How to keep color consistency of led screen?

As you could see, there is color difference on some led screen which block visual feast, but why there is color difference on led screen? According to our nine years’ manufacturing experience, here i would like to share our analyze and solution to solve this problem:

Factors lead to color difference:

  1. led chip

In the production of led chip, it is hard to make sure all led chip is exact same on characters even though in the same batch, but manufacturer will classify different levels of led according to brightness, the more closer brightness between the two levers, the better consistency of led, manufacturer usually control 20% more or less between each two levels.

  1. driver ic

Led screen adopt constant current ic, these driver ic has 16 output of current, the current is controlled by resistance, for same ic, the error needs to be controlled within 3%, for different ic on the same led screen, the error needs to be controlled in 6%. It is normal to have 25% brightness difference on pixels of led screen, but if led chip is not from same level, then the brightness error will reach 40%.

Brightness difference will cause mosaic phenomenon. So how to solve this, here are two tips for your reference:

control the current of led about 20am on each led then it improve the stability

Make use of human being’s visual character, improve the fresh rate then eyes could feel the led pixel is

What’s the method for install outdoor led display supporting pole?


There are for processes for installing outdoor led display; Site survey, equipment structures, installation, debugging.

led display structure

When we set up outdoor led display we need to distinguish wall mounted, hanging and roof type led display.  When install led display we should use with a crane and hoist for sub-hoisting according to the distance and height and incorporate with worker to finish high space working. Safety and refinement operations are the first requirement of installing.

Of course, as an excellent LED display construction workers will only be installed is not enough. Outdoor LED billboards of the main support structure are usually steel materials, it is easily oxidized and cause corrosion when it in the open air environment, by the temperature, humidity, harmful substances and other factors, serious corrosion can make steel components Anti-load capacity greatly reduced, therefore, familiar with some maintenance and reinforcement method is also one of homework to the construction staff.

Basic expansion method: through the provision of concrete casing or reinforced concrete enclosure, to increase the outdoor LED billboards base size, change the basis of billboard base size too smallto reducebearing capacity resulting uneven foundation settlement

Pit-type care method: directly under the basis of the underpinning pit pouring concrete

Pile-based care method:adoptstatic pressure column, into the pile, pouring pile and other types of piles under the base and both sides of led billboard to carry out the basis of reinforcement method

Grouting method: the chemical slurry evenly into the foundation, through the slurry to the original loose soil or crack gel curing, in order to improve the bearing capacity of the foundation and waterproof and impermeable

Strong and firmly supporting structure is very important for led display project. Small optokingdom will keep continue to share more information to our customers.

How to judge the quality of LED chip

In today’s society, the outdoor led display screen become more and more popular,because of the different quality,made the accidents often happen.


So how do we judge the quality of outdoor LED?


Check the chip quality and the chip size,because the chip is the most important

part of the led screen.in general,bigger chip will be more stable,function will be stronger,the brightness will be higher and loose heat more faster.

Glue and phosphor

Look at the glue and the phosphor.Good led display screen will use import glue,after packed the led light,and press it by hand,it will be not out of shape.cheap glue not only out of shape,but also broken.


In general, the holder is the silver plated copper holder,it loose heat fast,can cool the led light very quickly,Small resistance.There also has someone use ceramics holder instead of silver plated copper holder,the ceramics holder heat conduction is very good.


LM is the measure of the brightness

The light color

Check the led light color whether coincident or not,good quality led light glow coincidence and the color will be symmetrical,bad quality led light will be looks asymmetric.

Mature taping will be made the led color looks beautiful,it depend on good machine.good machine can guarantee good quality.

In the led display screen field,the most important is the brightness,under the high demand of brightness,heat dissipation will be a big and long problem.Hope it can be solved in the future.

How to deal with partial red color on one whole cabinet or a few modules?

Well, as a led screen user, you will have some usual maintenance work during the period of using the led screen, such as signal missing, power missing, dead led, ic shortage etc. Here in this passage, we introduce how to deal with another maintenance issue which does not appear often but it is also a problem existing.

Sometimes the led screen will have partial red color phenomenon appear on one whole cabinet or a few modules when you have the led screen work or white balance test, there are 5 main possible reasons will lead to this issue:

Pls check the production batch of the modules with partial red color and good modules, if modules are not from the same production batch, it will have color consistency difference, also brightness etc, and there is risk that a few modules from another production batch will have partial red color issue, then you could change the modules with partial red color firstly

Power supply issue, you could use an amperemeter to test the defect cabinet with partial red color and the other good cabinet, then compare the current, if the defect cabinet current is obviously much lower than the good cabinet current, then you change the power supply which bring partial red color on a few modules.

change the power cables which is connected with the a few modules with partial red color, probably it is because the chip inside of the power cable is not big enough to load the current in the led screen, the solution is to change the power cable

If there is one whole cabinet has partial red color issue, then there are two possibilities:parameter issue or receiving card issue. The solution is to send parameter of the whole screen firstly, if the problem still exist, then change the receiving card in the cabinet.

Hope these practical maintenance tip will be helpful for you.

The advantage of Optokingdom.com

During the past twenty years, led screen in China develops very fast from single/dual color led sign, full color led sign, DIP(P25 P20 P16 period to P10 P8 P6), virtual pixel, SMD(P10 P8 P6 P5 P4), and P10, P8, P7.62 to P6 P5 even no P4 P3 P2 series is the main trend for indoor led screen. In the meanwhile, there is more and more led screen suppliers in China from manufacturer, distributor, trade company.

optokingdom led display online mall

So many clients ask: what is the advantage of Optokingdom among the high competition led screen industrial field? Well, here i will do my best to explain once and hope i could make it clear to understand:

Optokingdom is the first online shopping mall for led screen sales in China, we display all our product with specific picture, parameter, there is a calculation rule in it in the system, if you input the size of your led screen, the system will create a detail solution quotation for you automatically, save time and energy for you. And we adopt one-stop shopping, you could buy everything from here includes led screen, structure, maintenance tool, lighting for stage, high experience index.

Optokingdom has a learning center and blog, it collects product knowledge and market information which is helpful for you to get more close to this field and easier for you to conduct business. You could handle all in one platform from comprehend, purchase, learning for control system,product, expand market.

We have been manufacturing and exporting led screen for 9 years, accumulate good experience on product, service, market in this field. During the past 9 years, our team well noted quality is the first step of maintain good reputation of company which is especially important for a industrial product especially in this high competition environment. We look forward you could be witness of our next 9 years, the second next 9 years with our product and service….

As a customized industrial product, maintenance and after sale service is also very important. We will send some basic tips for maintenance for the led screen, lifetime service on software and hardware repair or replacement.

We have flexible strategy to help you prompt business which you could read in the platform directly once you visit it, efficiently and purposefully, have seasonal promotion in the shopping mall which you could adjust your strategy to win more market. For example, during the hot season of stage rental led screen in Summer, we have promotion on P3.91 P4.81, you could read these information once and adjust your market strategy.

Thanks for the attention and look forward your feedback on our shopping mall.

Shall we choose front maintain led display? Part 2 

Dear all, Last Friday we share the advantage of indoor front maintain led display. Today we going to discuss outdoor led display project. More and more clients inquiry front maintain led displays. What are they mainly to do with it? Small optokingdom has work in led display business for 9 years but I don’t suggest front maintain led display for outdoor project.

Magnetic column front maintain led module is not suitable for outdoor use due to it is not waterproof. So for outdoor front maintain led display project only suitable adopt cabinet front maintain and screw module maintain.

Cabinet front maintain led display. There is no limited on pixel pitch which it means cabinet front maintain led display can set up small pixel pitch that’s the advantage of it. But as I told your guys the limited is height. The height of cabinet front maintain can’t not over 3 meters.

indoor cabinet front maintain led display

The shortage of screw modules is can not make pixel pitch smaller than p5. If you want to set up high resolution led display then you can’t choose screw module front maintain. Second if you want to set up large led display on the facade of building then you can need to use crane and you need to set up entire led display first then use crane to hanging it to fixed on the wall. It will cost a lot and required high skill. Third, if you set up on the high position of building facade then it is hard for maintain and cost more.

My opinion about front maintain led display. If there is no enough space for setting steel structure then you can choose front maintain. And for indoor and outdoor small size led display then you can choose front maintain.

And for outdoor project small optokingdom led display still recommend outdoor led display. More led display welcome visit optokingdom led display online mall.

 Dance floor LED Display

With the matured technology on led screen includes outdoor led screen, indoor led screen, stage rental led screen, led curtain screen, the application of led screen covers from advertising media company, enterprise, event organizer, organization, church, club etc.

But the application of these led screen is all fixed to somewhere people can not touch, but for some certain places such as bar, night club, entertainment place, wedding, atmosphere and passion is more important which dance floor could be very favorable.

dance floor led display

The advantages of our dance floor:

Strong enough to bear the weight of human being and even a car. It adopted high-strength acrylic glass mask and strong aluminum alloy case, high anti-impact performance, people could walk and dance on it freely. The load-bearing arrange is 500kg/㎡.

dance floor led screen

Practical to work as a regular stage rental led screen with removing the acrylic glass mask, you can hang it in the air, sit on the ground as stage background.

Professional cooling channel design to ensure the program is stable. Screen body heat quickly and effectively spread.The temperature of mask is very low without any other assist heat dissipation device, natural wind cooling without any noise.

Using pure copper wire and air plug connection features anti-dust, safe and reliable stability.

Seamless splice arbitrarily. Using CNN processing, the display without dark lines.

Very cost effective price with pitch P3.91, P4.81, P5.95, P7.65, P15.625 for an dual use, for price reference, pls link to: http://www.optokingdom.com/led-dance-floor/

As you could feel that, stage rental led screen has made an explosive increase in the market all over the world, dance floor as an improved and supporting product, the demand and application will rise with the events more applied. If you are interested in the product or any question, pls contact us.

Shall we choose front maintain led display?


Recently, more and more clients ask for outdoor front maintain led display. Why they want to adopted front maintain led display, is only for try new things or there is big advantage of front led display? Today small optokingdom would like to share my opinion on how to choose suitable outdoor led display. And analysis the disadvantage and advantage of front led display for you.

Actually, front maintain led display is not the new design led display. Front maintain led display has already used in the market, especially in indoor led display. But there are some different between indoor front maintain led display and outdoor front maintain led display.

1. There is two type of indoor front led display, one is module front maintain, the other is cabinet front maintain. In the pass, module front maintain led display most adopted cylinder to achieve module front maintain. The advantage of this type is very easy to set up and save install space. The advantage is no need screws to fix which is very suitable for small pixel le display. The disadvantage is no good at waterproof. It is suitable for indoor used.

The other technology is screw module front maintain. This one is also very easy to set up. And very suitable for over p6 led display. The big advantage of this type is good waterproof. Some of outdoor led display projects also choose this type of led display

module front maintain

2.How about cabinet front maintain? Cabinet front maintain led display has good flatness due to the led display adopt rear maintain led display technology. And the disadvantages of cabinet front maintain led display is the limited of height. The height can’t over 3 meters of cabinet front maintain or the gas rod can’t support the weight of cabinet and not good for open it. But due to its small size, so you don’t need to make the install structure of front led display, it can set up on the wall directly and save maintain space. And cabinet front maintain is mostly adopted in double face led display sign.

cabinet front maintain

double faces led display

For small pixel indoor led display project then you can choose cylinder module front maintain. Such as, the company reception and hotel reception. And for cabinet front maintain led display is suitable for door head area, fix on wall etc. And for screw module front maintain led display is suitable for outdoor led display project? And all of them are not suitable for large size led display project. Why? I will tell you on next week passage.

More type of led displays on optokingdom led display online mall.