When the typhoon hits, how to make the protection of LED display?

When the typhoon hits, the LED display can’t display properly,  in order to get ready for such situation, the expertise engineer of HSTV gave a series of suggestions, and pointed that the most important method to protect LED display is completely turn off the power! However, this is just one step, the more important is make ready for the anti-lightning, anti-water schedule in the early stage.

Anti-lightning program

1、 The protection against direct lighting

Take a 20 meters long  LED display for example, if installing a lightning rod long for 7, 8 meters, it will cause the installation and maintenance difficulties, so the design of two lightning rod each for 3 meters high with installing onto the steel structure away 5 meters from the two sides of display, and being connected by welding with the steel structure will completely make the enough protection of display.

2、The protection against inductive lighting

1) The power anti-lighting

Install a SGM-B in the distribution box of display screen.

2) The signal anti-lightning
Make the series connection of the display and computer’s signal line and a web signal anti-lightning device with RJ45 connector, and make sure the anti-lighting device more close to the display.
Of course, typhoon is often accompanied with heavy rain, how will make the solution if the LED display is poured into water in the warehouse?

Solutions against anti-water

1.Use the draught fan to dry completely the watering LED display in the shortest time.

2.Keep the display screen powered-on and aging after drying, the steps as follows:

a) Adjust the brightness(all white) into 10%, and keep powered-on and aging for 8-12 hours.

b)Adjust the brightness(all white) into 30%, and keep powered-on and aging for 12 hours.

c) Adjust the brightness(all white) into 60%, and keep powered-on and aging for 12-24 hours.

d) Adjust the brightness(all white) into 80%, and keep powered-on and aging for 12-24 hours.

e) Adjust the brightness(all white) into 100%, and keep powered-on and aging for 8-12 hours.

Through the above solutions, the LED display will return back into normal, but there’ re several points to note:

1.Not put the watering LED display into the flight case, thus wil turn the LED lights bad easily.

2.When the warehouse is watered, make the all the flight cases exposed under the sun for quite a long time to avoid the moisture evaporated into the led display after assembling the cabinet.