Optokingdom expands more world-class LED advertising display in the market!

With the gradual maturity of LED technology, the cost of LED is dropping largely, the cost of LED display is also decreasing largely, that help promote the popularization of LED display. As the biggest area covered by LED full-color display–Advertising media, also opens the era of traditional print advertisement upgrading. As the first and the biggest online shopping mall with selling led product in China, Optokingdom are expanding more LED advertising display to a higher grade.


LED advertising displays are applied broadly in commercial area with kinds of advantages, follow Optokingdom expertise for us:

High refresh and high gray level make the image of LED display more vivid, meet the high visual requirements applied in commerce.

Have the function of correcting the brightness and color point-by-point, make the image of LED display more colorful, meet the high visual requirements.

The ads pictures can change at any time, displaying different ads for different customers unceasingly.

Use the high-efficient optical transmission system that helps reduce the transmission distance to avoid the signal delay.

Matched with the multi-functioned card, can set the time by software or switch on or off manually at any time.

The standard design of cabinet make the same cabinet size suitable for different pixel requirements, that brings more convenience for the display installation.

The LED cabinet is more light, more thin,that helps save the transportation cost.

The unique anti-water cabinet design meets the IP65 protection standard,so it can be installed outdoors directly.

The outdoor LED display’s brightness is over 6000cd/M2, suitable for different installation environment. In the design, HSTV(one of the brands under Optokingdom) is always insist the concept of energy-conservation and environment protection.

The intelligent environment-control device helps adjust the brightness according to the environment brightness automatically.

The control system of LED video owns dual backup system, once the faults happen, the customer could change to another ready system.

HSTV provides the specific maintenance parts for the customers, as all the spare parts are module-design, easy for after-sale maintenance.

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