To enhance the chain cooperation will help LED manufacturer go farther? The answer is yes!

Nowadays, the competitions among the large screen displaying area are getting more and more fierce, plus impacted from the rivals such as OLED, laser projection technology, LED display industry are always planning the better way to develop and own stronger competition force, to reach this, should the LED manufacturers definitely enhance the cooperation among the whole chain.


So the question lies in, as the manufacturers behind of LED, how to cooperate with LED display, to maximize the LED display function?  HSTV specialist gave us a good answer, vendors are not only customer relationship, but also like Sustenance, should try the best

to cooperate and service each other, only mutual cooperation and mutual service will maximize the full function. What’ s more, “ the overall function should be larger and better than the simple combination of each single function”, so in LED displaying area, only the close cooperation of each part ( including the system vendor, also the vendor of system components) will bring the final superior display. A new technology, a new concept from one vendor are truly applied and extended only in the basis of mutual cooperation, such as mutual trust, close communication in technology; lastly, in the marketing end, each vendor should try to promote the new technology, new models together into the market and reach the cooperation of whole chain.