Floor free stand/walk led advertising media player

Since led screen has an explosive increasing market in all over the world, but there are not so many people could afford this industrial engineering product even though all businessmen hope to use this new advertising media to advert and prompt their business. So what should we do to solve this? As a professional led screen supplier for exporting 9 years, we design and simplify the led screen product affordable for everyone and easier for everyone to use also — floor free stand/walk led advertising player.

Here pls let me introduce its design firstly. it is made by led screen, tempered glass, control system, base with wheels, standard size close to 1m width x 2m height, item optional: P2.5 P3 P4 P5(indoor), P6(outdoor).

Advantage:1. wider customers coverage, turns led display as engineer projects to public use; 2. wider applications with various business patterns, advertising for yourself, rent it out for store owner/exhibition, distribute; 3. no additional structure to fix led screen, removable base supports to move the player conveniently; 4. we set power packet in it, you just need to plug cable to power socket and send program, very easy to operate; 5. high brightness and full size outstanding appearance, attract much more attention easily; 6. wider marketing position: shopping mall, metro station, hotel, government hall, tourist destination, museum, exhibition center, supermarkets, brand stores, fashion store, furniture store, luxury store, beauty salon etc.

The conception of this product is to turn led display from few people’s industrial engineering product to a simple practical product of the public, make led display close to everyone, more cost effective to pay, practical and convenient to use, easier to attract attention, do you want to have a try?


How to judge the quality of led power supply?

First, although the general display manufacturers can make some requirements to the power supply suppliers, there are many power supply manufacturers and unknown power products flooded in the market. It is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of pros and cons to the consumers. To this end, there are some suggest for our customer to select power supply.

Appearance. An excellent power supply manufacture is strict with the production process to ensure the product batch consistency. The appearance of power, tin surface, the arrangement of components will not be good uniformity manufactured by irresponsible manufacturers.

Full load efficiency. The efficiency is the most important indicator of power supply. An high efficiency power supply is not only meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, but also saving energy for the user to save money.

The output voltage ripple of constant voltage power supply is large. The scale of voltage ripple is the key factor to impact the life of electrical equipment, the smaller the better.

The temperature rise on working. The scale of temperature rise will impact the stable and lifespan of power supply. The scale of temperature rise is the smaller the better. In other hand, it can prove from the conversion rate, the higher the conversion rate, the smaller the temperature rise range.

The attentions of selecting power supply

Power supply

As the LED display product attributes, when led display playing video or image that the current will instantaneous change usually. This is also the reason of requiring higher standard of power supply.

Usually, in order to ensure the stable working of led display that requires reserve a certain margin of power supply. In genera speaking, the more margin power is better for power supply and also good for lifespan. But it will cost you more on purchasing products.

At present, the supplier of led display will reserve 20-30% margin for the power supply.

There are other factors that we need to consider about.

First of all, in order to increase the life of the power supply, it is recommended to use more than 30% of the rated output power models

Second, you need to consider the working temperature of the power supply and the availability of additional auxiliary cooling equipment. The power supply needs to be reduced output under high working temperature.

Again, select the functional power source according to the application field, such as protection functions: over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, overload protection; Application: signal function, remote control, telemetry, parallel function; Special features: power correction (PFC), uninterruptible power (UPS)

Optokingdom led display online mall offer best quality led display and accessories for our client.


LED Advertising Player


Why optokingdom outdoor led advertising player(https://www.optokingdom.com/Outdoor-Advertising-Player-c1997.html) become more and more popular for brand chain store? What benefit they got from it? What’s the superiority of led advertising player compare with traditional advertisement?


Most of us have met such situation. It is very common to see some people walk on the street with holding an advertising board. When you walk on the street you may receive some leaflet suddenly. What’s your attitude to this phenomenon? I believe most of people will reject those leaflets, even if a few people receive leaflet that he will drop it out for next second.


This is traditional way and widely used for advertising which spend a lot of human resource but inefficiency. Other businessman will design some poster and prop up by tripod to make it stand up in front of their own store for promotion. Have you often met such situation? The poster was knocked down by pedestrian or blown down by wind time and again. Are you feeling upset with it?  Besides, poster is easy to be wrinkled and cannot recycle use. Poster also cannot make an attractive advertising from all aspects.

Is there something good to instead of poster advertising? Of course yes! Optokingdom led display online mall(https://www.optokingdom.com/) design ph3.91 led advertising player (https://www.optokingdom.com/PH3-91-Outdoor-Advertising-Player-1080%C3%972040mm-p11589.html)which most suitable for chain store advertising.

Ph6 was designed for chain store, especially for clothes display.1080mmx2040mm apparent match model of garment perfectly which make you clothes showed more attractive and stereoscopic. LED advertising player can be installed in front of your shop. It won’t knocked down by pedestrian and wind any more. On the contrary, the high definition and novelty in advertising will catch more attention. This is one of the reason why led advertising player help chain store attractive more and more customers come to shopping. LED advertising player can display advertising by text, picture and video. You can change the advertising content at any time. According to the new promotion and different products to update your advertising and advertising form make advertisement more effective. The specialized design led advertising player of optokingdom not only saving labor and time cost for you but also make your advertising outstanding. Make your business more prosperous!

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outdoor led strip curtain led screen

ue to the explosive increasing of led screen market from traditional market USA, West Europe, South America to Russia, South East Asia, East Europe, Africa, the different areas with different climate and use environment bring challenge to type of led screen, so we study and develop a new technology on outdoor strip curtain led screen, module to module outdoor strip curtain led screen, here pls allow me introduce some key points of this innovative product firstly:

  1. We adopt hgih quality nationstar led and MBI5124 energy saving drive ic, less than 200W/sq.m power consumption average while brightness could reach 6500nits – 8500nits, save electricity cost
  2. No need install air condition even thought it is big size since it is transparent design
  3. 18kg/sq.m , it is light design, save 2/3 weight comparing with regular iron cabinet led screen
  4. 70mm led strip with aluminum alloy package, simple and artistic design
  5. we develop the new technology by ourselves, a few strips to organize as one module, you just need to fix the led when there is maintenance work or change one module for faster maintenance, but for regular strip led screen, you need to change the whole strip with high cost maintenance
  6. It supports both front and back open service, you could choose an easier maintenance way according to your installation site’s feasibility
  7. Very easy to install, you just need to build a frame on the wall then use screws to fix every cabinet to wall



So are you still busy with estimating different rise operation cost for outdoor advertising led screen such as electricity cost, maintenance cost etc? Are you still worried your place is too hot, too windy, to install an outdoor advertising led screen? are you still suffered on the bearing of installation site for a big size led screen in a high place? Here Haisheng give you the best solution – module to module outdoor led strip curtain led screen, save cost on operation and more compatible with different cruel nature environment.

If you are owner, pls contact me for how to design a solution for you and prompt business for you;

If you are seller, pls contact me, we discuss together how to explore and expand your market for you.