Advertising LED Display Solution

Advertising LED Display Solution

In the field of commercial advertising,it has developed a special uniform standardized outdoor cabinet with the same dimension applicable to displays with different pixel requirements,suitable for exhibitions,theme parks,and outdoor advertising,etc.The complete solution with excellent features including high reliability,highly adaptable,and smart control.Our professional service and high quality are worth your trust. Due to the continuous improvement of LED technology, the cost of LED decreases, and hence the cost of LED displays declines as well. This development helped increase the market for and popularity of LED displays. As the currently most prominent application area for full color LED displays, digital outdoor advertisement now slowly takes over for traditional print ads.

Features and advantages of Advertising LED display Solution

 1)Uniform Standardized cabinet design makes the same cabinet dimension applicable to displays with different pixel requirements; more convenient installation of advertising screens.
2)Unique waterproof cabinet design, in accordance with protection standards IP65; can be directly installed for outdoor use.
3)With sensitive control system, it can adjust screen brightness automatically according to the lighting change of indoor and outdoor, saving energy to reduce your operating costs greatly.
4)High refresh rate and high gray make the picture more realistic, which meets the demand of high visual quality of commercial usage.
5)The advertising contents can be changed at any time, for different customers and various advertisements.
6)LED display supports network control function, allowing you to control the displays of several cities in one place to change the contents at any time.
7)With environmental monitoring systems, you can know the display operation anytime, anywhere.
8)With multi-function card, it can turn on and turn off the screen by software timing or manually at any time, achieving unattended function.
9)Company also provides spare parts. All parts are modular designs, which facilitates after-purchase maintenance.

The advantage of transparent led screen– optokingdom

With the development of science and technology, the window has not only the window, but also the works of art appreciated by the people. In New York, Paris, London and other major fashion capital, the major chain stores glass window, all kinds of goods dazzling, every quarter of the window update will attract a large number of passers-by stop to enjoy. We can found there are some of made by transparent led screen. So what’s the advantage of transparent led screen?

Window transparent led screen known as LED glass screen also, set transparent, good looking, lightweight, hidden and many other advantages in one, it will not affect the glass window lighting and viewing sight, but also has good thermal performance. It broke the conventional led display cannot be applied to the glass limitation, making advertising more vivid, three-dimensional.

transparent led screen

There are several functions of transparent led screen

Selling product

Transparent LED screen is the most direct advertising, visitors can directly through the glass window and display to see the store’s goods, directly stimulate their buying inclination, thereby enhancing the store’s attention rate, Promote the merchandise sales


It can use as advertising tool of the shop and it can help a lot for promotional activities and maximize the effectiveness of advertising

Transparent led screen is widely, it can be used at windows of stores, car 4S shop, high-end clothing store or shopping mall booth and any other theme display function of commercial space. Transparent led screen will more widely using in other places; hope shopkeepers quickly grab this opportunity.

Release information

Transparent led screen is belonging to led display; it can be controlled by computer to playing video, image and text. The shopkeeper can release some promote information, such as discount.

Attract the attention of tourists

Transparent led screen can make glass become transparent display. When the fashionable window “paste” on a huge transparent electronic screen, advertising from static to dynamic, from the dynamic upgrade passers-by “dialogue” shopping experience, this unique, eye-catching design is very attractive