Optokingdom invites you to enjoy the 5th World Internet Conference

The 5th World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang, China from November 7th to 9th, 2018. About 1,500 guests from 76 countries and regions, representatives of international organizations, leading figures in Internet companies, and well-known experts and scholars gathered in Wuzhen to build a network of destiny together in the digital world of creating mutual trust and governance. The theme, on the development of cyberspace, showcases the achievements of information technology innovation, discusses ways of digital economic cooperation, and injects new impetus and new contributions to advance the global Internet governance governance process.

The conference released 15 leading Internet technologies for the world.





1.Apollo automatic driving open platform released.

2. Qualcomm’s world’s first fully integrated 5G new air interface millimeter wave and RF module below 6GHz released.

3. Azure Sphere-microcontroller-based IoT security solution released.

4. Amazon’s fully managed platform Amazon SageMaker released.

5. WeChat mini programs business model innovation.

6. Huawei Ascend 310 chip release.

7.Ant Financial Service’s self-controllable financial-grade commercial blockchain platform.

8.Beijing University cracks information islands interface efficient interoperability technology and Yanyun DaaS system.

9.360 security brain – distributed intelligent network security defense system.

10.Jingdong Intelligent Supply Chain Technology Service Platform.

11.Anmou Technology China’s new artificial intelligence platform.

12.Alibaba Cloud Computing supET Industrial Internet Platform.

13.Tsinghua University CPU hardware security dynamic monitoring and control technology.

14.Artificial intelligence open platform of Xiaomi Smart Home.

15.Tesla intelligent after-sales service.

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Optokingdom shares the reason why outdoor advertising preferred LED display advertising?

Traditional outdoor advertising model (such as single-column advertising, light box advertising, bridge advertising, three-sided advertising, etc.) with the advancement of technological innovation, the traditional industry upgrade. In the past, the old advertising model no longer meets the needs of market users, and traditional outdoor advertising has caused visual fatigue. Outdoor advertisers have to follow the pace of technology, so there is an outdoor LED display advertising, then LED display advertising is better than traditional outdoor advertising in what aspects?

The traditional advertisement publishing information is not as convenient as the LED display information. Every time a traditional advertisement is published, the entire advertisement has to be redesigned and replaced, and labor costs are required, which is time consuming and labor intensive. LED display ads only need to be connected via computer cable or wireless communication (wifi, 3G, 4G), simple settings in the computer, you can use to publish advertising content, convenient and fast.

The traditional advertising form has limited content and cannot fully express the advertising content; while the LED display advertisement, the operator and the publisher can update the LED display advertising content at any time, only need to operate and control the computer, and the updating process is not restricted by other external conditions.

Traditional advertising can only be presented in the form of pictures, lacking creativity and making people forget. LED displays are often more appealing to the public in the form of intuitive, vivid, visual video and 3D effects. They are usually located in public places, transportation routes, plazas, commercial buildings, shopping centers, etc. It is wider than the traditional media audience and has a better communication effect.

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