Optokingdom expands more world-class LED advertising display in the market!

With the gradual maturity of LED technology, the cost of LED is dropping largely, the cost of LED display is also decreasing largely, that help promote the popularization of LED display. As the biggest area covered by LED full-color display–Advertising media, also opens the era of traditional print advertisement upgrading. As the first and the biggest online shopping mall with selling led product in China, Optokingdom are expanding more LED advertising display to a higher grade.


LED advertising displays are applied broadly in commercial area with kinds of advantages, follow Optokingdom expertise for us:

High refresh and high gray level make the image of LED display more vivid, meet the high visual requirements applied in commerce.

Have the function of correcting the brightness and color point-by-point, make the image of LED display more colorful, meet the high visual requirements.

The ads pictures can change at any time, displaying different ads for different customers unceasingly.

Use the high-efficient optical transmission system that helps reduce the transmission distance to avoid the signal delay.

Matched with the multi-functioned card, can set the time by software or switch on or off manually at any time.

The standard design of cabinet make the same cabinet size suitable for different pixel requirements, that brings more convenience for the display installation.

The LED cabinet is more light, more thin,that helps save the transportation cost.

The unique anti-water cabinet design meets the IP65 protection standard,so it can be installed outdoors directly.

The outdoor LED display’s brightness is over 6000cd/M2, suitable for different installation environment. In the design, HSTV(one of the brands under Optokingdom) is always insist the concept of energy-conservation and environment protection.

The intelligent environment-control device helps adjust the brightness according to the environment brightness automatically.

The control system of LED video owns dual backup system, once the faults happen, the customer could change to another ready system.

HSTV provides the specific maintenance parts for the customers, as all the spare parts are module-design, easy for after-sale maintenance.

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Be interested in the Olympic Stadium Display? Just follow me!

Just European Cup’s heat waves went over, the Rio Olympics Games are flourishing again. At the night of August 5th, 2016 for the local time, the 31st Summer Olympic Games was held in Lou the maracana stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is the first time for the Olympic Games held in South America.

With shining colorful light, the LED stadium screen has become one of the most necessary facilities in the modern large-scale stadium, not only make the wonderful broadcasting for the live sports events, especially some important events, European cup, Spain and NBA games etc, also has won the public concerns for its colorful and excellent displaying effects.

Rio de Janeiro lies in the north of the Capricorn Tropic, the west bank of Guanabara Bay, Atlantic, hot and rainy for the full year, so for the design of LED stadium display, the natures of high grade anti-dust, anti-water, anti- corrosion of salt mist have become the most important requirements. And there’ s no doubt that the superior displaying performance, extra-high IP grade and long lifespan LED display must become the hot points to focus for the world.


For the hottest stadium screen model of HSTV, the superior design programs have help them to reach to the hot sales and the nice choice for the sports events.

1. The cabinet of HSTV adopts the unique angle adjustable design, that make sure all audiences can watch the performances as our stadium display can adjust the inclination angel(75°~90°) of the cabinet.

2. The stadium display selects the material with soft mask and upper covering, not only protects the LED lamp also avoids the severe damage because of crash for the athletes.

3. The stadium display adopts the high-efficient optical transmission system, thus reducing the transmission distance in the stadium to avoid the signal delay.

4. Own the function of double cable hot backup, that means two computers are controlling a display, when one computer has problems, another computer take place automatically, thus make sure the normal display working.

5. Have the superior anti-water performance with IP65 grade, so it has no problem to keep the display working in the rainy day.

6. The stadium screen is matched with the specific stadium playing software, so it has become very convenient to manage the score, replay the programs, ads, edit the program lists.

The same world, the same dream, the Olympic will always keep shining with its unique glamour, as one of the high standard LED display enterprise,HSTV will also continue to walk through the more shinning LED manufacturing and service!


When the typhoon hits, how to make the protection of LED display?

When the typhoon hits, the LED display can’t display properly,  in order to get ready for such situation, the expertise engineer of HSTV gave a series of suggestions, and pointed that the most important method to protect LED display is completely turn off the power! However, this is just one step, the more important is make ready for the anti-lightning, anti-water schedule in the early stage.

Anti-lightning program

1、 The protection against direct lighting

Take a 20 meters long  LED display for example, if installing a lightning rod long for 7, 8 meters, it will cause the installation and maintenance difficulties, so the design of two lightning rod each for 3 meters high with installing onto the steel structure away 5 meters from the two sides of display, and being connected by welding with the steel structure will completely make the enough protection of display.

2、The protection against inductive lighting

1) The power anti-lighting

Install a SGM-B in the distribution box of display screen.

2) The signal anti-lightning
Make the series connection of the display and computer’s signal line and a web signal anti-lightning device with RJ45 connector, and make sure the anti-lighting device more close to the display.
Of course, typhoon is often accompanied with heavy rain, how will make the solution if the LED display is poured into water in the warehouse?

Solutions against anti-water

1.Use the draught fan to dry completely the watering LED display in the shortest time.

2.Keep the display screen powered-on and aging after drying, the steps as follows:

a) Adjust the brightness(all white) into 10%, and keep powered-on and aging for 8-12 hours.

b)Adjust the brightness(all white) into 30%, and keep powered-on and aging for 12 hours.

c) Adjust the brightness(all white) into 60%, and keep powered-on and aging for 12-24 hours.

d) Adjust the brightness(all white) into 80%, and keep powered-on and aging for 12-24 hours.

e) Adjust the brightness(all white) into 100%, and keep powered-on and aging for 8-12 hours.

Through the above solutions, the LED display will return back into normal, but there’ re several points to note:

1.Not put the watering LED display into the flight case, thus wil turn the LED lights bad easily.

2.When the warehouse is watered, make the all the flight cases exposed under the sun for quite a long time to avoid the moisture evaporated into the led display after assembling the cabinet.

Have met common faults? Don’ t worry, welcome to here!

As one part of Optokingdom service system, hotline support has provided a good after-sale guarantee for customers, you can contact our after-sale department when you have problem with maintenance or operation. We will offer you the solution by phone. If the problem could not be resolved by phone, our engineer would be sent to help you based on the real problem happened.

After-sale call:0755-29784452

Working time:24hs/day 7days/week

Now let ‘ s face one of the common faults—LED screen show nothing (dark screen), showed in  the following Figure 1


Regarding the above fault, there ‘ re several reasons for it:

Reason 1: No AC power supply


Solution: Check whether the power supply of the large screen normally open distribution cabinet switches, power indicator light.

Reason 2: The computer is not working


Solution: Start-up led software, check the sending card.

Reason 3: Network cables connection


Solution: Check the network cables

Reason 4: Control system is broken down(sending card)


Solution: Check the control system(sending card)

Reason 5: Receiving card power supply


Solution: No DC power supply, the first receiving card is broken down.

 Reason 6: DVI cables not connect


Solution: Turn off computer, connect DVI cables.

Reason 7: Graphics card setting


Solution: Check the display mode of the computer is replication mode or not.

Regarding any problems on maintenance or operation, you can also contact our engineer team via sales@hsleddisplay.com at any time. A response will be sent asap when we receive your emails.


How LED defeat the threatening OLED and hold the market share?


In recent years, OLED has become a term with quite high frequency appearing in relevant reports in display industry. This new term makes many people confused as the difference between OLED and LED lies in a single word. Although OLED is mainly used in some applications with small size screens, like mobile phones, in the field of large screen display, some enterprises has already felt threatened by it. Regarding the seemingly upcoming OLED, can traditional LED enterprises defeat it and hold a high market share as before?

First of all, there are some conceptual differences between OLED and LED. As the word LED shows, Light-emitting diode is the pixel display of LED, and the color LED display consist of three basic light emitting elements including red, blue and green LED, with dot arrays configurations. LED modules, control system and power supply system comprise a complete LED display,which emits lights with different colors by turning on or off the LED lights and then forms the images.

However, OLED works totally different from LED display. OLED, short for organic light-emitting diode, emits lights by driving the organic thin films through electricity, whose emitted lights can be flat colors like white, blue, red, green and so on, or OLED can also achieve a full color effect.

In short, OLED differentiate from LED in emitting ways, materials. Yet both LED and OLED are self-luminous. What should be mentioned is that flexible OLED can be bent, curled and even folded.

How OLED can threaten the position of LED in the display market? Speaking of OLED, people always link it to LCD. Yet even LED is gradually taking LCD, the upcoming OLED will also bring challenges for LED display industry. As one of members in LED display industry, HSTV thinks that traditional LED display can maintain its market share with some countermeasures.

According to HSTV, competition is inevitable, no matter when and where. To hold a high market share, LED enterprises need to adjust market strategy. With the development of LED tech and the decrease of LED display price, LED companies need to mine the application value of LED display, especially small pitch LED displays. Besides, LED enterprises should pay more attention to customer service. A better customer service can be a lasting competition advantage. If you have interest in LED display, welcome to visit our website.

Can small pitch led display keeps growing in the future?


Small pitch LED display has been a focus in LED industry in recent years, thus it becomes the main force to promote the market. Small pitch LED display carries its own characteristics of high definition, legerity and agility, and small possessed space when uninstalling. So Far, small pitch LED display has been mainly used in business, such as conference rooms in enterprises, schools, and used to meed the demands of information presentation in other educational institutions.

Small pitch LED display attracts more and more users in various fields with its outstanding features. Since small pitch LED display made its debut in the market, this kind of LED display has successfully aroused widespread concerns. As the new emerging force in LED display industry, small pitch LED display showed the world an explosive growth with comparatively high sales volume. For example, sales of small pitch display reached over 200 million RMB in 2012, and 800 million RMB in 2013, which is four times of the sales volume in 2012.

Although small pitch LED display enjoys an increasing sales, and the techniques are being steadily improved, can small LED display keep growing and maintain the consumption focus in LED industry is what insiders concerns.

When it comes to the development prospect of small pitch LED display, HSTV, which is a LED display and LED lights manufacturer holds that small pitch LED display is a promising product among all the products in this filed. Since the techniques of LED display has reached a high level, HSTV thinks that consumers of small pitch LED display will shift their focuses to its size, structure, display performance optimization, standardization and also the combination between small pitch LED display and AR, VR, and also 3D technology.

In order to hold superiority in the LED display market, HSTV has been producing and providing various small pitch LED displays to fulfill multiple needs of different consumers and the LED display market. Up to now, HSTV provides LED displays in many kinds, including indoor and outdoor rental led displays, fix mounted led display, led signage, led advertising player and so on, for anyone who are interested in our products, please feel free to send us a inquiry or learn more details on our website.