HSTV engineers share How to do emergency protection after led screen is watered

With led screen widely used everywhere, people know the function and outstanding advertising effect of led screen, but not all people know how to solve when there is maintenance work. Here we talk about how to protect the led screen when it is watered.

1.dry the led screen by fans at the earliest time

2.turn on the led screen with below detail steps
1): set 10% full white balance, power on 8-12 hours
2): set 30% full white balance, power on 12 hours
3): set 60% full white balance, power on 12-24 hours
4): set 80% full white balance, power on 12-24 hours
5): set 100% full white balance, power on 8-12 hours

3.led screen will work normally after above mentioned steps, but there are a few points that we need to pay attention to

1)don not put the led screen with water in the flightcase in case the led lamps will be braised to get broken
2)If led screen is restored in warehouse with water, flightcase is probably affected also, you need to dry the flightcase under strong sun and 100% make sure it is dry so that you could move the cabinets into the flightcase
3)During the white balance test, there will have dead led, it is normal
There is no repair value if watered led screen in the flightcase for more than 72 hours, the stability will be influenced much, buy a new led screen is more practi

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