Optokingdom engineer teaches you how to Troubleshoot your LED screen

When using LED screens it is inevitable to face some problems sometimes. Now Optokingdom engineer would like to tell you how to distinguish and determine the LED display fault diagnosis.

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1.Check if the graphic card settings is well or not, according to the instruction in the CD-ROM electronic file.

2. Check the basic connection of the system, such as DVI cable, network cable, the sending card and computer PCI slot, and the serial cable connection.

3. Check if  the computer and LED power supply system have met the needs or not. When the LED screen’s power is low, the LED screen flicker when it show only white color. You should use appropriate power supply according to the actual needs.

4. Check whether the green light of the sending card has a regular flashing, if flashing see next Step 6 directly, if not flashing, restart. Before entering the win98 / 2k / xp please check the green light is flashing regularly or not. If  flashing, please turn into Step2, to check if the DVI cable is connected properly. If the problem is not resolved, then there must a problem of the sending card, the video card and the DVI cable. please repeat step 3 after replacing one of them.

5. Follow the instructions of the software to set or re-install and then set until the sending card green light flashes, otherwise repeat step 3.

6.Check whether the green light (data light) of the receiving card is flashing synchronously with the green light of the sending card. If it blinks turn to Step 8, check that the red light (power) is on. If it is on please turn to Step 7, If the power supply is not on, check if the power supply is reversed or the power supply doesn’t have output. If the power supply voltage is 5V, turn off the power supply, remove the adapter and cable to try again, if the problem is not solved for the receiver card failure , Replace the receiving card, repeat step 6.

7. Check whether the network cable is connected well or too long (you must use the standard CAT5 network cable, the network cable without repeater is the longest distance and 100 meters). Check whether the cable is made according to the standard (see the system installation and setup ), If the problem is not resolved to receive card failure, replace the receiving card, repeat step 6.

8. Check if the LED screen power light is on. If not, go to step 7 and check that the interface of the adapter card matches the LED module.

More Troubleshooting tips about your led display please visit our website http://www.optokingdom.com/user-manual.html

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HaiSheng LED CO.,LTD Teach You to Identify LED Display Quotation Avoiding Unreasonable Price

When buying a led display, we always ask a quotation as a reference, so that can estimate the project cost and know whether the budget is overrun.

With years of experience, HaiSheng LED CO.,LTD here will give you details of the LED display quotes included cost to help you buy LED screen with a clear and intuitive understanding.

p10 led display P6-Module-64 x32 (3)

1. The Screen body cost: Is generally based on how much money per square meter, that is, you can see LED display offer xxx $ / m2, different display model, the materials used, the price will be different. Screen quotation includes a full set of LED screen required: die, module circuit board, IC driver chip, power module, steel box and plastic mask and display all internal flat cable, connecting line and so on.

2. Control system costs: Sending card and receiving card costs, one screen is generally only use a sending card, installed inside the host computer, There are countless receiving cards. The number of control card is determined according to the size of the screen. Generally speaking, the larger the area, the higher the density of the display, will use more receiving cards.

3. Control computer: control LED display of the necessary equipment, requires configuration requirements or higher: dual-core CPU, 2G memory, 512M or more discrete graphics, motherboards have PCI slots.
(If you already have one, you can ignore this part of the cost)

4. Sound + Amplifier: Let the display sync video playback sound of the equipment, generally equipped with an amplifier, 2 stereo.(not necessary,basis your real need)

5. Power distribution cabinet: Small area LED display doesn’t need to use; recommended using on the display with maximum power consumption of more than 10KW power ,It can Provides a voltage source current for the operation of each device of led display, effectively prevent the display power switch for the jump Box and other failures.

6. Air conditioning: cooling equipment, traditional outdoor LED display more than 20m2 manufacturers must be configured by air conditioning to ensure the normal operation of the screen body and extend the life of the display device. Large indoor display screen is strongly recommended with wall-mounted air conditioning, effective cooling, to ensure that the normal high-temperature display under the line, reduce the failure rate.(HaiSheng LED Co., Ltd launches several new product auto cooling such as Led Strip Curtain Display, Decorative Aluminum Led Curtain Screen, Transparent LED Display, they Do not require air conditioning cooling)

7. Multi-function card: Indoor led display, the main role of sub-time intelligent adjustment led full color display brightness, temperature and other values, intelligent regulation to achieve energy saving, extend the life of led display; outdoor led display do not need to use .

8. Arrester : Usually use on outdoor LED display, mainly anti-lightning protection devices; indoor led display do not need to use.

9. Video capture card: TV card, a small card, installed in the computer, coupled with the appropriate driver software that allows the display simultaneously broadcast cable TV channel programs, buying or not it depends on the user’s needs, inexpensive.

10.LED video processor: Mainly to improve the large overall display and functional applications, and fully tap the value of the display. To solve a variety of video signal access, processing and display problems, to complete the format conversion between the many signal formats. LED video processor brand and model number, price varies.

11.LED playback software: including computer system software, LED video player software. It’s free.

12.Freight: Different countries, different product weight, will lead to different costs, I believe that the majority of customers can accept.

The above is about the led display cost should include in the quotation.Knowing these can avoid you from price trap.


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Russian customers buy led screen what should pay attention to

If some friends from Russia who want to buy led screen from China, what they should pay attention to ?

Recently we deal with a dear customer from Russia, he want to buy one piece of outdoor adverting led screen, from we talk about the project to discuss how to do custom clearance, I have learned much, here I share this story with you.

1. Because the lowest temperature of Russia can be -40 degree, that is a big challenge for led screen (normally the led screen’s working temperature is -20 to +60 degree).
So, the led lighting mask, led module bases, even signal cables, electronic cable, we used useSpecial material which has good unti-low temperature function.(LED lighting is no problem.)
2. We hard better choose some power supply with better quality, and make sure that power supply can be worked on -40.
3. If you use the normal power supply, there should be air-conditional to make the temperature higher, then you can operate the led screen.
4. The custom clearance is very strick, the control system and the led display need to be separate, and some electronic parts should with the required certificates. When supplier really for ship cargo,making sure each case with the same cargo, and that is very easy for people to check it.
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10 tips for first time LED wall screen buyer

When you face the LED wall display Screen industry for the first time, you are most probably overloaded with technical information, promises and ideas that are passed to you as hard facts.
The series of articles described below will explain how to avoid the most common, painful and expensive mistakes people make when buying a LED wall screen.

1.Nichia LEDs…or Not?
Some “manufacturers” promise you they are using 100% Nichia LEDs… but they are promising the impossible. Here’s why they are lying and how to recognize them..
2.Dedicated Proprietary Control System
It actually sounds very professional, but this fancy denomination hides some serious drawbacks that nobody ever tells you, until it’s too late.
3.LED Screen in Franchising
Very interesting proposal. If you are a novice in the industry, the low initial investment can be very tempting… but not all that shines is gold! Here’s the nightmares stories of entrepreneurs that already tried it before you.
4.Resellers : Watch Out for their Conflict of Interest
On the market there are several options if you want to buy a LED wall display screen, but not all are manufacturers… Here’s what you risk when buy from a reseller that has a conflict of interest in providing you the best equipment and how to recognize them..
5.Air Conditioning: How to Solve a Problem at Your Expenses
Sometimes you might be told that you need to install the air conditioning on the screen, at any cost. While this makes sense in tropical areas, it is un-necessary for moderate climates… so why insisting? Here’s how they are trying to solve their problems at your expenses.
6.Prices Drops Dramatically before Closing the Order
Of course it is normal a little discount to seal the deal, but sometimes you‘ll see prices drop dramatically (over 30%) when you are pressured to close the order. Here’s why they are surely cheating you.
7.Best Quality at Lowest Prices, Thanks to Big Volumes?
Someone claims to use the best components on the market, and still be able to provide the lowest price on the market. Of course this sounds so tempting, and you wish it was true. But when you think about it rationally, this does not make sense. Here’s why it’s not possible.
8.The Photo-Book
This is a classic “hard-sell” technique, used in many Industries. When visiting a supplier, they will show you a photo-book where there are several nice pictures of what they claim to be their product and some ugly pictures of what they claim to be their competitor’s product. Since this strategy can be counterproductive, it is used only with Customers that are considered less competent, since they won’t notice some incongruences… that we’ll explain into details.
9.“I Am the Real Supplier”
Some companies might claim to be the “supplier” of the company you are dealing with or – as a variant – they might claim (1) to have the same control system, (2) the same software, (3) to have “Italian Heart Inside”, or (4) even to have shares in the competitor company. Here’s how to recognize them.
10.Are You Getting the Same Product You Were Shown?
This is not a selling technique but a real scam, and you could take legal action against it… but prevent is better than cure. Here’s how it works: you could be shown (and then purchase) a digital billboard with a smaller resolution than declared. For example, you could be shown a pitch 6/12mm and told that it is a pitch 8/16mm… Here’s how you can make sure to get what you saw.

How to solve the problem of LED displays not synchronized play?


This led display has 2.58 million pixels total controlled by 2 sending cards. And the image can’t synchronize play on one screen. The splice image is delay on one screen.

This problem general related with video source and sending card. You need to check whether the input signal work correctly and the sending card turn on “half-frame output” model or not at this moment. The sending card will turn on “half-frame output” model when the total pixels over sending card loading pixels.

The led display can work correctly for a period of time but the delay will happen after restarting led screen.

Actually it is very easy to solve this problem. You just need to add more one sending card to control and turn off the “half-frame output” model that would work correctly.

How to reset led display when screen messy

The steps to reset messy led screen of  LINSN control system


Step 1. connect computer and control card by USB and DVI cables and open software and click “option” choose “software setup” and input “linsn” with keyboard and then input password “168”



Step 2. choose “receiver” and click “load from files” and click “ save to receiver” and choose “display connection” and load from file and resend date and save.

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Step 3. change sending card if it can’t work correctly after sending data.

More software operation video welcome to visit: http://www.optokingdom.com/video-list.html

Outdoor Rental LED display

How to do water and moisture protected for LED screen

How to do water and moisture protected is a problem that outdoor LED advertising display has been facing. As outdoor LED display is installed in a more complex environment than in door led display, we not only need to consider the problem of moisture, but also need to make water prevention and other routine maintenance work. Good seal installation will reduce the risk of water, also regularly clean up the dust attached to the display screen is good for cooling and reducing the adhesion of water vapor. Water flow into LED screen may cause dead lights, so water prevention must to be done on outdoor full color LED screen in production and construction process.

1. Water prevention during producing and manufacturing

When producing and manufacturing LED screen, anti-corrosion treatment must to be done on PCB board, such as to coat three anti-paint, select quality accessories of power supply and power cord.

What’s more, firstly, different cell plate materials need to use professional waterproof coating. Secondly, different cell plate set need to have waterproof grooves, finally, we need to pay attention to waterproof problem of outdoor LED screen back plane, as in the process of lED screen using, the back plate is not only the heat treatment, but also has great convenience in dealing with water-resistant.

2. Water prevention during on-site installation and construction

In the specific construction site, waterproof and drainage design should be combined. After the structure is determined, based on the characteristics of the structure, we can consider the seal materials feature a pipe structure in vacuoles, compression set small, Ultimate elongation and so on. Once selected, depending on the characteristics of the seal material, design appropriate contact surface and the contact surface of the force, to make the sealing strip squeezed into compact shape. Do focus protection on those installation and water grooves  location to ensure that the internal screen come without any water.

3.Pay attention on daily use

LED screen will generate some heat when working, which will evaporate some water vapor, that greatly reduces the possibility of short circuits caused by moisture. LED display manufacturer HaiSheng LED  co., ltd  suggest you, in the rainy season, to use LED screen more than once a week and to start at least once a month, lit more than 2 hours.

4. The proper remedy when water entered in LED screen

Blow-dry LED display screen by the fastest speed with the fan or other tools. Power aging the screen after completely dried. Specific steps are as follows:
Adjust brightness (all white) to 10%, power aging 8-12 hours
Adjust brightness (all white) to 30%, power aging 12 hours
Adjust brightness (all white) to 60%, power aging 12-24 hours
Adjust brightness (all white) to 80%, power aging 12-24 hours
Adjust brightness (all white) to 100%, power aging 8-12 hours


Do not put the in-fluent LED screen in flight case, which will break down the LED light. When water entered into warehouse, water will enter into flight case, too. It’s necessary to expose all the flight case to prevent evaporation of water into the LED screen. When water entered into LED screen, if not promptly treated, the stability of the matrix screen will be influenced. In emergency treatment, dead light may continue to occur when the screen powered. Almost no repair value if this situation occur more than 3 days, handle carefully, please.

In the rainy season, how to enhance the maintenance and cleaning of LED display?

As we all know the wet and rainy weather is a big challenge to LED display, so how to guard against water and moisture is definitely what LED display have to consider.


The moisture to enter LED display may make the lamps bad, so in the whole production and installation process, we must do the normal protection and maintenance in order to guard against damp. The cabinet of HSTV has nice leakproofness, also the IP grade has reached to IP6X, so the nice seal installation help largely reduce the risk of water leaking into the screen, at the same time clean the dust regularly inside the display also help dissipate the heat and prevent the moisture.


But even the first-grade display will meet kinds of failures because of pollution, looseness, vibration, heat and temperature changing etc,so the LED display have to be maintained on a regular basis. How to do the normal maintenance well  regarding the LED display?

Doing the regular inspection

HSTV display inspection all adopts “Quarterly inspection system”, the specific maintenance items as follows:

1.The maintenance of screen body, including the tube, module, power supply, control card;

2.The maintenance of LED display control system, including controller, optical switch card, distributor, sending card;

3.The operation software for LED display playing, including the maintenance, upgrading of software;


For those low IP grade display, especially outdoor display, the dust normally enters into the screen through the air hole, thus causing the fan destroyed; in the wet whether, the dust would absorb the moisture to make the circuit short out, even turn the PCB board and electronic components mildew. So the cleaning of LED display seems a easy job, actually constitutes a very important part of the whole maintenance.


As the LED display belongs to the high power-consumption equipment, after the stopping and running over and over again, the connection terminal of the power pack will go loosened because of the temperature changing, even bring more problems, such as loose connection, heating, burning the plastic components, so the connection piece of LED display have to be fastened on a regular basis.

Doing the surface cleaning of screen

Do the visual inspection of LED display when the screen turns bright and black, including: check the screen surface is polluted or not, if yes, clean the surface dirt to avoid the bad shining; check the screen surface has damage cracks or not; check the cable and line of communication and distributing are in normal status or not; in addition, check regularly the leakproofness; check the surface lacquer and rustling condition of steel structure for the outdoor display, if meeting the severe surface pollution, the surface has to be cleaned immediately.


When the typhoon hits, how to make the protection of LED display?

When the typhoon hits, the LED display can’t display properly,  in order to get ready for such situation, the expertise engineer of HSTV gave a series of suggestions, and pointed that the most important method to protect LED display is completely turn off the power! However, this is just one step, the more important is make ready for the anti-lightning, anti-water schedule in the early stage.

Anti-lightning program

1、 The protection against direct lighting

Take a 20 meters long  LED display for example, if installing a lightning rod long for 7, 8 meters, it will cause the installation and maintenance difficulties, so the design of two lightning rod each for 3 meters high with installing onto the steel structure away 5 meters from the two sides of display, and being connected by welding with the steel structure will completely make the enough protection of display.

2、The protection against inductive lighting

1) The power anti-lighting

Install a SGM-B in the distribution box of display screen.

2) The signal anti-lightning
Make the series connection of the display and computer’s signal line and a web signal anti-lightning device with RJ45 connector, and make sure the anti-lighting device more close to the display.
Of course, typhoon is often accompanied with heavy rain, how will make the solution if the LED display is poured into water in the warehouse?

Solutions against anti-water

1.Use the draught fan to dry completely the watering LED display in the shortest time.

2.Keep the display screen powered-on and aging after drying, the steps as follows:

a) Adjust the brightness(all white) into 10%, and keep powered-on and aging for 8-12 hours.

b)Adjust the brightness(all white) into 30%, and keep powered-on and aging for 12 hours.

c) Adjust the brightness(all white) into 60%, and keep powered-on and aging for 12-24 hours.

d) Adjust the brightness(all white) into 80%, and keep powered-on and aging for 12-24 hours.

e) Adjust the brightness(all white) into 100%, and keep powered-on and aging for 8-12 hours.

Through the above solutions, the LED display will return back into normal, but there’ re several points to note:

1.Not put the watering LED display into the flight case, thus wil turn the LED lights bad easily.

2.When the warehouse is watered, make the all the flight cases exposed under the sun for quite a long time to avoid the moisture evaporated into the led display after assembling the cabinet.