LED advertising large screen

The market of LED advertising large screen is growing consistently. From the growth rate of the market , the technology of LED advertising large screen continues to introduce new products.

The technical range of LED advertising large screen includes the semiconductor optoelectronic device technology, the electronic circuit technology, the integrated circuit technology, the information image processing technology, the information transmission technology, the computer network technology, the manufacturing of electronic products and the installation engineering of electronic products.


Due to the rapid development of semiconductor industry, the invention improves the manufacturing material of the light emitting diode and the manufacturing process. It has a qualitative leap in color and brightness. The high brightness of blue and pure green light-emitting diodes have the large-scale production and they have been applied. At present, LED advertising large screen can meet the requirements of different environment from indoor and outdoor. The red LED device of four elements and the high brightness blue of pure green are widely used in outdoor displays. LED device which is used of the technology about on display screen can get a better view and brightness. At present, it has been applied in high density and full color indoor displays. But the cost is relatively high. With the decrease of the cost, it will have a relatively large market potential in the future.


In order to make the display in line with the visual characteristics of the human eye, it appeared the technology of Nonlinear Grade Difference Gray. Through the technology of Nonlinear Grade Difference Gray, the effect of display is more real and delicate. In fact, by the constraints of the data and the image of the source, the actual value in use is meaningful to pursue a large quantities of gray control. The design of the driver circuit is based on general-purpose integrated circuits which is widely used now. The principle is relatively simple. The technology of products is relatively strong and the price is cheap. The driving circuit for universal IC design is mature in monochrome, dual color of the displays from indoor and outdoor. It is still the main driving circuit nowadays. In recent years, the constant current drive IC has been developed rapidly and they also widely used. It greatly improve the uniformity of LED display. At the same time, it reduces the capacitance of the display driving circuit and the fault point. It makes LED advertising large screen more reliable and more beautiful !




The technical requirements of stadium LED display

Introduction: In order to enhance the level of venues and undertake more large and medium-sized competition, the use of LED display is the rigid requirements of the stadium. Therefore, the detection methods of stadium LED display is more and more important.

The stadium was used to the filament lamp. It was gradually introduced into LED as a light source and the display content was gradually changed from the previous figures to text, pictures and videos. In the technology of LED display, the color of display, brightness and angle of view, system control technology and others have been continuously improved and widely concerned in practice.     In order to enhance the level of the venue, the use of LED display is the rigid requirements of the stadium. Therefore, the detection methods of stadium LED display is more and more important.


Key technical indicators of LED display

The related Key technical indicators about LED display mainly includes the white color coordinates of the display , the flatness, the brightness and the uniformity, the maximum sight distance, the pixel out of control rate and the contrast and so on. The core requirement is to ensure the visual clarity and comfort from the referee and the audiences. It describes the specific technical requirements of these indicators in the following.

The flatness

The local bulge or concave will lead to appear the dead viewing angle of LED display. In order to ensure that LED display images can’t distort, it must ensure that its flatness can meet the requirements.

The maximum sight distance

For the stadium LED display, it must make audiences to meet the maximum visual range requirements. The maximum visual range requirements of LED display  refers that you can see the maximum distance of characters under the normal conditions of use.

The pixel out of control rate

It means that the ratio of pixels to total pixels which theirs luminescence state and control requirements can’t match.


The greatest brilliancy

The brightness of LED is an important index to evaluate quality of products. The higher brightness of the screen, the better bright degree of the image. It looks clearer in the distance. But it can not exceed a certain range, otherwise it will bring visual fatigue to the audience. And it also cause a certain degree of light pollution.

The uniformity

The index of uniformity includes the pixel intensity uniformity, the brightness uniformity of display module and the module brightness uniformity. These indicators in the production process of the display screen is very scientific. It plays an important role In the product quality testing.

The highest contrast

This is an important optical performance index. Not only can it reflects the brightness of the display, but also reflects the influence of environmental illumination on display. Due to the highest contrast detection requires a certain ambient illumination requirements, it is difficult to realize in the field test. The higher contrast of the screen, the better clarity of the screen.

According to the electronic industry and the standards of sports industry, the standard technical requirements of stadium LED display are discussed in this paper.






The Difference between LED Screen DIP and SMD type LED modules

The choice made by investors regarding the module of LED display screen they want to purchase will vary based on the purpose for which the sign will be used.

DIP (Direct In-line Package)

This module is put together by using three bubble shaped color LED bulbs that are joined with two connector feet. Sockets or through-hole soldering is used to mount these DIP modules. With sockets, replacing the device is very simple and also there is no risk of damage caused by overheating (which occurs during soldering).After the assembling of DIP outdoor led screen modules is done, heat-dissipating silicone is used to weather proof each module.


SMD (Surface Mounted Diode)


In an SMD module, the three colors of LED bulbs are encapsulated into one slim case which is directly soldered onto a circuit. Because these diodes are mounted onto only one surface on the board, they are small and can be placed closer together. Closer placement results in a higher resolution and this is why SMD modules are more popularly used in indoor solutions. These modules can be made to as small as 1mm in size.

Large Advertising LED Screen

Pros and Cons:

  • The technological advancements have played a major role in reducing the price gap between SMD and DIP modules. Yet, DIP modules are still the cheaper ones and are mostly used in outdoor LED signs.
  • Due to the construction of DIP modules, they are better at withstanding various weather conditions and hence are preferred for outdoor LED solutions.
  • For indoor use, SMD modules are better because the smaller pixels provide better color and amazing quality of text and images.
  • The maintenance required with SMD modules is higher and they have a shorter lifespan because of the heat dissipation issues in the way these modules are constructed.
  • The pixels in SMD modules are dimmer and consume more power; roughly about 6500 NITs. Compared to this figure, DIP modules average at about 12000 NITs.
  • The SMD chips are coated in white at the back and this affects the outcome of the color on the screen. For example, darker colors may have more of a grayish effect on SMD module screens.

Have you ever seen the fantastic LED screens implanted in the skin

When it comes to LED display, the first thing we think of is a large electronic screen in square, or flexible LED display, but have you seen the LED display are installed on masks? Have you ever seen them installed on the skin? We will take you to enjoy different LED displays with human body.

     1LED screen on DIY haze masks

     We often wear masks because of having cold, poor air quality, preventing infectious germs and other reasons. When people who wear masks interact with each other, whether they could feel some barriers because can’t see each other under the mask of expression changes? Designers and Paul Adams SimonRebaudengo designed a expression of the LED display mask “Unmask”, which allows people to exchange expression even when they wear masks.

Masks with LED display

      Unmask adopts the I/O interface based on open source Arduino micro controller, LED matrix display and other components. LED matrix display presents four kinds of expression mode by table test equipment, including smile, surprise, kissing and no expression. Unmask is experimental prototype equipment at present, there is no commercial production plan, Rebaudengo and Adams will modify in view of the existing equipment and plan to use smaller parts and other material to make Unmask.

   The reason why people wear masks, of course, is not only the above situation, some people will also hidden emotions, because they don’t want others see their expressions. Although the conception of Unmask is good for those who want to hide the expression, perhaps it is not necessarily a good idea. But in any case, using science and technology to make a creative thinking to make people live better is Rebaudengo and Adams design Unmask original thought.

2Contact lenses with LED screen

Implanting LED screen on contact lenses, and then the image will be displayed directly on the retina. This will become a secret way of watching a movie or cheating? ! It is used for the purpose of monitoring the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients.

Contact lenses with LED screen

     A group of researchers at the university of Washington is trying to realize this project, so far they have been able to present real red and blue pixels on the LED screen, when they implement green, it can display full color. No matter how far the screen is from your retina, as long as you have the right focus, you can still see clear images. And if the LED effect is closed, it is still a common contact lenses. And its power and data adopt wireless transmission.

3.LED display implanted in skin

It is reported that recently there is very popular trend in the circle of bio-hacking that LED lamp surgically implanted into bodies. This will have lamplight passes, feeling like l in some science fiction movies. If the lamp with the tattoo, tattoo also will light too.

This kind of LED lights can be implanted in the skin called NorthstarV1, it is only a coin size, but can be combined to form patterns.

When we are still struggling with intelligent equipments’ screen size, wearing comfort level, scientists are developing a kind of flexible electronic circuits which can be directly applied in human skin, and that is implanting circuit into the skin to make your skin a touch screen.

LED display implanted in skin

 The electronic skin typically consists of flexible transistor, organic  leds, sensor, and organic solar cells, these parts are connected by extendable, flexible wires. These devices are ultra-thin, they were sprayed to a flexible substrate, forming a similar skin of large-area electronic circuit, and then being implanted in human skin.


Optokingdom expands more world-class LED advertising display in the market!

With the gradual maturity of LED technology, the cost of LED is dropping largely, the cost of LED display is also decreasing largely, that help promote the popularization of LED display. As the biggest area covered by LED full-color display–Advertising media, also opens the era of traditional print advertisement upgrading. As the first and the biggest online shopping mall with selling led product in China, Optokingdom are expanding more LED advertising display to a higher grade.


LED advertising displays are applied broadly in commercial area with kinds of advantages, follow Optokingdom expertise for us:

High refresh and high gray level make the image of LED display more vivid, meet the high visual requirements applied in commerce.

Have the function of correcting the brightness and color point-by-point, make the image of LED display more colorful, meet the high visual requirements.

The ads pictures can change at any time, displaying different ads for different customers unceasingly.

Use the high-efficient optical transmission system that helps reduce the transmission distance to avoid the signal delay.

Matched with the multi-functioned card, can set the time by software or switch on or off manually at any time.

The standard design of cabinet make the same cabinet size suitable for different pixel requirements, that brings more convenience for the display installation.

The LED cabinet is more light, more thin,that helps save the transportation cost.

The unique anti-water cabinet design meets the IP65 protection standard,so it can be installed outdoors directly.

The outdoor LED display’s brightness is over 6000cd/M2, suitable for different installation environment. In the design, HSTV(one of the brands under Optokingdom) is always insist the concept of energy-conservation and environment protection.

The intelligent environment-control device helps adjust the brightness according to the environment brightness automatically.

The control system of LED video owns dual backup system, once the faults happen, the customer could change to another ready system.

HSTV provides the specific maintenance parts for the customers, as all the spare parts are module-design, easy for after-sale maintenance.

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Be interested in the Olympic Stadium Display? Just follow me!

Just European Cup’s heat waves went over, the Rio Olympics Games are flourishing again. At the night of August 5th, 2016 for the local time, the 31st Summer Olympic Games was held in Lou the maracana stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is the first time for the Olympic Games held in South America.

With shining colorful light, the LED stadium screen has become one of the most necessary facilities in the modern large-scale stadium, not only make the wonderful broadcasting for the live sports events, especially some important events, European cup, Spain and NBA games etc, also has won the public concerns for its colorful and excellent displaying effects.

Rio de Janeiro lies in the north of the Capricorn Tropic, the west bank of Guanabara Bay, Atlantic, hot and rainy for the full year, so for the design of LED stadium display, the natures of high grade anti-dust, anti-water, anti- corrosion of salt mist have become the most important requirements. And there’ s no doubt that the superior displaying performance, extra-high IP grade and long lifespan LED display must become the hot points to focus for the world.


For the hottest stadium screen model of HSTV, the superior design programs have help them to reach to the hot sales and the nice choice for the sports events.

1. The cabinet of HSTV adopts the unique angle adjustable design, that make sure all audiences can watch the performances as our stadium display can adjust the inclination angel(75°~90°) of the cabinet.

2. The stadium display selects the material with soft mask and upper covering, not only protects the LED lamp also avoids the severe damage because of crash for the athletes.

3. The stadium display adopts the high-efficient optical transmission system, thus reducing the transmission distance in the stadium to avoid the signal delay.

4. Own the function of double cable hot backup, that means two computers are controlling a display, when one computer has problems, another computer take place automatically, thus make sure the normal display working.

5. Have the superior anti-water performance with IP65 grade, so it has no problem to keep the display working in the rainy day.

6. The stadium screen is matched with the specific stadium playing software, so it has become very convenient to manage the score, replay the programs, ads, edit the program lists.

The same world, the same dream, the Olympic will always keep shining with its unique glamour, as one of the high standard LED display enterprise,HSTV will also continue to walk through the more shinning LED manufacturing and service!


In the rainy season, how to enhance the maintenance and cleaning of LED display?

As we all know the wet and rainy weather is a big challenge to LED display, so how to guard against water and moisture is definitely what LED display have to consider.


The moisture to enter LED display may make the lamps bad, so in the whole production and installation process, we must do the normal protection and maintenance in order to guard against damp. The cabinet of HSTV has nice leakproofness, also the IP grade has reached to IP6X, so the nice seal installation help largely reduce the risk of water leaking into the screen, at the same time clean the dust regularly inside the display also help dissipate the heat and prevent the moisture.


But even the first-grade display will meet kinds of failures because of pollution, looseness, vibration, heat and temperature changing etc,so the LED display have to be maintained on a regular basis. How to do the normal maintenance well  regarding the LED display?

Doing the regular inspection

HSTV display inspection all adopts “Quarterly inspection system”, the specific maintenance items as follows:

1.The maintenance of screen body, including the tube, module, power supply, control card;

2.The maintenance of LED display control system, including controller, optical switch card, distributor, sending card;

3.The operation software for LED display playing, including the maintenance, upgrading of software;


For those low IP grade display, especially outdoor display, the dust normally enters into the screen through the air hole, thus causing the fan destroyed; in the wet whether, the dust would absorb the moisture to make the circuit short out, even turn the PCB board and electronic components mildew. So the cleaning of LED display seems a easy job, actually constitutes a very important part of the whole maintenance.


As the LED display belongs to the high power-consumption equipment, after the stopping and running over and over again, the connection terminal of the power pack will go loosened because of the temperature changing, even bring more problems, such as loose connection, heating, burning the plastic components, so the connection piece of LED display have to be fastened on a regular basis.

Doing the surface cleaning of screen

Do the visual inspection of LED display when the screen turns bright and black, including: check the screen surface is polluted or not, if yes, clean the surface dirt to avoid the bad shining; check the screen surface has damage cracks or not; check the cable and line of communication and distributing are in normal status or not; in addition, check regularly the leakproofness; check the surface lacquer and rustling condition of steel structure for the outdoor display, if meeting the severe surface pollution, the surface has to be cleaned immediately.


Open a new chapter in the laser projection–the Olympic projection show

“The budget is not enough, but the light will add the brightness” this is probably the best description regarding the Brazil Olympic Games, though the cost of this opening ceremony is only 1/10 of London Olympic Games, the panoramic stage light show projected by the 110 twenty- thousand -lumens highlighting engineering projectors brings the beautiful and incredible Brazilian style to the global audiences.


In fact, in recent years, the cases regarding highlighting engineering projector applied in the big opening ceremony and other large sites can be found everywhere, such as the 2008 Olympic Games, the World Exposition, the National Games etc. Through the engineering projector, those large-scale creative performing show could definitely meet the harsh stage design requirements.

Compared with the Beijing Olympic Games, the opening ceremony in Rio also adopted the panoramic stage technology,it can be seen the whole stage in site is a large projection screen that has becoming so magic under the help of 110 twenty thousand lumens engineering projector. In the first act of performance, the ground projection is applied to demonstrate the history of Brazil,plus the wall projection on the ribbon and wood demonstrates the human resources, indigenous people, the Amazon jungle, colonial, immigration,the past and present of national integration, showing truly vivid picture to the audiences.


In the following performances, the projection matched with the performances of actors forms the perfect cooperation, and the virtual 3D scenes projected in the stage have brought an incredible impression of actors performing at the top of city,it’s so fantastic!

The most important thing is that through the application of highlighting engineering projector, Brazil Olympic Games has used the lowest cost, and the unique projection technology not only helps save large prop cost also make the projection more delicate and more colorful, more suitable for the Brazilian impassioned live show. What’ s more, compared with the LED display or other displaying products, the application of projection technology has brought more convenience for the camera shooting,demonstrating more bright and clear images.

In addition, with the engineering projector improving constantly the brightness, it may replace the lamps as the facing light application,thus will achieve the renew light and shadow blending effects, in that condition the video, lighting and actors will form a three-dimensional unity.

It can be believed that through the application of highlighting engineering projector in Brazil Olympic Games, it will inspire the stage designers for more demands of engineering projector in order to create the unique stage lighting show. While the application of laser projector will increase the possibilities of engineering projector applied in large-scale markets.


When the typhoon hits, how to make the protection of LED display?

When the typhoon hits, the LED display can’t display properly,  in order to get ready for such situation, the expertise engineer of HSTV gave a series of suggestions, and pointed that the most important method to protect LED display is completely turn off the power! However, this is just one step, the more important is make ready for the anti-lightning, anti-water schedule in the early stage.

Anti-lightning program

1、 The protection against direct lighting

Take a 20 meters long  LED display for example, if installing a lightning rod long for 7, 8 meters, it will cause the installation and maintenance difficulties, so the design of two lightning rod each for 3 meters high with installing onto the steel structure away 5 meters from the two sides of display, and being connected by welding with the steel structure will completely make the enough protection of display.

2、The protection against inductive lighting

1) The power anti-lighting

Install a SGM-B in the distribution box of display screen.

2) The signal anti-lightning
Make the series connection of the display and computer’s signal line and a web signal anti-lightning device with RJ45 connector, and make sure the anti-lighting device more close to the display.
Of course, typhoon is often accompanied with heavy rain, how will make the solution if the LED display is poured into water in the warehouse?

Solutions against anti-water

1.Use the draught fan to dry completely the watering LED display in the shortest time.

2.Keep the display screen powered-on and aging after drying, the steps as follows:

a) Adjust the brightness(all white) into 10%, and keep powered-on and aging for 8-12 hours.

b)Adjust the brightness(all white) into 30%, and keep powered-on and aging for 12 hours.

c) Adjust the brightness(all white) into 60%, and keep powered-on and aging for 12-24 hours.

d) Adjust the brightness(all white) into 80%, and keep powered-on and aging for 12-24 hours.

e) Adjust the brightness(all white) into 100%, and keep powered-on and aging for 8-12 hours.

Through the above solutions, the LED display will return back into normal, but there’ re several points to note:

1.Not put the watering LED display into the flight case, thus wil turn the LED lights bad easily.

2.When the warehouse is watered, make the all the flight cases exposed under the sun for quite a long time to avoid the moisture evaporated into the led display after assembling the cabinet.

Have met common faults? Don’ t worry, welcome to here!

As one part of Optokingdom service system, hotline support has provided a good after-sale guarantee for customers, you can contact our after-sale department when you have problem with maintenance or operation. We will offer you the solution by phone. If the problem could not be resolved by phone, our engineer would be sent to help you based on the real problem happened.

After-sale call:0755-29784452

Working time:24hs/day 7days/week

Now let ‘ s face one of the common faults—LED screen show nothing (dark screen), showed in  the following Figure 1


Regarding the above fault, there ‘ re several reasons for it:

Reason 1: No AC power supply


Solution: Check whether the power supply of the large screen normally open distribution cabinet switches, power indicator light.

Reason 2: The computer is not working


Solution: Start-up led software, check the sending card.

Reason 3: Network cables connection


Solution: Check the network cables

Reason 4: Control system is broken down(sending card)


Solution: Check the control system(sending card)

Reason 5: Receiving card power supply


Solution: No DC power supply, the first receiving card is broken down.

 Reason 6: DVI cables not connect


Solution: Turn off computer, connect DVI cables.

Reason 7: Graphics card setting


Solution: Check the display mode of the computer is replication mode or not.

Regarding any problems on maintenance or operation, you can also contact our engineer team via sales@hsleddisplay.com at any time. A response will be sent asap when we receive your emails.