Outdoor LED display: From Commercial Attributes Close to Social Properties

In people’s minds, the biggest function of outdoor LED display is the commercial advertising information broadcast, is a typical outdoor advertising “spokesperson”. However, with the improvement of urban construction level, urban managers are increasingly using outdoor LED display of social management in the emergence of many adverse phenomena exposure, the side as a “city civilized persuasion”, “urban bad habits broadcast And “social management supervisors” and other roles, which also achieved the outdoor LED display from the pure commercial to the social welfare features enhanced gorgeous change, to enhance the outdoor LED display diversity development “epoch-making” meaning.
In foreign countries, the use of outdoor LED display to carry out public welfare, participation in social construction cases are everywhere:

United States: Many of the US outdoor LED display operators also work with relevant government and public service agencies to play an important role in participating in social events and protecting the public. In November 2012, the Federal Authority (FEMA) used digital screens to broadcast emergency weather warnings in ten states in Hurricane Sandy. Every time you update, from production to playback, the process is less than 15 minutes. In April 2013, after the US Boston Marathon bombings, local and national security departments began to use the outdoor LED Screen to warn and inform the public. Police will be the suspect’s photos published on the screen, and warned the public in the city to hunt in the process of indoors.

UK: To mobilize the people to contribute to African women’s entrepreneurship, the British public welfare organization Microloan uses a special outdoor LED display held a special outdoor donation activities: public organization Microloan in an outdoor LED screen shows a piece of coins with a piece of Africa Women image picture, when the passers-by through the big screen in accordance with the instructions to send text messages to donate, the display will be floating some coins, the original image of a little incomplete women together, so as to achieve the purpose of donations.

Thailand: To enhance public awareness of the protection of children and to effectively protect children from being unlawfully infringed, the Child Protection Agency (CPCR), together with Leo Burnett, produced and presented “CHILD” on the outdoor LED display and outdoor big names in various centers in Bangkok ABUSE “series of outdoor public service ads, and in the ad attached to the report phone. After the event was launched, CPCR received more than 300 calls per day. At present, such a way has become the most effective preventive measures, making child sexual abuse prevention issues have been effectively improved.

For the rapid promotion of urban diversification landscape and low-quality outdoor advertising between the contradictions, as the outdoor display on the road to the development of “stumbling block”, and pure commercial advertising to play a single function, but also lead to the audience have a strong resistance to psychological. In the face of the development trend and problems under the new situation, it should effectively avoid the single advertising function and commercial attribute of the display screen in the future development of the outdoor LED media operation enterprises, and should realize the relationship from the mercenaries to the society The role of the role of change, as the audience access to social information of the public carrier. At the same time, outdoor LED display manufacturers also need to carry out technological innovation, such as to ensure that the field of outdoor advertising products with automatic brightness adjustment system and multi-level gray-scale correction technology, from the technical source to reduce the outdoor LED display light pollution influences.

First of all, outdoor display manufacturers to make products better integrated into the urban environment. In the determination of the location according to its regional characteristics, the surrounding environment, according to the characteristics of the carrier, such as the overall situation of the overall design, so that outdoor display as part of the landscape, reduce the outdoor display installed in the city for approval, planning, management, Multiple levels of the problem.

Second, combined with the different characteristics of the audience in different regions, outdoor LED media operators should also play content on the appropriate increase in the people, convenient social information, so that the outdoor display is not only a simple advertising carrier, but also become the audience access to information, Good platform.

Once again, suitable for the current “Internet +” development trend, enterprises should focus on the outdoor display screen, a wide range of distribution characteristics, stepping up the establishment of converged networks, and the Internet, mobile Internet, large data associated with networking, real-time information sharing , To achieve the rapid transmission of information dissemination effect. Combined with the new situation, the display manufacturing enterprises but also market-oriented, outdoor LED display to explore the new era under the requirements of the new properties to produce changes in the market and demand, in line with urban development and management of outdoor products, become the public can Accept the standard information product, not just an ad terminal.

Transparent LED Display Lead a New Form of Advertising

Over the past two years, with the development of LED display technology, LED display applications in the market continues to expand, the entire LED display market continues to expand, for the fight for the market, the industry price war, channel warfare, capital war staged , LED screen business competition between the growing, many companies continue to adjust the strategy to actively respond to the current market environment, the diversification of diversification into the current LED display industry, a major feature of the future more LED display business will be fine Sub-market areas to highlight their own brand, looking for a new way out of development.
Transparent screen as an important role in the field of LED display segment, with its new visual experience and application experience, with a unique display, thin design, high-end atmosphere of science and technology, in which occupy a place, and with the times The development of the city in the current curtain wall construction, new advertising, landscape Expo, shopping malls and other fields have a unique advantage, glow with a new display of the image, and gradually aroused people’s attention, market opportunities, as early as 2012, the United States In its “transparent display technology and market outlook” report, Displaybank has boldly predicted that by 2025, the market value of transparent display of about 87.2 billion US dollars, no doubt, as an important part of the transparent display area, transparent LED display market The prospects are very impressive.

Transparent screen in the city mall application show off the corner
The concept of “innovation, coordination, green, open and shared” is deepening, and the concept of big data, Internet + and Internet of Things will give the future wisdom of the city. New content, at the same time, the new city image construction came into being, more and more transparent LED display products appear in every corner of the new city, commercial complex, shopping malls, 4 S shops, windows and other glass, Are transparent screen of the existence of the market, and building lighting project, the required glass screen are likely to be replaced by transparent LED display, and in the new wisdom of the city’s face in the process of updating, will be more widely used to glass Curtain wall, for example, now a lot of buildings out of light, saving building materials, environmental considerations, the application of the glass wall a soft spot, transparent LED display with its thin, no steel structure, easy installation and maintenance, Good and so on, and the glass curtain wall can be described as a hit it off, used in glass curtain wall is not only in line with the building itself on the use of the glass wall requirements, but also because of its stylish, beautiful, generous, full of modern and technological atmosphere, to the city building more added A special beauty, and because the light transmission performance is good, transparent LED screen wall does not work when the building will not affect the lighting, showing its practicality of the building, showing practicality, ornamental are great in line with the current image of the city Many development requirements.

LED transparent screen to lead a new form of advertising

Outdoor advertising field is a large application of LED display market, the traditional outdoor advertising mainly includes outdoor billboards, large light boxes, posters and outdoor LED display and other forms, the advertising form is relatively simple, play a single content and there are some security issues , With the wisdom of the city’s construction, some of the traditional advertising style in some areas to functional applications gradually appear outdated, stylish and technologically advanced transparent LED display in the image of the new city in the rapid rise of many advertisers to become the object of concern. In addition, the traditional advertising screen is generally not translucent, and because of the choice of materials and product technology, the general advertising screen body weight is also large, the advertising area of the impact of lighting is very large, but also on the bearing load High requirements, especially in the field of outdoor large screen area dominate the LED display, the display area at thousands of thousands of square meters at every turn, the display body weight is easy to go up, and because the LED display lamp beads brightness , Very likely to cause light pollution, transparent LED screen translucent, texture and light to avoid these from the traditional screen to bring a lot of deficiencies. Visible transparent screen in the wisdom of the city’s advertising applications, showing great market trends.

Optokingdom Engineer shares LED Display Module 7 Core Parameter Analysis

The LED display module is the core part of the display, it is equipped with a LED circuit board and the shell, and the LED lamp is arranged together are packaged according to certain rules, then add some water treatment and a product composition. With the continuous development of LED display industry and the growing demand for applications, the function and role of the LED display module can not be ignored.
full color led display screens
So, today we come to understand the LED display module under the seven parameters:

1.LED panels module color

It is the most basic parameters in the LED panels module, the application of different colors in different occasions. According to the variety of colors can be divided into single color, full-color single point of control of two.

1), monochromatic is a single color, can not be changed, then the power can work.

2), full color is single point to each module can control the color, to achieve a certain degree of time can display pictures and video effects on the number of modules. To add a full-color single point control system can realize the effect.

2.LED display module brightness

One to the brightness, we think of the word high brightness, this parameter is a parameter that people pay more attention to. Brightness in the LED inside is a complex problem, we usually say in the LED display module brightness is usually luminous intensity and transparency, is generally related to the degree of each module can be summed up.

3.LED display module light angle

No LED display module with lens light angle, mainly by the LED lamp to decide different light angle LED lamp emitting angle is different, generally provided by the manufacturer for LED lamp module angle.

4.LED display module operating temperature

The normal working temperature of the LED screen module is usually between -18 C and 58 C, if the requirements are relatively high, it is necessary to carry out special treatment, such as air conditioning or exhaust fan.

5.LED screen module voltage

It is one of the most important parameters in the LED screen module, and the low voltage module of 12V is more common. In connection with the power supply and control system must check the correctness of the voltage value, in order to power, otherwise it will damage the LED module.

6.LED module size

Usually refers to the length and width of the higher dimensions.

The maximum length of a single connection: this parameter when we do large projects with more than, it means in a series LEDscreen module, a LED screen module is connected. This is related to the size of the connection line of the LED display module. Also according to the actual situation to customize.

7.LED module waterproof level

This is mainly for outdoor, it is to ensure that the LED display module can be an important indicator of long-term work in the open air. Usually in the case of open air the best waterproof level to reach IP65.

HaiSheng Firmly Believe LED Display Market full of Sunshine,As Supplier & Buyer in Synchronous

Now many LED Display manufacturers complain that the world LED Display Market become dull ,depressly and backward !But after profound understanding and calm reflection, our HaiSheng LED Co.,Ltd deeply realized that the international LED Display Market must be full of sunshine,as soon as the buyer and seller in synchronous.
(I.)Quality Consciousness in synchronous:
Both buyer and seller must pay the most attention on the quality ,the international LED Display Market will be full of sunshine. When bargaining price,both buyer and seller forget the quality important.When happen quality problem,both of them are going to argue hotly and blame each other sharply !Why does this kind of scene happen? The main reason is profit maximization.When buyer want to make more profit ,they cut price cruelly,they forget the the important quality.When seller want to get order and make more profit,they are cheating on workmanship and materials,they forget the most important quality too !
Both buyer and seller must pay attention on the quality consequences!For example,when buyer purchase 10 pcs Traffic LED Display,after 10 days they fixed them on Highway,the LED Display start to sparking ,stimulate and harm the driver’s eyes ,in this way it is very easy cause the traffic accident.So in short there is very big market require the LED Display,but because of the consumer worry about its quality,they will not choose to use the LED Display.
Only when the buyer and seller realize the most important quality in synchronously,the LED Display Market will become bigger and bigger !
ShenZhen HaiSheng LED Co.,Ltd insist on the Policy of “The Quality First,The User Supreme” .We always pay the most attention our factory LED Display quality !Our only wish is that we are the trustworthy manufacturer to our consumers!We regard All over the world consumers as our friends,sisters and brothers! Welcome you cooperate with us hand-in-hand warmly !We will suply you the international first class quality products and the best serive ! To supply you the convienence is our happiest !


(II.)Price Consciousness in synchronous:
Even I do do not need to say anything,both buyer and seller must pay the most attention on the price,because they get profit from the price.
But when both buyer and seller bargain the price,pls do not forget Consciousness in synchronous.The seller must know clearly that foreign buyer must pay for sea or air freight,declear custom,pay for tax ,pay for warehouse or shop rent and staff salary.On the other hand,the buyer must know clearly that seller have to pay for material ,factory working site rent,water,electricity cost,have to pay for tax ,worker and staff salary.Both buyer and seller have to pay for expense ! But the buyer ususally cut the price sharply,the seller have to face the fierce market competition,if he does not accept this order,the other factory maybe accept this order.Then he is forced to accept this order,he take a risk and attempt to to cut corners for making little profit. Then at last happen the big accident.
For example,a HK customer buy 1pc Outdoor Aluminium Decorative LED Display from Mainland,for the cheapest price ,he lost the biggest face ! After a few days he fixed it on a facmous building,the LED Display burst into flames.It not only makes safe problem,and make the building look very ugly ! The building facade become black ! As soon as HK citizens walking along the road and look the black building feel very afraid.So when buyer and seller bargain price,pls do not forget to guarantee the quality !
Our HaiSheng Co.,Ltd remember the quality is a factory’s life ! Our factory ‘s Outdoor Aluminium Decorative LED Display is fireproofing,anti-corrosion,windbarrier,provide you a safe protection ! It is light in weigt,free in noise,easy installation,beautiful design and bring you the wonderful enjoy imaginning life ! Welcome all over the world friends contact with us warmly ! Let’s enjoy the happy lfe together !

HaiSheng LED CO.,LTD Predict The 2017 LED Display Market Trend

In near these years, with the continue developing of LED display market optimization, the enterprises make full use of LED display feature and product differentiation .The market developing trend is obvious, and it become the way which LED display enterprises enhance core competitiveness and win greater space for development . HaiSheng LED CO.,LTD tell you that 2017 LED display industry market trend is going to be as following:

1.Innovative led screen are blossoming in radiant splendour.

2.Small pitch LED display market is leading cutting-edge market development.

3.Indoor led display market continue to be occupying in new applications

4.Transparent LED Curtain Display will bring the new view of outdoor media market.

5. Rental led display market has the great growing potential.


LED Display industry market analysis:

During 2016-2021, China LED display industry market demand and the investment advisory report predicts that the next few years, the global LED display market demand is going to continue to maintain rapid growth, the average annual growth rate is going to exceed 20% expected by 2020, the global LED Display market scale is going to reach 30 billions US dollars, China is going to be the most important manufacturing base.
LED Display industry market prospect:

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HaiSheng LED CO.,LTD. Give you some tips to maintain the transparent LED display in daily!

Surprisingly, the transparent LED display is a popular product in our company! Because our company focuses on producing the transparent LED display of high rate of perspective, the light weight and the unparalleled pixel pitch! At present, in the high-grade office buildings of city center, commercial complex, windows and other places have begun to gradually apply the transparent LED display. In the process of using the transparent LED display, how should our customers to maintain it in daily? Now let me give you some tips!


  1. Screen body is strictly prohibited the water, the iron powder and the other conductive metal. Thetransparent LED display should be placed in a low dust environment. Because the large dust will affect the display. At the same time, if it has too much dust, it will cause damage to the circuit.
  2. Whenit’s flooded with various reasons, please turn off the power immediately and contact the serviceman. You can use it until the screen body is dry.
  3. When the surface is stained with dust, please clear it with the vacuum cleaneror the air gun facilities. Do not wipe directly with the rags and othe In order to prevent the body from falling off, you can’t operate it with force.
  4. In order toprevent damage to the product surface, you can’t wipe with cloth which it is too hard, rough or dirty.
  5. It suggested that the rest time of thetransparent LED display must be more than 2 hours a day. In the rainy season, you can use it at least once a week. Generally, you should open the screen at least once a month and lighten it more than 2 hours.
  6. Need tohave a regular check whether it is in the normal work, whether it has the damage to the line. If it can’t work, it should be replaced in a timely manner. When the line is damaged, please repair or replace the damaged line.
  7. For the sake of prevent to cause the current and the power cord heat is too large,you can’t play for a long time in all yellow, all red, all green, and the other full screen. When the LED lamp is damaged, it will affect the display life.
  8. Do not disassemble, splicing screen body.
  9. If the Internal wiring is caused the failure, please contact the service manimmediately.


These are my suggestions for you! Haisheng LED CO.,LTD. can offer the transparent LED display of the high quality and the affordable price to you! And we can provide the professional service and guide to our customers! You can see more at: http://www.optokingdom.com/Transparent-LED-Display-c2098.html

The share from Haisheng— The design of the lifting stage in Spring Festival Gala! (Chapter 2)

The characteristics and the horizontal layout of the lifting stage in Spring Festival Gala makes us very surprised, do you know the structure of the stage and the difficulties in design and installation? Now let me tell you!


Part 3: Structure of the stage

Because No.1 CCTV Studio is an existing building, the installation of the equipment just can rely on the method of “expansion” on the scene. The all single machine equipment are installed on two channels. Between the channel steel and the ground is connected by expansion. According to the characteristics of small size and difficult structure arrangement, it adopted the program which use the geared motor to drive the gears directly. The power is transmitted from the drive gear to the other pair of gears. Consequently, with the drive of the gear, the middle frame can run. At the same time, the middle steel frame, fixed steel frame and LED steel are connected together with the chain. The chain is formed into a closed chain. Because the fixed steel frame can not exercise, with the operation of the middle frame, LED steel will run. Between LED screen and LED steel frame is connected by the screws. The control of the travel and the speed of the elevator is based on an encoder which is mounted at the end of the motor.


Part 4:Difficulties in design and installation

1.Difficulties in design

The difficulty in design is the shaking of fixed steel frame. If the design is not reasonable to shake, it will bring great security risks to the show. The biggest obstacle to solve the problem is that the space is insufficient. At last, it carried out the physical trial and the measurement through the steel frame mechanical calculation tools.

  1. Difficulties in mechanical installation

Accuracy of installation position and operation precision is the difficulty in mechanical installation. The requirement of the verticality is so high after the installation of the single device. If it is skew, the lifting platform must rub each other. Seriously, it will damage to the LED screen. Because the lifting table is the vertical and horizontal arrangement, when the position is skew, it must affect the gap between front and back or left and right lifting platform. It will cause a 0 gap, too large a gap or a negative gap. Therefore, the uniformity control of the gap must be accurate between the each lift table. After the strict quality checks, the clearance of the lift is controlled within the allowable range.


The design of the lifting stage in Spring Festival Gala is innovative and scientific! As an excellent supplier in LED industry, Haisheng company has rich experience in design of the stage solution for 8 years! We offer over 500 stage projects’ devices! Our company boasts with comprehensive products lines of stage, including stage led lighting, amplifier and speaker equipment, stage led lighting consoles, dance floor LED screen, complete stage project equipment, LED ceiling display and stage rental LED display etc. We can meet your personalized requirements and provide the professional service and guide to our customers! You can see the products at: http://www.optokingdom.com/

The share from Haisheng — The design of the lifting stage in Spring Festival Gala! (Chapter 1)

  In the Spring Festival Gala on CCTV, not only did the changeable lifting stage left a deep impression on hundreds of millions of viewers in front of the TV, but also it brought a new concept of the stage! It will bring revolutionary changes to the stage design in the future, especially the stage design of the television studio!


Part 1:Characteristics of the stage

There are four characteristics in Spring Festival Gala:

1.Work closely with actors or plot.

Whether the traditional stage exercise or not, the host or actor should stand or perform in accordance with the fixed position of the stage. When it needs the movement with the stage, the actor must in a fixed position on the stage. The stage occupied the No.1 CCTV studio in Spring Festival Gala. In addition to the area for audiences, the lifting stage which is composed of 304 lifting tables, it is full of every area where the actor will reach. So as long as the actors in the performance area, no matter where you are, the lifting stage can run with the actor according to the needs of the plot. It can change from the traditional sense of the person or the scene of the stage into a stage or landscape.

2.Fast and changeable combination.

It didn’t increase or decrease any props and scene on the stage in Spring Festival Gala. It just change the combination of the lifting platform and the video content of the LED screen. Each program has its own “scenery and props”, it can achieve them through the organic combination of the lifting platform and the change of LED screen video content! Although the change of each scene or situation just use a few seconds, it can make people to be personally on the scene and feel real!


3.Participate in performance.

Because the size of each lifting platform is small, it is up to 304 blocks. Not only the lifting stage plays the role in manned scenery, at the same time, but also it involved in a variety of performances. In the whole Spring Festival Gala, almost all the lifts are running to work in with the actors and performing to enjoy hundreds of millions of viewers. With the change of the story, the lifting platform plays a important role in performing.

4.Embodiment of scene and props.

Because the surface of the lifting platform is paved with the LED screen, and the LED screen is connected to the video control system. Therefore, when it is combined with the combination of lifting platform, it can create richer scene and props!

Part 2:Horizontal layout of stage.

No.1 CCTV Studio is a circular structure. The lifting stage is arranged in long strips. The length from front to rear is 34.835 meters. It is almost the entire length of the studio. The width from left to right is17.41 meters. The width is also exceed some theater stages. The whole performance area is all the lifting stages. The basic size of the lifting platform is 1m * 1m. There are 266 pieces of these basic lifting platforms. It accounted for a total of 87.5%. The lifting stage group is composed of four kinds of specifications.

The design of the lifting stage in Spring Festival Gala is changeable!


The products of the stage is various in our company. There are the outdoor rental LED display with PH3.91-PH16, the stage project products and the stage LED light with a variety of models. Our products can meet your personalized requirements! If you want to know more products about our company, you can enter to our website: http://www.optokingdom.com/


LED advertising large screen

The market of LED advertising large screen is growing consistently. From the growth rate of the market , the technology of LED advertising large screen continues to introduce new products.

The technical range of LED advertising large screen includes the semiconductor optoelectronic device technology, the electronic circuit technology, the integrated circuit technology, the information image processing technology, the information transmission technology, the computer network technology, the manufacturing of electronic products and the installation engineering of electronic products.


Due to the rapid development of semiconductor industry, the invention improves the manufacturing material of the light emitting diode and the manufacturing process. It has a qualitative leap in color and brightness. The high brightness of blue and pure green light-emitting diodes have the large-scale production and they have been applied. At present, LED advertising large screen can meet the requirements of different environment from indoor and outdoor. The red LED device of four elements and the high brightness blue of pure green are widely used in outdoor displays. LED device which is used of the technology about on display screen can get a better view and brightness. At present, it has been applied in high density and full color indoor displays. But the cost is relatively high. With the decrease of the cost, it will have a relatively large market potential in the future.


In order to make the display in line with the visual characteristics of the human eye, it appeared the technology of Nonlinear Grade Difference Gray. Through the technology of Nonlinear Grade Difference Gray, the effect of display is more real and delicate. In fact, by the constraints of the data and the image of the source, the actual value in use is meaningful to pursue a large quantities of gray control. The design of the driver circuit is based on general-purpose integrated circuits which is widely used now. The principle is relatively simple. The technology of products is relatively strong and the price is cheap. The driving circuit for universal IC design is mature in monochrome, dual color of the displays from indoor and outdoor. It is still the main driving circuit nowadays. In recent years, the constant current drive IC has been developed rapidly and they also widely used. It greatly improve the uniformity of LED display. At the same time, it reduces the capacitance of the display driving circuit and the fault point. It makes LED advertising large screen more reliable and more beautiful !




The development trend of LED display

With the application of new technology,the new forms of outdoor advertising continue to emerge, the outdoor LED display media has born.

 LED full color display is the new information display media which developed rapidly in the world. It combines the modern high-tech. And it has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and bright colors. The advertising screen of outdoor LED display is large with the great visual effects which can attract the audience’s eye fully. It is a new combination of media and high-tech.


LED display also has the advertising features that it can achieve a high effective rate. Compared with the TV, newspaper and other media, the price is lower than others. These unique value make the LED display media become a new and popular product. LED display is not just an extension of outdoor media and TV media, and it has a greater creative space. With the digital age of the concept of communication, it is an unique form of screen. LED outdoor large screen will be more intelligent and more humanitarian in the future.

With the rapid development of the outdoor LED display media, the ecological environment of the industry must have the great change. As a new form of display media, there are many things to do in the industry of outdoor LED screen media. At present, many companies of LED display, they are just busy with making the screen resources acquisition and the customer development sales, but they can’t  focused on the construction of industry norms and the LED display media monitoring system.

The value research report of LED display has pointed out that if the monitoring system and effect evaluation is not perfect, the capitalists and advertisers will underestimate the value of new forms of LED display. The degree of market integration is not enough, and the fierce competition reduced bargaining power. Outdoor LED display has the characteristics of television and other outdoor medias, and also has its own unique media attributes. This makes the LED display media evaluation system construction is relatively complex. Now, phoenix city has undertaken an exploratory attempt to work with third-party media monitoring agencies. And it expected to work together with the industry to build the evaluation index system of LED display media. The capital and resources are the basis of the upper. And the integration of resources, the attributes of media, the value of media and the deep insight from the media audiences are the sustained power which can make LED display developed to the higher lever.

led display consistency
led display consistency

The development of Urbanization and the changes of urban life style have promoted the rapid development of outdoor LED display media. There are the opportunities and challenges. After the baptism of market competition, it closed to the consumer terminal effectively. Outdoor LED display media will get a great development to become a strong media!

The  industry of LED large screen advertising will continue to expand the scale. After the development for more than ten years, the industry of LED advertising large screen in China are basically formed a number of key enterprises!