Buying LED Displays Is A High Return Value Investment

Statistics show that companies that make use of LED display as part of their marketing and communication strategy grow on average year after year and can point their growth back to messaging that was relevant.
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Most people who talk about LED display Solutions for advertising within a business or organization usually ask the question:

Why Buying LED Displays Is A High Return Value Investment

For instance, HD television is considered a purchase, but since it brings entertainment value to the family, it can be regarded as a family investment.

One important aspect in purchasing a LED display is to understand how the benefits and its importance to the organization out-weigh the costs involved.

LED display Cost

LED display is not a one-time purchase, as there are costs involved beyond the initial cost. There are also ongoing and recurring costs. The cost of purchasing and having a digital sign includes:

Hardware and software
Connectivity and installation
Software upgrades

LED display is an investment where you don’t have to settle for a cheaper solution for your business.

True Cost of a LED display

The initial cost only makes up a small part of a greater picture with which the overall value it brings benefits the organization. When purchasing a LED display system, look beyond the cost. Realize the real value that it will bring to your business or organization.

Why is LED display an investment?

It adds value to the place and attracts customers.
It helps market and promote the business.
It enhances conversion and generates business leads.
It gives better brand image and recognition
It improves product and brand loyalty
It helps to better educate customers

It is apt to say that the cost of a digital sign is a significant business investment but the profitable possibilities are endless. With so much value that a digital sign brings, it cannot simply be termed as a mere business purchase. It is an investment that pays off in the long-run.

The U.S. Small Business Administration reveals that “For businesses that choose to enhance their signage with an electronic message display, the owners typically see an increase in business of 15% to 150%.”

When discussing LED display technology with your customers, make them see that aside from being an excellent advertising and customer service tool, it is also a revenue generating tool when used effectively. Justify the expense involved in purchasing a LED display system. Your customers should feel confident that the digital sign will deliver both financial and non-financial returns.

Investing in a LED display is a key element of business success. It is a permanent asset whereas other forms of advertising are a repeated expense.

It is clear that LED display is not an expense, it’s an investment. It gives a long-term, high return on investment value.

Improve Your Business ROI Benefits of LED Screen Advertising

LED display has revolutionized the advertising market and has grown in popularity especially among business owners. This powerful advertising tool is not only more affordable these days, but is also much easier to implement and manage. Compared to other signage or advertising solutions, digital signs offer dynamic and high-definition messaging, unmatched by other advertising mediums like television, radio and newspapers.

They provide countless benefits and are considered a significant investment for any business. Businesses can respond to market changes in an instant by simply changing their LED display message.
A good LED display partner is not only focused on making a sale, but more importantly, they share the real power of LED screen to their clients. They make their clients see that a digital LED screen is a significant business investment.  They help customers recognize how advertising and marketing works through this investment.

One of the major benefits of LED screen advertising is geographic proximity and the way it generates business leads. Many business owners say that new customers come into their store once they see their electronic display. It gives businesses the opportunity to communicate with potential customers who are on the road, at their front doors or those just passing by.

LED display has also been favored over other advertising mediums because of its flexibility in managing content. It also requires less manpower and resources to deploy.

LED screen partners should be able to discuss relevant facts with their clients. This includes projected revenues, expenses involved, net sales, benchmarking scenarios and reviewing current sales. It is also essential to discuss the unique challenges that affect led display return on investment (ROI), standard solution elements, best practices and some case studies that assist ROI conversations.

Measuring LED display ROI

LED display has proven itself to provide the highest marketing ROI. It is the most cost effective advertising solution for your business since it has the lowest cost per 1000 exposures or CPM. Its CPM is about $0.15 compared to other advertising mediums (like newspaper) with over $5 CPM. This low CPM means that a LED display can reach a broader audience for less money.

ROI is one of the most important calculations a business has to measure. The ROI of LED display is long-term. The ability to measure ROI is a critical aspect of marketing that helps determine the impact and value of the new business investment solution.

Factors in determining ROI

Projected Revenue: This depends on several factors such as people passing or driving by your business each day and the number of impressions it makes.

Expenses Involved: When calculating ROI of LED display, consider these expenses- Total cost of buying and installing the LED display, electrical expenses for running the display and maintenance and labor costs.

Net Sales and Profits: After a month or two, calculate the net sales and profits. Compare the results with the previous revenue before implementing LED screen. You will begin to see the payoff of your investment.

With the latest technologies, businesses today have access to every tool, guides and tips to track all aspects of their LED display.

Without a doubt, customers who make proper use of electronic LED display for their business will surely reap the benefits. According to the SBA, the US Small Business Administration, LED displays typically bring an increase in business of at least 15%.

In Conclusion

From an increase in foot traffic to a dramatic increase in sales and greater recognition in their community, LED display proves to be a smart advertising tool. The ROI from this investment allows businesses to reach their goals, expand their business and grow their companies.

Why LED Screen Gets Hot When They Are On

The reason for the LED screen getting warm or overheats is that the electrical energy added is not all converted into light energy, but partly converted into heat energy. The light efficiency of LED is only 100lm/W, and the electro-optic conversion efficiency is only about 20~30%. That is to say, about 70% of the electricity is converted to heat.

Specifically, the generation of LED junction temperature is due to two factors:

1., the internal quantum efficiency is not high, that is, in the electronic and hole composite, and not 100% of all photons, usually referred to as “current leakage”, so that the PN region carrier composite rate decreased. The leakage current is multiplied by the voltage, which is the power of this part, which is converted to heat, but this part is not the main component because the internal photon efficiency is already close to 90%.

2., the internal generated photons can not be all shot outside the chip, and finally converted to heat, this part is the main, because this is called external quantum efficiency of only about 30%, mostly converted to heat.

As previously mentioned although incandescent light efficiency is very low, only about 15lm/W, but it will be almost all electrical energy into light energy and radiation out, because most of the infrared radiation is, so the light efficiency is very low, but with no heat problem

In recent years, as a new generation of lighting technology, LED display technology has received extensive attention. LED power is increasing, and the heat radiation problem has been paid more and more attention. This is because the LED light or its life is directly related to its junction temperature, the heat is not good as high temperature, short life.

Unlike incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp used in the past, their energy loss is great, but most of the energy is out through the infrared radiation source directly, less heat; and LED, as well as visible light energy consumption, other energy is converted into heat. Because of the gradual development of electronic products to high density and high integration, Led products are no exception, so solving the problem of Led heat dissipation has become the main problem of improving Led performance and developing Led industry.

Belt and Road Initiative Boosts LED Display Industry

From the autumn of 2013, President Xi Jinping proposed to build a Silk Road Economic Belt and twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road initiative in Kazakhstan and Indonesia, from May 14, 2017 to 15, “The Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum held in Beijing. More than 1500 Chinese and foreign guests, including more than 850 foreign guests, covering more than 130 countries and more than 70 international organizations, of which 68 countries have signed strategic cooperation with china. In 4 years, “The Belt and Road construction gradually transformed from concept to action, from the vision into reality, great achievements in the construction.

“The Belt and Road” initiative to show a strong attraction and appeal, and discuss the principle of sharing inseparable, combined with the characteristics of openness and tolerance, mutual benefit and win-win concept is firmly connected with the world development trend of fit. “The great achievements made in the building of The Belt and Road”, is the result of the joint efforts of the participating countries. In this process, the enterprise Chinese wind “sea”, a close and in-depth cooperation with local governments and enterprises. “The Belt and Road construction, inject new vitality to the world development, but also to the international competitiveness of enterprises China exercise provides an opportunity.

For the LED industry, in recent years the domestic competition, the market close to the saturated state, many companies have been targeting the overseas market, and foreign cooperation, expand overseas markets, overseas investment channels, overseas investment and construction company. “Made in China” LED display in foreign countries has been countless, the world sold 10 LED display, of which 8 are from china. China is the world’s leading producer and exporter of LED displays, and China’s LED display enterprise produces more than 80% of the world’s LED displays. Currently, more than 160 countries worldwide are sourcing LED displays from china. Europe is the main market of China’s LED display output, but with the North American and European market is becoming saturated, coupled with market access more difficult in recent years, more and more domestic LED display export enterprises will look to the Belt and Road Initiative along the city and some emerging market.

Chinese has opened green channel for “The Belt and Road” LED display enterprises .The Belt and Road” country along their routes is a piece of “fat” for the LED display enterprises, these blank state, just need the LED display enterprises “filled in the gaps in the fields of led display, which formed a complementary relationship. LED also shows that the enterprise take on the logical The Belt and Road “of the ship. In addition to bring new market to the LED display for enterprise, “The Belt and Road” also help to solve the problem ?

At present, LED display industry capacity is in excess of stage, then, LED suggests that the industry can use “The Belt and Road” will be a lot of excess capacity to go overseas, the use of local huge market demand, we now have the capacity to become a new curing investment, can not only solve the overcapacity, can also pull in these areas economic growth, in order to achieve mutual benefit.

At the same time, from the “The Belt and Road national strategy of the original, not a new round of internationalization for incremental, but the real globalization strategy, to achieve global integration to create a win-win situation. First of all, Chinese not pursuing unilateral profit, but the multilateral win-win; secondly, Chinese hope not excess foreign capacity transfer, and foreign manufacturing capacity win-win cooperation, China manufacturing output system, method and means, and the local national resources, manpower, industry and other open; moreover, not just the simple pursuit of going out also, seek to achieve a win-win situation China and various countries of the world.

Therefore, for the Chinese LED display enterprises, “The Belt and Road national strategy implementation and promotion, not simply engage in business opportunities in overseas markets, will grab the cake, in Europe and America and other overseas as second, third Chinese market, revenue scale and profits continue to grow; but to encourage more the Chinese Enterprises to go out and take the initiative to embrace the world, the integration of the world’s top resources, including technology, talent, wisdom and docking, standing on the world stage to the new strength of enterprises China remodeling.

At the moment, “The Belt and Road construction has taken a firm step, the next step is to promote its steady, forward looking into the future. Participate in the “The Belt and Road construction, for the benefit of the people of all countries in the world, win-win cooperation, sharing in the forward, Chinese LED shows that the enterprise has a long way to go, let us look forward to LED display industry how to” play “.

Rental LED Screen Brings People A New Visual Feast

With the wide application of LED display in the market, its excellent advertising capability has been recognized and favored by more and more businesses, but also gave birth in relation to the rental of conference, exhibition and performance occasions such as the objective demands of the LED display. But the high construction cost prohibitive for many small and medium-sized businesses, in order to one or several temporary commercial campaign has invested heavily in clearly worthwhile, it is in this market to stimulate demand, the rental market with the birth of LED display.
For small and medium-sized businesses, rental LED display screen with “small investment returns” advantage, only need to pay a rental fee, you can have led display for their own use, to achieve brand publicity, advertising, to create an atmosphere to greatly reduce the investment risk. LED display rental market is rapidly becoming the manufacturers in the eyes of the meat and potatoes, and the characteristics and advantages of leasing display are inseparable. The rental display box is light and thin, which can be quickly installed and disassembled, easy to transport and easy to maintain. It is suitable for large area leasing and fixed installation applications. At present, LED is widely used in the stage screen rental lease, dance parties, conferences, exhibitions, sports, theater, auditorium, lecture hall, multi-function hall, conference room, performance hall, disco bar, nightclubs, discos and other high-end entertainment.

The quality and price of a LED display is usually the two most important factor considered by a leasing firm. In the past, price competition is almost the mainstream of the market. In the past two years, high-quality LED display has gradually been paid attention to.

From the rental perspective, LED display quality should not only possess the structure effect, easy easy, light good display, but also have the advertisement demand under the new era. As a result, high-quality rental LED screens are often more persuasive than prices.

The future, rental LED screen products will be standardized specifications, high-definition display, high density, a screen multi-purpose, fast installation, security, maintenance simple, thin box and other directions continue to move forward. From the conventional screen needs to screen all kinds of special needs, small pitch LED display screen as the display device is the most suitable stage, as the transmission carrier of beauty, the future will be more and more comprehensive and more delicate.

The rental LED display includes products from LED display manufacturers to rental vendors or advertisers, as well as products leased by rental agents and advertisers to other units or individuals.

Unlike the conventional LED screen, LED screen leasing due to the inevitable positioning itself because of the need of repeated installation, disassembly and transportation, so the product requirements are high, exquisite in appearance design, structure design and material selection, intuitive understanding is “beautiful configuration, installation of the portable light, stable and reliable quality”. As a “functional products”, rental LED screen can bring people a new visual feast, show the creative and cultural content of the activities, to meet people’s spiritual needs.

Optokingdom Engineer Explain LED Display Brightness Control, D/T Conversion Technology

LED display screen has many independent pixel points, and it is composed of permutations and combinations. Based on the characteristics of the separation between pixels, the LED display light emission control mode can only be carried out in the form of digital signals. When the pixel is shining, the light state is mainly controlled by the controller, and independent driving is achieved. When the video needs to be rendered in a color mode, it means that the brightness and color of each pixel must be effectively controlled, and the scanning operation is required to be completed within a given time.

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Some large LED display screens consist of tens of thousands of pixels, and their complexity increases greatly during the process of color control. Therefore, higher requirements for data transmission are put forward. It is not realistic to set D/A for each pixel in the actual control process, so we must find a scheme to effectively control the complex pixel system.

The visual analysis of the principle, people on the average pixel brightness depends mainly on its bright/ dark ratio, according to the point of first light / death ratio if effective regulation can achieve effective control of brightness. The use of this principle in LED displays means converting digital signals into time signals, i.e., interconversion between D/A.

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Analysis of Quality Problems of LED Display Devices in Production Process

The production and installation technology of LED display screen has a great influence on the quality of display. From the choice of production materials to processing to finished products, each link needs to be strictly checked and detailed to every step. In addition, in the process of using LED display, LED display should also be regularly checked and maintained. If the quality problems are found, remedial measures should be taken in time.

Today, the scope of LED display applications continue to expand, and the number of LED display components is also increasing, and the quality of LED display components has a great impact on the quality of LED display. However, many of the LED display element is mainly embodied in quality uneven in quality, the following points: one is the new LED display element is still in the trial stage, the quality can not be guaranteed, two is the professional level and comprehensive quality of the LED display element of production personnel is not high, greater mobility, the three is the LED display elements of poor quality of the original, not the LED display the production and use of demand.

1. electrostatic problems analysis

In the process of production and installation of LED display, static electricity has a great influence on the quality of LED display. However, many LED display production and installation enterprises only know

To the importance of electrostatic control in the welding process of LED display screen, there is insufficient understanding of the importance of electrostatic control in other links. In the north, winter cold and dry climate, the electrostatic voltage is very high, will destroy the static LED display circuit, the circuit is damaged, the performance and service life of LED display will be affected in different degrees. Therefore, in the LED display production and installation process, we must pay attention to anti-static control, to avoid damage to the LED display.

2. welding link control problem analysis

There are many quality problems in welding process will LED display, mainly reflected in the following points: one is the electrostatic prevention and control of enterprise management is not in place, the two is the LED display application temperature and air humidity control is not reasonable, the three is the LED display element welding time control is not good, the four is the quality problems of welding materials, five is the welding personnel do not have

Professional welding technology, professional level is low. Many welding enterprises do not have professional welding personnel, the mobility of personnel is relatively large, leading to lack of technical guarantee for welding of LED display screen. LED display in use after a period of time, the brightness of the screen becomes low, the reason for this phenomenon is not reasonable to control the welding welding personnel time and temperature, resulting in LED display memory in fog, thereby affecting the brightness of the screen. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of LED display and control welding problems properly, welding enterprises must strengthen personnel training, and continuously improve the professional level and overall quality of welding personnel. In addition, welding enterprises can set up rewards mechanism in the welding personnel, and give some material rewards or spiritual rewards to the excellent employees, so as to improve the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the welding staff.

Aging analysis of LED display screen

Normally, the LED screen should be placed 72 hours before the show, and the 72 hours are LED screen aging time. However, from the actual situation, many LED display manufacturers do not display the aging process, so that we can not find the quality problems of the LED display, nor can we take measures to solve the quality problems. In fact, many quality problems found in the process of the LED display to the LED display, LED display a lot of much maintenance, the main reason is that the LED display no aging treatment on stage before. If we do not deal with the aging of the LED screen, it will not only affect the quality of the LED display, but also increase the maintenance and maintenance costs of the LED display, thereby reducing the economic benefits of the application enterprise.

4. LED screen mask problem analysis

Typically, LED display rooms are LED lights, people will find better visual effect from the appearance of many LED display, but from the side the visual effect is not very ideal, have varying degrees of mosaic phenomenon, affecting the brightness of the LED display panel, the cause of the problem is the existence of LED display screen mask quality problems. LED display mask role in the following aspects: first, to protect the LED display, two is to enhance the brightness of the LED display, enhance the color of the background, so that LED screen and background contrast. If the LED display mask quality problems or the installation method is not correct, not only to protect the LED display, it will destroy the LED display, affects the performance and service life of LED display screen. LED display screen mask unqualified reflected in the following points: one is the LED display mask material is not good, there are two impurity LED display mask surface, three is the LED display strong reflective mask, four is the LED display mask fixing screw number is relatively small, LED display mask less stable, five is the LED display screen mask and display circuit board cannot combine. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of LED display, it is necessary to ensure the quality of LED screen mask, reasonable selection, reasonable installation.

5. display module problem analysis

LED display module problems are mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, the module shell quality problems; two, the module material is not good. To ensure the quality of LED display, we also need to ensure the quality of LED display module, select high quality materials, strictly control the use of module glue, to prevent leakage of glue.


Although the scope of application of the LED display screen is constantly expanding, but LED still exist many problems in the application process, the only reasonable solution to these problems, in order to ensure the quality and performance of the LED display, LED display prolong service life, reduce the maintenance cost of LED display. LED display quality problems can be reflected in six aspects, any link is crucial. Therefore, the staff must combine the actual situation, reasonable formulation of LED display quality control program, to ensure the quality of LED display components and masks, pay attention to the LED display factory aging problem. In addition, the staff should also do the anti-static LED display, LED display components will be affected or static, resulting in LED display damage, increase the maintenance and maintenance cost LED display.

Rainy Season Hits! Let The Outdoor LED Screens to Ride Out The Rainy Season

Rainy weather is coming, heavy rain and muggy weather occur again and again. The LED display lamp belongs to MSD components (moisture sensitive devices), wet weather is a big challenge for LED display.
Matters needing attention:

The outdoor LED screen itself is more complex than the indoor environment, not only to consider the wet problems, but also to do waterproof and other rainy days maintenance work, especially in some rainy seasons and regions. Central and southwest regions along the Yangtze River are mostly hot sauna climate, high temperature, humidity, and deformation device; in the Southern China area, the coastal salt fog weather, typhoon, fog and other inclement weather, high temperature and high humidity; East China in May will usher in the rainy season, high temperature, high humidity, low wind speed and illumination are scarce the device, easy to mold.
OFSE391 (6)
Protective measures:

In addition to the LED display production design for waterproof and moisture-proof, we may also encounter screen in the warehouse accidental water conditions. In case the screen is flooded, we can do the following:

1, with the fastest speed with fans or other tools, the water inlet LED screen completely dried.

2, completely dry the screen after the aging of the body, the specific steps are as follows:

A, the brightness (Quan Bai) tune to 10%, electrify aging 8-12 hours.

B, the brightness (Quan Bai) tune to 30%, electrify aging 12 hours.

C, the brightness (Quan Bai) tune to 60%, electrify aging 12-24 hours.

D, the brightness (Quan Bai) tune to 80%, electrify aging 12-24 hours.

E, the brightness (Quan Bai) tune to 100%, electrify aging 8-12 hours.

With the above procedure, the LED screen will be restored to normal, but the following points should also be noted during the process:

1, do not put the LED display screen body into the air box, so that the LED lamp is easily blocked.

2, in the warehouse when the water, the air box may be flooded, should be exposed to all air boxes, to prevent the water in the container after the evaporation to the LED display inside.

3, all influent LED display does not deal with in time, may more or less affect the stability of the screen, in the emergency process, the screen power may occur after the death of the phenomenon of light.

4. All inlet LED display screens are in the air box. More than 72 hours, the screen basically no repair value, please handle with care.

In addition, both indoor and outdoor screen screen, most effective way to avoid the wet damage function is often used to display, the working state of display itself will generate some heat, some water vapor can be evaporated, thus greatly reducing the possibility of short-circuit caused by damp. As a result, the often used display screen has a much smaller impact on the relative humidity of the less common display. Optokingdom engineer suggested that in rainy wet season, LED screen display at least used more than once a week, at least once a month to open the screen, lit more than 2 hours.

Product Parameters And Definition Of Transparent LED Screen


Transparent LED display series product parameter
Pitch point (mm)
Pixel composition
Pixel density (pixels/ m)
Unit board size (mm)
Weight (kg/ m)
Brightness (cd/ m)
Refresh rate
Scanning mode
1/2 scan
Static scan
Static scan
Static scan
Average power


Transparent LED Display Features:

1. Can be customized according to requirements, seamless splicing installation

A variety of standard sizes, combined with the glass curtain wall perfect installation, almost no installation structure.

2. High transparency, daylighting is good

With the use of side light emitting high pass display technology, the X-ray rate is above 80% without affecting indoor lighting.

3. Simple structure

The screen thickness of only about 10mm, screen body weight 12Kg/ square meters, light, without additional steel structure.

4. Beautiful appearance

The screen body matches perfectly with the glass keel and the fulcrum keel;

5. Clever design


Outdoor viewing extends the use of architectural media advertising without affecting the shape of the building.

Transparent LED display applications:

Such as glass curtain walls, building walls, as well as banks, shopping malls, theaters, commercial streets, chains, hotels, municipal public buildings, landmark buildings, etc..

Should You Choose Single Color LED Display Or Full Color LED Display

Recently, a customer who need a single color LED display, but at last he buy a full-color LED display. One reason is that customers do not understand the basic structure of LED display picture text. In order to allow new customers to accurately purchase LED display, optokingdom engineer write this article to help our customer to quick know more about single and full color led display.
One, LED display picture text structure and working principle

1, Graphic LED display structure
first, graphic LED display, is made up of LED display screen, computer, controller, dot matrix display unit and power system. The structure of the screen body is spliced by 8 * 8 monochrome or two color display units. The luminous brightness of internal components is more balanced, and the use range of the products is more extensive. These superior features, enough to become one of the most characteristic and development of display products.

2, How the graphic screen work
Graphic LED screen is how to light, in the internal control system, intelligent display unit is part of the LED display part, able to control the entire unit in brightness and contrast. The caption of the word is realized by the computer control terminal, through the power supply control, the prepared captions and the picture and text information can be reorganized so as to realize the synchronous transmission of the information and the caption.

Two, About monochrome LED display, full-color LED display
1, monochrome LED display is generally composed of red, green, blue, white and so on a separate color, display content is generally text and simple patterns. Led monochrome display models include indoor PH3.75 and PH5 , Door header semi outdoor generally P10 and p16, general outdoor led display is P10, P16 and P20, the general brightness in 2000cd/ square, high brightness single color LED screen is currently the mainstream market, is widely used in shops, banks, ports, bus stations and advertising etc. part.

2, full color LED display screen is composed of three primary colors (red, green and blue) display unit plate, red, green and blue gray level 256 consisting of 16,777,216 kinds of color, the electronic screen display of rich color, high saturation, high resolution, high frequency dynamic image display. It is widely used in exhibition, port, airport, train station, bus station, the related system of large scale sports and exhibition venues, intelligent transportation, highway, banking, advertising, electricity, telecommunications, hospitals, commercial, taxation, banking, trading market, such as the public square and almost all industries.