Common Causes of LED Display Failure

Nowaday, LED display has become a part of people’s lives, the streets and lanes, the square station, can be seen all kinds of different sizes of different types of LED display. It is a set of optical, structural mechanics, electronics, computer science in a systematic project. According to statistics, ninety of all domestic LED fault screen percent are large or small, if summed up the main attribution of these faults, we can from the fault source control, to improve the display quality.

LED display 80% failure is caused by the following factors: AC power distribution wiring harness, terminal, connector, signal and low voltage DC wiring harness and connector, switch power module, fan, plastic shell components. These interfaces, cables, power, if you do not choose the bottom, will lead to a whole or part of the black screen LED display, flower screen, mosaic, no signal, etc.. These are also very difficult to maintain, so we are in the production process is to pay attention to reduce the failure rate.

The rest of the fault and 80% for the following reasons: PCBA solder joints, capacitors, terminals, LED lamps, Water Leakage dust caused by the level of protection for the lack of the packing box, leakage screw hardware corrosion control board. These reasons will lead to the LED screen with blind lights or highlights, one or more lines are not bright, lack of color, etc., if the control card or software problems will lead to abnormal image display. Outdoor LED display must be strictly in accordance with the testing standards to design, waterproof and dustproof, wind resistant to high temperature, otherwise it is easy to appear all kinds of faults, and even make the entire LED display scrapped. In addition, the operator should grasp the relevant basic knowledge, with good habits, coupled with professional maintenance personnel, but also to a certain extent, reduce the failure rate.

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