Outdoor LED display Common Models And Purchasing Skills

Customers want to buy outdoor led display, would care for the model, and the installation environment, price etc.. Conventional methods are based on visual distance and screen size to determine the model, that would be cost-effective. How? Below article optokingdom will show you clearly.

First of all, the common outdoor LED display models include: P6, P8, P10, P12, P16, P20 and so on. You will have doubt, what the meaning of this P and the original P is behind the figures? Point spacing, the numerical concrete spacing unit, mm.

Such as P6 and P8, P6 outdoor LED screen spacing is 6mm, P8 screen is 8mm. And the smaller the figure behind P, the more pixels in the unit area, the clearer the picture. P6 pixel density of 27777 / square meters, P8 pixel density of 15625 / square meters, so the picture is more clear than P8 P6. Watch distance (sight distance) near the election of P6, P8 or P10, watch distance (sight distance) far from the choice of P12, P16.
Outdoor LED display size is generally customized, demand more, before you install, consider the following points:

1. screen installation: wall or column type?

2. screen area: you need to know the length, width and size of the screen.

3., to do the display, mainly used to show what, what special playback requirements?

4. display model: according to size, installation requirements, the environment to provide advice, will provide CAD construction design paper, guarantee the effect.

5. site environment photos: provide photos,

6. provide the viewing distance after the LED screen is installed. This is very important, as has been said above, near the distance from the point of view of the choice of small outdoor LED screen, such as P8, P10, far sight from the choice of P16, P20.

In addition, if you have any other outdoor LED display technical parameters, product solution, design proposals and quotations or other issues, please contact us or visit optokingdom.

These Factors Would Influence The Life of Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor led display has gradually appeared in the streets, all kinds of, dressed our city, however, LED display is also a life expectancy, without reasonable maintenance, will not be able to use. So, what are the factors that determine the life of the Led display? How to remedy the case is especially important. Let’s take a look at the factors that determine the life of the outdoor LED display.

1, LED light source device performance

LED lamp device is the most important and most advertising screen associated with the life of the components. For LED, is mainly the following indicators: attenuation, water vapor permeability, anti UV performance. If the evaluation index of performance of outdoor led display manufacturers of LED lamp does not pass, is applied to the outdoor screen, will lead to a large number of quality accidents, serious impact on the life of outdoor led display.

2., supporting components

In addition to the LED lamp light source, LED display also uses many other supporting parts, circuit board, plastic shell, shell connectors, switching power supply, etc., any parts quality problems, are likely to lead to reduced screen life. Therefore, the life of the ad screen is determined by the life span of the critical component of the shortest life. For example, LED, switching power supply, according to the standard 8 years of metal material, and the protective circuit board process performance can only support the work of 3 years, 3 years later because of rust will be damaged, then we can only get a 3 year life of the screen

3., the production process on the product

How does the production process of outdoor led display determine the fatigue resistance?. It is difficult to guarantee the fatigue resistance of the module produced by the inferior three proof treatment process. When the temperature and humidity changes, cracks appear on the protective surface of the circuit board, which leads to the decrease of the protection performance.

Therefore, LED display production process is also a key factor to determine the screen life. Display production involves the production process: components storage and pretreatment process, furnace welding process, three prevention process, waterproof sealing process, etc.. The effectiveness of the process and materials selection and proportioning, control parameter and operator quality, for the vast majority of outdoor led display manufacturers, the accumulation of experience is very important, a factory with years of experience in the production process of the control will be more effective.
4. Display screen working environment

Because of the different uses, the advertisement screen has different working conditions. From the environment perspective, the indoor temperature is small, effect of no rain and UV; outdoor temperature up to 70 degrees, and exposed to the weather and rain. Harsh environments exacerbate the display’s aging, and the working environment is an important factor that affects the life of the display.

If you now have problems with your display screen,you can view the article  Optokingdom engineer teaches you how to Troubleshoot your LED screen

In a sense, the life of LED determines the life of the ad screen. The lifetime of a LED is usually attenuated to 50% of its initial value by its intensity of illumination, which is the lifetime. LED as a semiconductor material, it is often said that there are 100 thousand hours of life, but that is under the ideal conditions of assessment. In actual use, however, it is not possible.

how to make the led display keep good performance in long term?

LED lamp life determine led display screen life, is not to say that the LED lamp life is equal to the led screen life. Outdoor led display at work and not every LED all the time in full load, display in normal play video programs under the condition of life of outdoor led display should be about 8 times the life of the LED lamp, LED lamp when working in the small current situation can live longer.

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How To Choose The Stage LED Display

The stage LED display is now widely used in concerts, TV programs and large-scale performances, and the performances and effects of the above show are shown on the big screen. The content is rich and colorful, and the effect is vivid and realistic. How to choose? Optokingdom answers for you.

Stage LED screen selection skills:
1. If stage use, temporary meeting stage, Interior and exterior stage of wedding ceremony, the general requirements of soft light, the viewing distance is relatively close to the range of about 5 meters, this time to consider the display, installation is convenient mobile problems such as accuracy, shooting out of the picture, can choose the models P4 and P5.
2., If for the stage performance use, the first consideration is the model P4 indoor LED display, whether the audience or the stage performers can clearly see the screen display. When the budget price cost overruns, and then consider the P5 led display, but in the 3 meters in the visual range display effect is quite different, P4 will be more hd.
Above is the Shenzhen LED display manufacturer optokingdom on stage LED screen size and selection skills, for more relevant information, please contact us or visit website www.optokingdom.com. With the further development of domestic culture and entertainment, the stage LED display will only become more and more popular and appear in our daily life.

LED Display Solution for Glass Wall Building And Commercial Applications

Today, LED dispplay has become the largest segment market of digital signage field, sales volume is around 850,000 pcs, 21% increased.

With the rapid development of the LED display, and the actual application requirments of customers, the products which is ultra thin and light weight,  portable use, are more popular with the customers.

For us, it’s not new, since we have started to research and study,  talk with customer, produce, improve our strip curtain display series from 2015. Now, we are delighted to show our result—LED strip curtain display.
led strip OSS15.625-20 led strip display
Led strip curtain led display not only features lightweight structure but also has beautiful appearance which can be installed on the wall without any change.
Architectural contour and wall structure does not to be changed due to its lightweight and hollow design. It is also good for lighting.

Ultra-thin LED strip curtain display with great flexibility is designed to boost your commercial promotion efficiency. Wanna give it a try?

LED strip curtain led display suitable used in the places with strong wind Ultra-Lightweight structure and anti-wind feature ensure its safety even in typhoon weather. Efficient and stable, high reliability, long service life.really your best choice.

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Problems needing attention when choosing outdoor led display screen

LED screen types, according to the use of the environment can be divided into two types of indoor LED screen and outdoor LED screen. The indoor LED screen is very different from the outdoor LED screen. The first is the different brightness, brightness indoor screen than the outer lower family several times to several times; the indoor screen put the TV set in the outdoor outdoors as brightness is not enough. Therefore, the outdoor screen must use ultra high brightness LED, and in order to further improve brightness and increase visual distance, in a pixel, often to install more than ultra-high brightness LED. Secondly, the outdoor screen (rain) water, sunlight, anti dust, anti high temperature, wind, lightning, and indoor screen is not required to consider these issues.

At present, the main problems of outdoor LED screen are as follows:

1., The screen is installed in the outdoor, often sun and rain, wind dust cover, poor working environment. Electronic equipment gets wet or seriously damp, can cause short circuit or even fire, cause trouble or even fire, and cause loss.

2. Screen may be caused by lightning caused by strong magnetic attack.

3., The environmental temperature changes greatly. Screen work itself will produce a certain amount of heat, if the ambient temperature is too high and poor heat dissipation, integrated circuits may not work properly, or even burned, so that the display system can not work properly.

4. Wide audience, far and wide visual vision requirements. Environmental light changes greatly, especially in direct sunlight.
outdoor led display
Solutions and application requirements:

1. Screen body and the combination of screen body and building must be strictly waterproof and leakproof. Screen should have good drainage measures, once the water can discharge smoothly.

2. Install lightning arresters on screens and buildings. The screen body and case are well grounded, and the ground resistance is less than 3 ohms, so that the high current caused by lightning is released in time.

3. Install ventilation equipment to cool down, so that the temperature inside the screen is between -10 and 40 degrees centigrade. An axial fan is installed behind the screen to discharge heat.

4., Choose industrial temperature integrated circuit chip between -40 and 80 degrees centigrade to prevent the winter temperature from too low, so that the screen can not be activated.

5., In order to ensure the strong light in the environment of long-distance vision, you must choose ultra high brightness led.

6., Display media using a new wide view tube, wide viewing angle, pure color, consistent coordination, life expectancy of more than 100 thousand hours. The outer packing of the display medium is the most popular band covered square cylinder, and the silica gel seal is provided with no metal make-up. Its appearance is exquisite, beautiful, durable, with anti direct sunlight, dust, waterproof, anti high temperature, short circuit, and other features, the industry has been called “five anti”.

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Best Approaches in Selling LED Display Solutions

LED display has become widely used almost everywhere – from restaurants to retail stores, banks, business offices, government institutions, churches and more.

Taking time to understand all information about a product is a great start to marketing that product. Obtaining an in depth perspective about how the product can be utilized when selling LED display solutions ensures you are reaching all potential customers.

When selling LED display, don’t think of yourself as just a sales person. You are selling more than just a sign; you are entering a long-term relationship.

The key to selling is to create solutions that add value to your customers.
Daily Dollar Cost Approach

When it comes to cost, new LED display customers often think purchasing LED screen are too expensive. If you evaluate the ROI impact of how sales increase verses the cost of owning a digital sign in terms of dollars per day, LED screen can pay for themselves in less than one year based on your average daily sale!

For instance, the payment period for a $12,000 LED screen display is 2 years or 24 months.

Cost per Month = $12,000/24 months = $500 per month

Cost per Day = $500/30 days = $16.66 per day

Make the customer see that minimal amount they need to spend on their LED screen display each day.
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Current Advertising Budget Restructuring Approach

It is important that every business has budget allocations for marketing and advertising. However, some business owners see that purchasing a LED display would be just an additional expense that adds to their advertising budget.

The solution here is to make the customer see that they can allocate the funds in their existing budget to their LED display purchase. Ask your customers how they utilize their advertising budgets. Do they use traditional or broad-based advertising?

Ask follow up questions like, “May I ask how much you allocate per month advertising your business?”

The challenge here is to let the customer see that purchasing a electronic display more cost effective than their current advertising budget.

Return on Investment Approach

Business sales and revenue are likely to increase by using LED display, since LED screen display is an effective way to advertise. In general, it is possible to see an increase of about 25-30 percent, depending upon strategic content, the company’s current campaign, and the location of the sign.

For instance, a small business does $300,000 yearly sales with 35 percent sales margin.

With the use of LED screen display, the sales will most likely to increase to $375,000 per year. If income is projected to increase by 0.35, then profit before taxes is about (0.35 x 75,000) = $26,250.

If the total cost of the LED screen display is $25,000, then your customer can still have additional $1,250 savings.

The challenge here is to make the client see the impact of having a LED display – from driving more sales to paying the sign fully. Buying LED Displays Is A High Return Value Investment 



What Should You Pay Attention To When Choose Stage LED Display

What is the stage background LED screen?
In brief, the LED screen, which is applied to the stage background, is called the stage LED display, and the most intuitive and distinguished representative is the Spring Festival Gala in the last two years. The background we see in the stage is the LED display that is used. The biggest feature of this display is the rich scenes, large screen size, gorgeous content, people can feel the scene of the immersive.

The segmentation of the stage LED display is divided into three main parts:
1, Main screen, the main screen is the stage of the most central screen. Most of the time, the main screen is approximately square or rectangular in shape. Because of the importance of the content it shows, the pixel density of the main screen is relatively high. Now the main screen for the main screen specifications are P4, P5 and P6 .
2, Sub screen, sub screen is used for the main screen on both sides of the stage. Its main use is to set the screen against the main screen, so the content it shows is relatively abstract. As a result, the models used are relatively large. Now commonly used specifications are: P7.62, P8, P10, P12 and P16.
3, Video development screen, it is mainly used in relatively large occasions, such as: large-scale concerts, singing and dancing, concerts and so on. In these occasions, because of the large size of the site, there are many places that can’t see the characters and effects on the stage, so there is one or two big screens on the sides of these venues. Its content is generally on the stage live broadcast, and now commonly used specifications similar to the main screen, P4, P5 and P6  specifications of the LED screen is much more used.
Some of the special stage LED display will be used in some KTV, discos and other entertainment venues, the so-called LED shaped display is LED display special shape transformation based on traditional LED screen, the features of the new product is better able to adapt to the overall structure and the environment of the building, the size and shape according to requirements to build, more fashionable and changeable.

Haisheng LED Co.Ltd can according to customer requirements and the field environment, tailored to your stage LED display the most appropriate solution. Visit our online shopping mall website to know more . You also can free self – customize your solution in the webpage . Any other question please feel free to contact our sale representative.

What Does The LED Display Price Include

For many non professional users, the price of an enterprise is often at a loss when faced with a different LED display. In fact, as long as the understanding of the LED display price composition, it is clear how to choose.
1. screen body cost

The LED display by the display module, power supply box, cable, power line, the module of the highest cost, the use of beads, chip spread is also larger. Usually screen prices accounted for more than 70% of the total price.

2. control system

LED full-color display usually adopts synchronous display system. It is composed of sending card and receiving card. Outdoor display area of less than 80 square meters, usually use a send card, 40-50 receive card (two boxes one card). Indoor full color LED display with higher pixel density and higher prices.

3. accessories

The electronic screen to work, also need many accessories, such as computer (desktop computer), air conditioning (heat), lightning arrester, power distribution cabinet, audio amplifier (optional), TV card (optional), multi-function card (can automatically adjust the screen brightness, temperature, humidity and other physical data, video processor (optional) etc.). Different brands of accessories spreads so much that customers can buy locally.

4. steel frame structure

The LED display needs to be fixed by a steel structure. Especially the large outdoor LED advertisement screen, the requirement of steel structure is very high. The steel structure costs only after the screen. Ordinary outdoor wall steel structure manufacturers customized price between 1200-1500 yuan / square meter, indoor wall screen LED party structure cost 600 yuan / square meters, Optimus Prime fixed steel structure, column based cost reached 2000-2500 yuan / square meter.

One price for all

On optokingdom , In a single price of the LED display screen, you get all accessories and cabinets. So no need of purchasing the accessories individually.

digital advertising led tv display

5. logistics, installation, etc.

Finally, transportation and installation costs.

For more information about LED display products, please pay attention to optokingdom. A professional manufacturer who provides a one to one solution for users, and the platform provides self-service design system, Without consulting business personnel, you can obtain fast and satisfied product quotation! Save your time!

Benefits Of Outdoor SMD LED Display Products

In recent years, the market scale of full-color outdoor SMD LED display has increased rapidly, and it has been used more and more in outdoor advertising screens, outdoor light box screens, Mobile Truck LED Display, stadiums and other fields. Optokingdom factory efforts to launch high cost-effective outdoor SMD products, so what are the nenefits of outdoor SMD LED display products? Optokingdom analysit it for you today.
Optokingdom, PH8 and PH10 outdoor SMD LED display products adopt customized outdoor SMD lamp, and the light mixing ratio is strictly controlled, which is higher than the other manufacture level. In a certain period of time, the produced screen can keep the batch in line, and can be used for library splicing, and solves the problem of the inconsistency of the screen bodies in different batches. Wide angle 140 degrees greater than 55 degrees from the perspective of product line, the entire screen brightness of white balance to 6500cd/ square meters (currently the industry of outdoor SMD products in 5500cd/ square meters), to a greater extent to meet the more needs of outdoor applications.

Optokingdom outdoor SMD LED display with Three-in-one package design structure, in which PH8, PH10 uses SMD2727 as an example, each pixel area is 2.7 * 2.7=7.29mm2, and general DIP346 of each pixel area is pi * 1.5 * 2 * 3=28.26mm2. Surface mount lamp obviously the duty ratio is far below the line of duty cycle, so the surface mount products, higher contrast, better image display effect, greatly enhance the efficiency of advertising. At the same time, because the module duty ratio is big, the space is enough, greatly reduced the module maintenance time.

As above, compared to DIP, SMD red, green and blue three chips in a bowl bracket, near distance, so highly consistent at different angles of red, green and blue three brightness, light mixing effect is better, color is more real, so as to make the color more vivid outdoor LED display.
The IC and the light on the same side are prone to interference
The DIP lamp’s light foot crosses the PCB board directly, will appear on the back of the PCB board to appear the lamp foot bending, thus causes the PCB board back space to be small, IC is not easy to layout, because DIP product IC usually puts in the PCB board front, easy to produce the EMC disturbance. The SMD lamp is usually placed on the front of the PCB board, IC on the back, there is a wider space layout in the process of IC, between IC and IC interference decreased, and there is no light foot contact may reduce the interference, improve the product stability.

To sum up, because the outdoor SMD LED display has “wide view angle, light distribution, good light, high contrast” and many other advantages, and compared to direct line more customers. Click to learn more outdoor SMD LED display products. For more details, consult the optokingdom business person for one to one exclusive LED display solutions!

Water Penetration of LED display Screen Treatment Methods And Considerations

Summer is a rainstorm prone period, there are water intake phenomenon on the led display   accidentally, how should we deal with it in order to minimize the loss? Now Optokingdom share with you the correct measure encounter this kind of situation:
OFSE391 (6)
1, with the fastest speed with fans or other tools, the water penetration LED screen completely dried.

2, completely dry the screen after the aging of the body, the specific steps are as follows:

A, the brightness (All white) tune to 10%, electrify aging 8-12 hours.

B, the brightness (All white) tune to 30%, electrify aging 12 hours.

C, the brightness (All white) tune to 60%, electrify aging 12-24 hours.

D, the brightness (All white) tune to 80%, electrify aging 12-24 hours.

E, the brightness (All white) tune to 100%, electrify aging 8-12 hours.

With the above procedure, the LED screen will be restored to normal, but the following points should also be noted during the process:

1, in the discovery of LED display screen water, it should be urgent to deal with it, do not delay time.

2. Organize personnel to blow dry the LED display screen of the water penetration.

3, do not put the LED display screen body into the air box, so that it is easy to LED lamp muffled.

4, if installed LED display of the air box into the water, should be carried on all the cases of exposure, to prevent the water in the container after the volatile to the LED display screen.

The stability of 5, all the influent LED display does not affect the timely processing of the screen may be more or less, in the emergency treatment process, the screen electricity may occur after dying light phenomenon, please observe the user.

6 、 all the water penetration LED display screen is in the Flight Case. More than 72 hours, the screen is basically no correction value, please handle carefully.

You may need to know More about Comprehensive LED display troubleshooting methods. professional production display 10 years of experience, the old manufacturers, at any time for your service! Meanwhile, our platform has also opened a personalized online self customized product solutions and rapid access to quote and estimate budget for you, allowing you to get more intuitive solutions and save your time. Just register as a member, and free design your led display solution at once!