HaiSheng LED CO.,LTD Teach You to Identify LED Display Quotation Avoiding Unreasonable Price

When buying a led display, we always ask a quotation as a reference, so that can estimate the project cost and know whether the budget is overrun.

With years of experience, HaiSheng LED CO.,LTD here will give you details of the LED display quotes included cost to help you buy LED screen with a clear and intuitive understanding.

p10 led display P6-Module-64 x32 (3)

1. The Screen body cost: Is generally based on how much money per square meter, that is, you can see LED display offer xxx $ / m2, different display model, the materials used, the price will be different. Screen quotation includes a full set of LED screen required: die, module circuit board, IC driver chip, power module, steel box and plastic mask and display all internal flat cable, connecting line and so on.

2. Control system costs: Sending card and receiving card costs, one screen is generally only use a sending card, installed inside the host computer, There are countless receiving cards. The number of control card is determined according to the size of the screen. Generally speaking, the larger the area, the higher the density of the display, will use more receiving cards.

3. Control computer: control LED display of the necessary equipment, requires configuration requirements or higher: dual-core CPU, 2G memory, 512M or more discrete graphics, motherboards have PCI slots.
(If you already have one, you can ignore this part of the cost)

4. Sound + Amplifier: Let the display sync video playback sound of the equipment, generally equipped with an amplifier, 2 stereo.(not necessary,basis your real need)

5. Power distribution cabinet: Small area LED display doesn’t need to use; recommended using on the display with maximum power consumption of more than 10KW power ,It can Provides a voltage source current for the operation of each device of led display, effectively prevent the display power switch for the jump Box and other failures.

6. Air conditioning: cooling equipment, traditional outdoor LED display more than 20m2 manufacturers must be configured by air conditioning to ensure the normal operation of the screen body and extend the life of the display device. Large indoor display screen is strongly recommended with wall-mounted air conditioning, effective cooling, to ensure that the normal high-temperature display under the line, reduce the failure rate.(HaiSheng LED Co., Ltd launches several new product auto cooling such as Led Strip Curtain Display, Decorative Aluminum Led Curtain Screen, Transparent LED Display, they Do not require air conditioning cooling)

7. Multi-function card: Indoor led display, the main role of sub-time intelligent adjustment led full color display brightness, temperature and other values, intelligent regulation to achieve energy saving, extend the life of led display; outdoor led display do not need to use .

8. Arrester : Usually use on outdoor LED display, mainly anti-lightning protection devices; indoor led display do not need to use.

9. Video capture card: TV card, a small card, installed in the computer, coupled with the appropriate driver software that allows the display simultaneously broadcast cable TV channel programs, buying or not it depends on the user’s needs, inexpensive.

10.LED video processor: Mainly to improve the large overall display and functional applications, and fully tap the value of the display. To solve a variety of video signal access, processing and display problems, to complete the format conversion between the many signal formats. LED video processor brand and model number, price varies.

11.LED playback software: including computer system software, LED video player software. It’s free.

12.Freight: Different countries, different product weight, will lead to different costs, I believe that the majority of customers can accept.

The above is about the led display cost should include in the quotation.Knowing these can avoid you from price trap.


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The function of LED display

LED display is widely used in recent years. It has the function of the high definition, stable quality, long service life and flexible display. It is very suitable for the broadcast of publicity text, graphics and multimedia programming. In the field of multimedia information display, it occupies an irreplaceable position. Due to the adoption of the latest semiconductor materials and high-tech technology, it has greatly improved the performance of LED display. Compared to other display sources, it has the incomparable advantage in terms of color, brightness and reliability. It provides a good foundation for the development of outdoor display technology and products. According to the user’s actual use environment, The LED display can achieve the following functions: Play current events, public service advertisement, commercial advertisement, entertainment information, film, television animation and other media types. It can achieve the effect of audio-visual integration.


LED display can achieve the following functions:

Video broadcasting function

  1. Access to cable TV programsdirect
  2. Broadcast thereal-time video images clearly and stably to achieve a variety of programs live.
  3. Play the programsfrom the video, DVD players (TV, VCD, DVD, LD) and other video programs. It can meet the basic needs of sports activities.
  4. It can play the documents ofAVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB and other formats of documents.
  5. The brightness, contrast, saturation, and chroma are adjusted by software.
  1. It has three display modesof the overlapping (VGAVIDE), image (Video) and VGA.
  2. It has the compression control functionof the video image.
  3. It has the function of motion compensatio
  4. It has one audio signal to the amplifier which is available for use in power.And it also sets aside at least two video camera input interface.
  5. It has the function of synchronous display with computer.
  6. It can’t appear the “tail”, “strobe” and “water ripple”

Information releasing function

  • It can display a variety of computer information, graphics, pictures and two, three-dimensional animation, etc. It has a rich play mode which can display scrolling information, announcements, slogans and so on. And the storage data information capacity is large..
  • It has a variety of Chinese fonts and fonts to choose, and you also can enterEnglish, French, German, Greek, Russian and Japanese and other foreign languages.
  • The broadcast system has themultimedia softwareto input and broadcast a variety of information flexibl You can choose the play form of point, roll line, the introduction and so on. You can set the playback speed and select the font and the font size. In addition, a number of messages can be broadcast at the same time, or can be broadcast with the animation, images.
  • It can display with the date, time display, or string.
  • It can be used for the declaration about the national policies, regulations and performance pledges.
  • It can play for the weather forecast.
  • It can publish public information and the advertising to meet the needs of your customers to bring huge and a Long-term economic benefits.

  In general, the existence of LED display brings us a rich and colorful media world!

Small pitch LED display has become a star product!

The market of small pitch LED display is breaking out. The demand of downstream is hot. At this stage, small pitch LED display has become a popular star product. The pursuit of high-density display has never stopped. It is also an affirmation of technological progress. Under the high degree of attention, its advantage is obvious and its shortcomings will be revealed. In order to cope with the increasing competition for survival, the LED display manufacturers will change from OEM vendors to the role of the overall solution providers.

How to improve the user experience and satisfy the needs of customers? We must start from the product level first.


Standard resolution

Recently, it is a problem of being criticized that the splicing unit is made of 1:1 wide and high proportion. There is some troubles caused by the wrong specifications, when it is used to splice the video wall of the mainstream 16:9 signal source. On the other hand, in the field of large screen, the technology Of DLP splicing, liquid crystal splicing can achieve the splicing unit of 16:9 proportional. It has a great impact on the development of LED display.

16: 9 is a recognized standard for international UI and high-definition video. It is known as the standard resolution. It meets our needs of eye comfort. This allows the current display device to be made in this proportion. Including the LED display image also to be made in this “golden ratio” . The 1:1 unit can not be matched with the 16:9 signal source. It causes some trouble for the installation&use of LED video wall and the Image effects. Based on this issue, LED display enterprises have carried out the corresponding research and development.

In addition to the decrease in pixel spacing, how to improve the ease of use of the products effectively.? To Enhance the user experience is becoming the very important research and development ideas. When it achieves the standard resolution, the application flexibility of small pitch LED has been improved . Thereby providing more diversified choice for users.

The front – maintenance

Maintenance is already a common design for the LED display field. The front – maintenance can bring the convenience of installation and maintenance. It can greatly enhance the application experience for users. It is also an aspect of product differentiation advantage. However, small pitch LED display as lower-density display, it has the heat dissipation problem. It only can be removed from the front-module according to the traditional LED display. But it is inconvenient to dismantle the power supply and control card. So it will make the users too difficult to use. For this reason, many enterprises have strengthened the design of the front-maintenance in the small pitch LED display in the application. The front-maintenance is becoming the one of the hottest product categories in the industry in 2015.

led snow

At present, the competition of the market about the small pitch LED display is fierce. And the problem of the product homogeneity is serious. How to capture the psychological demands and the personalized solutions of the customers in design of product?”, this problem is becoming a breakthrough for every LED display manufacturers. Such as the introduction of the concept of front-maintenance. Believe that it will have more innovative products in the future!









Have you ever seen the fantastic LED screens implanted in the skin

When it comes to LED display, the first thing we think of is a large electronic screen in square, or flexible LED display, but have you seen the LED display are installed on masks? Have you ever seen them installed on the skin? We will take you to enjoy different LED displays with human body.

     1LED screen on DIY haze masks

     We often wear masks because of having cold, poor air quality, preventing infectious germs and other reasons. When people who wear masks interact with each other, whether they could feel some barriers because can’t see each other under the mask of expression changes? Designers and Paul Adams SimonRebaudengo designed a expression of the LED display mask “Unmask”, which allows people to exchange expression even when they wear masks.

Masks with LED display

      Unmask adopts the I/O interface based on open source Arduino micro controller, LED matrix display and other components. LED matrix display presents four kinds of expression mode by table test equipment, including smile, surprise, kissing and no expression. Unmask is experimental prototype equipment at present, there is no commercial production plan, Rebaudengo and Adams will modify in view of the existing equipment and plan to use smaller parts and other material to make Unmask.

   The reason why people wear masks, of course, is not only the above situation, some people will also hidden emotions, because they don’t want others see their expressions. Although the conception of Unmask is good for those who want to hide the expression, perhaps it is not necessarily a good idea. But in any case, using science and technology to make a creative thinking to make people live better is Rebaudengo and Adams design Unmask original thought.

2Contact lenses with LED screen

Implanting LED screen on contact lenses, and then the image will be displayed directly on the retina. This will become a secret way of watching a movie or cheating? ! It is used for the purpose of monitoring the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients.

Contact lenses with LED screen

     A group of researchers at the university of Washington is trying to realize this project, so far they have been able to present real red and blue pixels on the LED screen, when they implement green, it can display full color. No matter how far the screen is from your retina, as long as you have the right focus, you can still see clear images. And if the LED effect is closed, it is still a common contact lenses. And its power and data adopt wireless transmission.

3.LED display implanted in skin

It is reported that recently there is very popular trend in the circle of bio-hacking that LED lamp surgically implanted into bodies. This will have lamplight passes, feeling like l in some science fiction movies. If the lamp with the tattoo, tattoo also will light too.

This kind of LED lights can be implanted in the skin called NorthstarV1, it is only a coin size, but can be combined to form patterns.

When we are still struggling with intelligent equipments’ screen size, wearing comfort level, scientists are developing a kind of flexible electronic circuits which can be directly applied in human skin, and that is implanting circuit into the skin to make your skin a touch screen.

LED display implanted in skin

 The electronic skin typically consists of flexible transistor, organic  leds, sensor, and organic solar cells, these parts are connected by extendable, flexible wires. These devices are ultra-thin, they were sprayed to a flexible substrate, forming a similar skin of large-area electronic circuit, and then being implanted in human skin.


Optokingdom Launches a New Attractive Mesh Led display

Optokingdom.com is launching its new series of customizable led screen solutions for outdoor use. This LED display with creativity and flexibility of use in mind.

Unique design

LED Waterproof Screen

The outdoor decorative aluminum led curtain screen is the perfect architectural decoration patterns in the daytime because its unique appearance design. And it becomes led display screen to display image and video at night.

Ultra-lightweight, super slim, saving transport cost

HD outdoor LED Display

This led curtain screen only weight 5kg/sqm, which is easy to install. The convenient installation help everyone can install over 50sqm every day. 30sqm decorative aluminum Led curtain screen can be packaged in one CMB which is save a lot in transportation. It is not only good for transport but also good for maintenance. Front and rear maintenance are available due to its special design.

strip curtain led advertising displays

Translucent screen with exquisite appearance
this led display can be installed directly on the wall or glass. The hollow design makes permeability up to 70% which is conducive to ventilation and lighting. The exquisite appearance is good for decoration of shopping mall, hotel, office building and 5s shop etc.

The Color would not change within 20 years, exquisite designs can be customized.It can display text, image and video. Low power consumption is also good for long life span.Aluminum frame with stable performance.  Waterproof, anti-dust, wind resistant and anti-corrosion function which is suitable for all kinds of using environment.

outdoor advertising display

This decorative screen is very easy to set up. The cabinet was designed by our engineer very attentively and adopted advanced technology to manufacture which support front and rear installation. Cooling with wind is environment friendly and make noise free.

strip curtain led advertising displays

The screens are perfect for stadium, shopping mall, 5s car shop and theme park etc.

More detail about this product please click http://www.optokingdom.com/Decorative-Aluminum-Led-Curtain-Screen-c2007.html
We are the most trusted online store for LED Displays and LED screens. We offer the highest quality of LED Screens and LED Displays suitable for both indoor and outdoor advertisement.

led snow

LED display quotes and budgetary assessments 14 strokes


Are you planning to buy LED display? Are you worrying about the costs? With years of experience, HSTV will provide you some detailed costs of LED display for your reference. Here we go!


1. Display Screen Cost: Generally, how much is one square meter,i.e.,xxx USD/ ㎡? Price is different as the different material and screen module. Screen quotes include the whole set components that colored LED desired: die, module circuit board, IC driver chips, module power supply, steel cabinet and plastic masks and all the internal cables and so on.

2.Control system costs: that is display sending card and receiving card costs , Generally, one screen just need one piece sending card, which is installed in host computer. But the number of receiving cards is decided by screen size. In general, the larger area, the higher density that the screen is, the more receiving cards need to be used.

3.Computer for controlling: It’s the necessary equipment to control LED display. Computer configuration requirements: dual-core CPU, 2G memory, 512M or more discrete graphics, motherboards should have PCI slot.

4.Sound + Amplifier:The devices that allows screen synchronized video to emit sound, usually with 1 amplifier, 2 stereo.

5.Distribution cabinet: Small size LED display needn’t it; the recommended maximum power 10KW or more of display to use. It will provide stable voltage and current for each part of the device, effectively prevent the switch trip and other problem.

6.Cooling equipment: outdoor LED display more than 20㎡ must be configured air conditioning by the manufacturer to ensure the normal operation and prolong the life of each components of the display screen. Generally, indoor screen or small size screen needn’t it; large indoor display is strongly recommended with a wall-mounted air conditioner which is effectively cooling, ensuring the normally running in high temperature, reducing the failure rate.

7.Mufti-functional Card: the main role are smartly regulate the brightness and temperature and other values of full color LED screen so as to achieve energy saving and extend the life of led display; Indoor display may not be used.

8.Arrester: Used in outdoor LED display,primarily used for lightning protection; Indoor display may not be used.

9.Video Capture Card: TV card, a small card installed in the computer, coupled with the appropriate driver software that allows the display simultaneously broadcast cable channel program. Users can choose by themselves if needed. It’s inexpensive.

10.LED Video Processor: mainly to improve the whole display effect and function of the application of large-screen, fully tap the value of the display. To solve a variety of video signal access, process, and display problems,to complete signal format conversion between different formats.There are different brand and model number of LED video processor, the prices are also varies.

11.LED playback software: including computer system software, LED video playback software. They are generally provided free of charge.

12.Steel structure, Manual installation: The bracket for fixing and installing the display is usually with steel frame structure, and aluminum plate or stainless steel edging material. Labor cost of installation is included(suggestion: ask the manufacturer to provide free steel structure design drawings, look for local producers to make the bracket. It’s simple to produce that the average worker can complete it. Cost less and easy to install)

13.Shipment: It is depending on the  transport distance. Shipping also can be handled by themselves.

14.Technician fee: Sometimes when screen is shipped to the customers, the manufacture would send 1-2 engineers to guide the installation, commissioning on-site. Generally, customers simply responsible for general expenses and travel expenses accommodation of the technical engineers.

The above are costs summary about LED display from HSTV. For more details, feel free to visit our website http://www.optokingdom.com/ or send inquiry to our sales. We are always here for you!

In the rainy season, how to enhance the maintenance and cleaning of LED display?

As we all know the wet and rainy weather is a big challenge to LED display, so how to guard against water and moisture is definitely what LED display have to consider.


The moisture to enter LED display may make the lamps bad, so in the whole production and installation process, we must do the normal protection and maintenance in order to guard against damp. The cabinet of HSTV has nice leakproofness, also the IP grade has reached to IP6X, so the nice seal installation help largely reduce the risk of water leaking into the screen, at the same time clean the dust regularly inside the display also help dissipate the heat and prevent the moisture.


But even the first-grade display will meet kinds of failures because of pollution, looseness, vibration, heat and temperature changing etc,so the LED display have to be maintained on a regular basis. How to do the normal maintenance well  regarding the LED display?

Doing the regular inspection

HSTV display inspection all adopts “Quarterly inspection system”, the specific maintenance items as follows:

1.The maintenance of screen body, including the tube, module, power supply, control card;

2.The maintenance of LED display control system, including controller, optical switch card, distributor, sending card;

3.The operation software for LED display playing, including the maintenance, upgrading of software;


For those low IP grade display, especially outdoor display, the dust normally enters into the screen through the air hole, thus causing the fan destroyed; in the wet whether, the dust would absorb the moisture to make the circuit short out, even turn the PCB board and electronic components mildew. So the cleaning of LED display seems a easy job, actually constitutes a very important part of the whole maintenance.


As the LED display belongs to the high power-consumption equipment, after the stopping and running over and over again, the connection terminal of the power pack will go loosened because of the temperature changing, even bring more problems, such as loose connection, heating, burning the plastic components, so the connection piece of LED display have to be fastened on a regular basis.

Doing the surface cleaning of screen

Do the visual inspection of LED display when the screen turns bright and black, including: check the screen surface is polluted or not, if yes, clean the surface dirt to avoid the bad shining; check the screen surface has damage cracks or not; check the cable and line of communication and distributing are in normal status or not; in addition, check regularly the leakproofness; check the surface lacquer and rustling condition of steel structure for the outdoor display, if meeting the severe surface pollution, the surface has to be cleaned immediately.


To enhance the chain cooperation will help LED manufacturer go farther? The answer is yes!

Nowadays, the competitions among the large screen displaying area are getting more and more fierce, plus impacted from the rivals such as OLED, laser projection technology, LED display industry are always planning the better way to develop and own stronger competition force, to reach this, should the LED manufacturers definitely enhance the cooperation among the whole chain.


So the question lies in, as the manufacturers behind of LED, how to cooperate with LED display, to maximize the LED display function?  HSTV specialist gave us a good answer, vendors are not only customer relationship, but also like Sustenance, should try the best

to cooperate and service each other, only mutual cooperation and mutual service will maximize the full function. What’ s more, “ the overall function should be larger and better than the simple combination of each single function”, so in LED displaying area, only the close cooperation of each part ( including the system vendor, also the vendor of system components) will bring the final superior display. A new technology, a new concept from one vendor are truly applied and extended only in the basis of mutual cooperation, such as mutual trust, close communication in technology; lastly, in the marketing end, each vendor should try to promote the new technology, new models together into the market and reach the cooperation of whole chain.

How LED defeat the threatening OLED and hold the market share?


In recent years, OLED has become a term with quite high frequency appearing in relevant reports in display industry. This new term makes many people confused as the difference between OLED and LED lies in a single word. Although OLED is mainly used in some applications with small size screens, like mobile phones, in the field of large screen display, some enterprises has already felt threatened by it. Regarding the seemingly upcoming OLED, can traditional LED enterprises defeat it and hold a high market share as before?

First of all, there are some conceptual differences between OLED and LED. As the word LED shows, Light-emitting diode is the pixel display of LED, and the color LED display consist of three basic light emitting elements including red, blue and green LED, with dot arrays configurations. LED modules, control system and power supply system comprise a complete LED display,which emits lights with different colors by turning on or off the LED lights and then forms the images.

However, OLED works totally different from LED display. OLED, short for organic light-emitting diode, emits lights by driving the organic thin films through electricity, whose emitted lights can be flat colors like white, blue, red, green and so on, or OLED can also achieve a full color effect.

In short, OLED differentiate from LED in emitting ways, materials. Yet both LED and OLED are self-luminous. What should be mentioned is that flexible OLED can be bent, curled and even folded.

How OLED can threaten the position of LED in the display market? Speaking of OLED, people always link it to LCD. Yet even LED is gradually taking LCD, the upcoming OLED will also bring challenges for LED display industry. As one of members in LED display industry, HSTV thinks that traditional LED display can maintain its market share with some countermeasures.

According to HSTV, competition is inevitable, no matter when and where. To hold a high market share, LED enterprises need to adjust market strategy. With the development of LED tech and the decrease of LED display price, LED companies need to mine the application value of LED display, especially small pitch LED displays. Besides, LED enterprises should pay more attention to customer service. A better customer service can be a lasting competition advantage. If you have interest in LED display, welcome to visit our website.

The reasons why you use led display

LED Displays are a better way to communicate with your customers, staff, students, guests, visitors, anyone! Discover how the POWER of LED’s can increase your bottom line. LED displays will help increase your profits, increase your sales, give your business a professional image and increase customer satisfaction. LED displays require virtually no maintenance, have extremely low energy consumption and feature attention-getting colors.

LED signs have become the advertising and promotion choice of business owners everywhere, such as bank and financial institutions, automotive sales and service, self storage, restaurants, general Retail, schools, church, government military, lean manufacturing, material handling, transportation, rail and transit, airports, sports and entertainment, theaters and cinemas.

LED displays attract potential customers passing your premises and they inform customers who have entered your site.LED displays can be updated instantaneously to inform your customers, staff, students, guests and visitors of recent changes. Let your students know that a class has been moved or has been canceled. Direct incoming visitors to the vacant sections of your parking lot. Direct your hotel guests to the locations of their specific conferences.

HSTV can provide you with an outdoor or indoor display to meet your needs, with the software and interface to operate the display and train your staff to use it effectively.

HSTV products include indoor and outdoor rental led display, fix mounted led display, led signage, led advertising player and so on, you are welcome to send us inquiries.