LED display and LCD screen which is better for you

In the business world today, many users are struggling with one thing, or am I using the LED full color display? Or LCD bonding screen? Which is more suitable? What’s the difference? This is the most consultation we’ve received lately. For a solution of your doubts, here for you a little decomposition, hope to solve problems for you, so that you can more comfortable choice of their own screen!
1. High speed refresh, multi angle viewing
LED full-color display, compared with LCD, LED in brightness, power consumption, visual angle and refresh rate, etc., have more advantages. But a higher refresh rate makes the full-color LED display has a better performance in the video, can provide up to 160 degrees wide angle, can display a variety of text, numbers, color image and animation information, you can also play TV, video, VCD, DVD color video signal, a display screen can be broadcast network synchronous display. LED full color and single element reaction speed is 1000 times of LCD screen in bright light can also look after the correct, and adapt to the 40 degree centigrade

2. Seamless display, the picture is more clear
LED full color display screen is relatively speaking to the stitching screen, the overall picture quality seamless, natural clarity, and mosaic screen regardless of distance viewing is not avoid the stitching gap between the module and the module, display screen to play is not so smart! In particular, now the display is constantly upgrading, the introduction of small spacing accelerated the application of LED display in various fields.

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The development trend of LED display

With the application of new technology,the new forms of outdoor advertising continue to emerge, the outdoor LED display media has born.

 LED full color display is the new information display media which developed rapidly in the world. It combines the modern high-tech. And it has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and bright colors. The advertising screen of outdoor LED display is large with the great visual effects which can attract the audience’s eye fully. It is a new combination of media and high-tech.


LED display also has the advertising features that it can achieve a high effective rate. Compared with the TV, newspaper and other media, the price is lower than others. These unique value make the LED display media become a new and popular product. LED display is not just an extension of outdoor media and TV media, and it has a greater creative space. With the digital age of the concept of communication, it is an unique form of screen. LED outdoor large screen will be more intelligent and more humanitarian in the future.

With the rapid development of the outdoor LED display media, the ecological environment of the industry must have the great change. As a new form of display media, there are many things to do in the industry of outdoor LED screen media. At present, many companies of LED display, they are just busy with making the screen resources acquisition and the customer development sales, but they can’t  focused on the construction of industry norms and the LED display media monitoring system.

The value research report of LED display has pointed out that if the monitoring system and effect evaluation is not perfect, the capitalists and advertisers will underestimate the value of new forms of LED display. The degree of market integration is not enough, and the fierce competition reduced bargaining power. Outdoor LED display has the characteristics of television and other outdoor medias, and also has its own unique media attributes. This makes the LED display media evaluation system construction is relatively complex. Now, phoenix city has undertaken an exploratory attempt to work with third-party media monitoring agencies. And it expected to work together with the industry to build the evaluation index system of LED display media. The capital and resources are the basis of the upper. And the integration of resources, the attributes of media, the value of media and the deep insight from the media audiences are the sustained power which can make LED display developed to the higher lever.

led display consistency
led display consistency

The development of Urbanization and the changes of urban life style have promoted the rapid development of outdoor LED display media. There are the opportunities and challenges. After the baptism of market competition, it closed to the consumer terminal effectively. Outdoor LED display media will get a great development to become a strong media!

The  industry of LED large screen advertising will continue to expand the scale. After the development for more than ten years, the industry of LED advertising large screen in China are basically formed a number of key enterprises!


How to choose the module when customize LED display?

When receiving the new questions from customers regarding how to select the most suitable module for the actual usage, HSTV would give the most professional reply and suggestion for the customer’ s finial selection. As we all know, the LED display have five different kinds of LED modules, there also exist their own advantages and disadvantages among different modules, so when customize the LED display, the customer should learn the characteristics of LED modules for ahead, then make the selection according to the actual application and site conditions. Below let’ s together get to know kinds of LED display module.

According to the craft difference of the LED screen surface treatment, we can divide into Plug-in Module, Surface Mounting Module, and Semi-SMD Module, Three-in-One SMD Module, Three and One SMD Module.

Plug-in Module

Refers to when DIP encapsulation, the lamp tripod  get through PCB board, the tin is tanked into the lamp hole through welding, thus the LED module through the craft is Inserting-lamp module, with the advantage of large-angle, high brightness, nice heat-emitting and the disadvantage of small pixel density.

Surface Mounting Module

That’s also named SMT, means the lamp of SMT encapsulation  is welded onto the surface of PCB board through welding technology, and the lamp tripod no need to get through PCB board, with the advantage of large-angle, soft displaying image and large pixel density specially for the indoor usage, also with the disadvantage of low brightness and not enough heat dissipation for the tube itself.

outdoor Full Color LED Display

Semi-SMD Module

Refers to a product between DIP and SMT, with the same surface encapsulation of LED light with SMT, but its positive and negative level pins are the same with DIP, also are finished welding through getting through PCB board, with the advantage of high brightness, good displaying effects and the disadvantage of complicated craft and repair difficulty.

Three-in-One SMD Module

Refer to the LED chips of Red, green, blue three colors encapsulated into the same colloid, with the advantage of easy production, good displaying effects and disadvantage of light-splitting and color-separation difficulty, also high cost.

Three and One SMD Module

Refers to that the SMT lights of Red, Green, Blue three kinds independently encapsulation are vertically coordinated together according to the certain distance, thus combining the all advantages of Three-in-One SMD also solving the disadvantages of Three-in-One SMD.

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