why use led display for advertising ?

Along with the technology developing, led display screens are widely used in different places. The high efficiency advertising benefits you a lot. HSTV summarizes the reasons as below:

1. Led display screen make your idea come to life. Led display screen can play video. More contents can be show on the screen. Video can is easy to draw people’s attention.
2. High brightness can fit any circumstance even under high ambient light conditions. It can ensure people watch the advertising comfortable.
3. High definition make image vivid and lively. High definition guarantees the contents can reach the effect as you design. Show every single detail of your advertising.
4. Wide viewing angle makes your advertising reach everywhere. Large display screen can attract more people. Wide viewing angle sends advertising in the front of audiences even in distance.
5. You may worry about the quality of outdoor led display screen. IP65 waterproof and dust proof protect led display out of water and dust. All outdoor weather available.
6. Long life span guarantees high quality.
7. Safety. Led light safer than liquid crystal. It won’t explode by itself. And lifetime up to 100000 hours.
8. Suitable for outdoor environment. Such as highway, school, square, station and hotel.
9. Good appearance. Elegant exterior design fit noble places.
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