

That’s also named SMT, means the lamp of SMT encapsulation  is welded onto the surface of PCB board through welding technology, and the lamp tripod no need to get through PCB board, with the advantage of large-angle, soft displaying image and large pixel density specially for the indoor usage, also with the disadvantage of low brightness and not enough heat dissipation for the tube itself.

outdoor Full Color LED Display

Semi-SMD Module

Refers to a product between DIP and SMT, with the same surface encapsulation of LED light with SMT, but its positive and negative level pins are the same with DIP, also are finished welding through getting through PCB board, with the advantage of high brightness, good displaying effects and the disadvantage of complicated craft and repair difficulty.

Three-in-One SMD Module

Refer to the LED chips of Red, green, blue three colors encapsulated into the same colloid, with the advantage of easy production, good displaying effects and disadvantage of light-splitting and color-separation difficulty, also high cost.

Three and One SMD Module

Refers to that the SMT lights of Red, Green, Blue three kinds independently encapsulation are vertically coordinated together according to the certain distance, thus combining the all advantages of Three-in-One SMD also solving the disadvantages of Three-in-One SMD.

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