LED advertising large screen

The market of LED advertising large screen is growing consistently. From the growth rate of the market , the technology of LED advertising large screen continues to introduce new products.

The technical range of LED advertising large screen includes the semiconductor optoelectronic device technology, the electronic circuit technology, the integrated circuit technology, the information image processing technology, the information transmission technology, the computer network technology, the manufacturing of electronic products and the installation engineering of electronic products.


Due to the rapid development of semiconductor industry, the invention improves the manufacturing material of the light emitting diode and the manufacturing process. It has a qualitative leap in color and brightness. The high brightness of blue and pure green light-emitting diodes have the large-scale production and they have been applied. At present, LED advertising large screen can meet the requirements of different environment from indoor and outdoor. The red LED device of four elements and the high brightness blue of pure green are widely used in outdoor displays. LED device which is used of the technology about on display screen can get a better view and brightness. At present, it has been applied in high density and full color indoor displays. But the cost is relatively high. With the decrease of the cost, it will have a relatively large market potential in the future.


In order to make the display in line with the visual characteristics of the human eye, it appeared the technology of Nonlinear Grade Difference Gray. Through the technology of Nonlinear Grade Difference Gray, the effect of display is more real and delicate. In fact, by the constraints of the data and the image of the source, the actual value in use is meaningful to pursue a large quantities of gray control. The design of the driver circuit is based on general-purpose integrated circuits which is widely used now. The principle is relatively simple. The technology of products is relatively strong and the price is cheap. The driving circuit for universal IC design is mature in monochrome, dual color of the displays from indoor and outdoor. It is still the main driving circuit nowadays. In recent years, the constant current drive IC has been developed rapidly and they also widely used. It greatly improve the uniformity of LED display. At the same time, it reduces the capacitance of the display driving circuit and the fault point. It makes LED advertising large screen more reliable and more beautiful !