When the led display is playing a program, the module of the cabinet is lacking in color.

图片1(1) Check if the signal line between the bright module and the colorless module is loose.
(2) Insert one end of a long signal cable into the receiving card and the other end into the missing color module. 1. If the display is normal, the previous module output is faulty. 2. If there is still a lack of color, it means that the module input is faulty and replace its module.

What is the reason for the black screen on the led screen?

double sided 2.56m x 1.28m P10 outdoor (1)1. All hardware including the inspection control system has been properly powered. (5V, do not reverse, wrong)

2. Check if the serial cable connected to the controller is loose or disconnected. (If the screen changes to black during the loading process, it is likely to be caused by this reason)

3. Check if the HUB distribution board connected to the main control card is connected tightly. You can not plug in the opposite direction.

Indoor Led display cannot be used in outdoor environments.

1, indoor Led display brightness is generally less than 2000CD/sqm; outdoor Led display brightness is greater than 4500CD/sqm.
2, indoor Led lamp do not have UV protection, use in sunlight will only shorten the life of LED. Indoor Led lamp are used at high temperatures to speed up the speed of decay.
3, indoor Led cabinets, modules, wires are designed and produced in accordance with indoor standards.cabinet front maintain

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Optokingdom engineers share SMD, 4in1, COB, GOB, and AOB processes.

SMD package: Single or multiple LED chips are soldered to a metal bracket with a plastic “cup” frame. Liquid epoxy resin or silicone gel is potted into the plastic frame, then baked at a high temperature, and then cut into individual surface mount packages.


4in1 package: There are four basic pixel structures in a package structure, which is essentially four “light beads” synthesized by 12 RGB–LED chips.

COB package: A bare chip is adhered to an interconnect substrate with a conductive or non-conductive paste, and then wire bonding is performed to realize electrical connection.GOB package: (Glue on board) GOB uses an advanced new transparent material to encapsulate the substrate and its LED package unit to form an effective protection.

AOB package: (Admixture On board) AOB is a process arranged in the production process of surface-mount LED display. After the SMT process is completed, a film of a polymer material is coated on the surface of the lamp board and protected by nano-coating.


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Does the outdoor LED display need to be cleaned? Yes, use a soft brush to scrub.

After the outdoor LED display works for a certain period of time, there will be dust accumulation on the surface of the LED module to affect the display effect. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the display can prevent the LED display from being unclear during playback, mosaic phenomenon and color cast during black screen, and can extend its service life and improve display. Use a clean water and detergent liquid to scrub the surface of the LED display.


optokingdom lcd video wall

1. Use industrial-grade professional DID LCD splicing screen, designed for industrial monitoring and multimedia information display to achieve signal splicing display and achieve signal split display, windowing, superimposing, cross screen, zooming and other special displays.
2. Ultra-narrow border design, bilateral seam up to 3.5mm.
3. Support 7×24 hours, 365 days of continuous power-on, high reliability and stability, backlight life up to 60,000 hours.
4. The system can meet both analog signal access and digital HD signal access, and various types of signal input can achieve single-screen display, combined splicing display, and full-screen splicing display.
5. All signals are connected to LCD splicing screen through matrix to achieve signal switching and free combination and splicing.
6.All splicing units can display the same or different sources on a single screen.
7.The video signals can be connected to all kinds of storage devices to facilitate future access and access to the LCD splicing screen for real-time display.
8.The entire large screen display system includes splicing screen, various matrices and image splicing processor, which can be controlled and managed through Foretell large screen control softwar.