Eight Factors Influencing The Design Of LED Display Screen

LED display is widely used in public places, the square is a large screen for the LED screen, with long life, low energy consumption and other characteristics. LED display in the design if not appropriate, will affect the use of the future, this paper summarizes the eight factors in the LED screen design should focus on:

1, Heat dissipation design

LED work will heat, the temperature is too high will affect the decay rate and stability of the LED, so the heat dissipation design of the PCB board, the design of the ventilation and heat dissipation will affect the performance of LED.

2, Mixed lights

The same color different brightness of the LED need to mix lights, or in accordance with the law of the discrete design of the plug in the light of the lamp, in order to ensure the consistency of each screen color brightness. This process if there is a problem, there will be a large screen local brightness inconsistencies, a direct impact on the large LED screen display.

3, Design current value

The nominal current of LED is 20mA, it is recommended that the maximum current is not more than 80% of the nominal value, especially for small spacing of large screen, due to poor thermal conditions, but also to reduce the current value. According to the experience, due to the red, green, blue LED decay rate of inconsistency, targeted to reduce the blue, green LED current value, in order to maintain the consistency of the white screen after a long time to use the screen.

4, Drive circuit design

The drive circuit board driver IC on the large screen module will also affect the brightness of the LED. Due to the drive IC output current in the PCB board transmission distance is too far, it will make the transmission path pressure drop is too large, the impact of the normal operating voltage of LED led to its brightness reduction. We often find that the LED brightness around the big screen module is lower than that in the middle. Therefore, to ensure the consistency of the large screen brightness, it is necessary to design a good driver circuit layout.

5, Control the verticality of the lamp

For in-line LED, there must be sufficient technology to ensure that the LED is perpendicular to the PCB plate during the furnace. Any deviation will affect the LED brightness consistency has been set up, there is a different color brightness.

6, Control.

Big LED screen in the LED does not shine, tend to have more than 50% probability caused by various types of weld, such as the LED pin IC pin weld, weld, weld and base pin row. These problems need to be improved by improving the process and quality inspection. The vibration test before the factory is also a good test method.

7, Wave soldering temperature and time

To strictly control the wave front welding furnace temperature and time, suggestions are: preheating temperature of 100 DEG C – 5 DEG C, the maximum not more than 120 DEG C, and preheating temperature rise for a smooth, welding temperature is 245 DEG C – 5 DEG C, the welding time that no more than 3 seconds after the furnace avoid vibration or shock LED. Until the restoration of the normal state. The temperature parameter of crest welder should be checked regularly, which is decided by the characteristics of LED, overheating or fluctuating temperatures will directly damage the LED or LED caused by quality problems, especially for small size such as round and oval LED 3mm.

8, Anti-static

Large LED screen assembly factory should have good anti-static measures. Special anti-static, anti-static flooring, anti-static, anti-static soldering pad, anti-static ring, anti-static clothing, humidity control, equipment grounding (especially cutting machine) are the basic requirements, and the use of electrostatic detection instrument regularly. For more LED display information, please continue to visit Optokingdom.com

Important Factors to Consider When Buying Indoor LED Display

In the indoor environment, the area is larger than 5m2 of large full-color electronic display is mainly ordinary rear projection, DLP (Digital LCD rear projection) and LED display 3 options.

Rear projection display has the advantages of small pixels, high definition, the disadvantage is that the brightness is low, the view angle is small, the lens lamp life is short (only a few thousand hours). The advantage is the pixel plasma mosaic of small, high definition, there is a disadvantage of the seam, the minimum seam can reach 1mm. Rear projection and plasma display for closer viewing. The advantages of the LED display is of high brightness, no seam, the disadvantage is the pixel coarse, low resolution. The current commercialization of indoor full-color LED display the highest density of P4, that is 62500 pixels / m 2. LED display is suitable for viewing the indoor space with far distance.
What main factors we should consider when select a indoor led display

Choose indoor LED display, mainly from the following aspects.

Density 1. Because full color indoor LED display large chip control circuit, high density, it is now a full color density commercial also can not be very high, there are several P5, P6, P7.62, P8, P10 etc..

Driving mode. Indoor full-color LED display driver is constant current drive, the use of dynamic scanning mode (mainly 1/4, 1/8 scanning mode). In the case of the same core, 1/4 scanning circuit used to be more, the brightness is also higher.

Package form. full-color Indoor LED display on the surface of the form of a single lamp LED, sub table stickers, three spell a table and a paste paste, such as table three, the appearance is not the same. The advantages of the table mount package is light angle, good consistency, easy automatic welding process, is the mainstream product of full-color LED screen, but now the price is relatively high; the single lamp from the perspective of relatively small, the brightness is slightly higher, lower prices. Sub table is actually a single lamp. Single lamp and sub table stickers are relatively cheap, is a transitional product.

Real and virtual pixels. Like outdoor led display, indoor led display full color pixels are divided into real and dummy pixels two.

Tube core. Like outdoor led screen, generally recommended indoor full color blue and green tube by tube core tube using Silan azure, the red or the tube core Guanglei jia. The tube core used in Japan Nichia and the recommendations of Cree high-end products.

Several factors affect the performance parameters of the LED screen

LED screen is a new type of electronic media, in the environmental adaptability large size, high brightness has an irreplaceable advantage, can be used for outdoor large size, indoor large size graphic, video display, LED screen Products are widely used in banking, securities, transportation (highways, airports, railway stations, subways, etc.), hospitals, sports venues, entertainment, advertising and leasing and other places. The With led chip technology, packaging technology and LED display screen manufacturing technology to enhance the rapid and further decline in prices, LED display is across the cost of the application threshold, access to a huge market applications and needs. Today, optokingdom to introduce the impact of LED screen performance parameters of several factors.

1, LED screen refresh rate: Example, a single controller has 8 output, with a cross-sectional area of 64 × 64 monochrome screen, the number of serial chips required NIC = 32, the output gray scale is set to 12 (4,096 level), if the use of 16 output channels, the data transmission speed of 20MHz and OE shortest pulse width of 300ns driver chip, into the calculation can be obtained refresh rate of 723Hz, but if the output gray scale want to improve to 14 ( 4,096 level), the refresh rate is down to 196Hz, if the output gray scale want to increase to 16 (65,536 level), the refresh rate is only 50Hz, and the general system input screen update rate of at least 60Hz, so so low refresh The rate has been unable to supply the general display system needs. Refresh rate is an important indicator of the display, is to characterize a display stability of the parameters, the higher the refresh rate, the screen screen more stable. The general display screen refresh rate of 300HZ, with the general camera, does not appear scan line; if you require a professional camera does not appear scanning line, refresh rate on the requirements of more than 600HZ, and now many control systems can do more than 1000HZ.

2, LED screen maximum brightness: “maximum brightness” this important performance did not give a clear feature requirements. Because the use of LED screen environment vary widely, illumination (that is, the average person said the brightness of the environment) is not the same, so, for most of the complex products, as long as the standard provisions of the corresponding test method, provided by the supplier a performance data (Product information) list is better than the specific performance requirements given in the standard. These are in line with international standards, but this also caused the bid in the unrealistic comparison of each other, users do not understand this, resulting in many of the tender requirements of the “maximum brightness” is often much higher than the actual needs. Therefore, it is recommended to guide users to correctly understand the LED screen of the “maximum brightness” of the performance indicators, the industry is necessary to give a guide: in some occasions, the use of different illumination environment, LED display brightness to what value Can meet the requirements. Because the use of LED screen environment vary widely, the illumination (that is, the average person said the brightness of the environment) is not the same, so “for most complex products, as long as the standard provisions of the corresponding test method, the supply side to provide a performance data (Product information) list is better than the standard given the specific performance requirements. ” These are in line with international standards, but this also caused the bid in the unrealistic comparison of each other, users do not understand this, resulting in many of the tender requirements of the “maximum brightness” is often much higher than the actual needs. Therefore, it is recommended to guide users to correctly understand the LED screen of the “maximum brightness” of the performance indicators, the industry is necessary to give a guide: in some occasions, the use of different illumination environment, LED display brightness to what value Can meet the requirements.

3, LED screen size: led device size impact LED display pixel distance, that is, resolution. 5mm oval lamp is mainly used for outdoor display above P16, 3mm oval lamp is mainly used for P14, P12.5, P12, P10 outdoor display, 3528-type patch led mainly for P5, P6, P7.62 , P8, P10 and other indoor display, 5050-type patch led mainly for P8, P10, P13.3, P16, P26.6 and other outdoor display. In the point spacing unchanged under the premise, led pixel size increases, can increase the display area, reduce the grainy, but because the black area decreased, will reduce the contrast; the contrary, led pixel size decreases, reducing the display area, grain Increased, black area increased, increasing the contrast.

How to reasonably planning the installation position of large LED screen

Outdoor advertising is a big trend, only active responders can master more initiative. In the big billboard was transformed into LED large screen process, the installation location, screen quality, playback content three factors are indispensable. Which LED display installation location is the direct impact of advertising revenue factors.
1. The system can automatically adjust the brightness adjustment system

We know that day and night, different times and places the brightness of the environment changes greatly, if the large LED screen display brightness greater than 60% of the ambient brightness we obviously feel the eyes do not meet, that is caused by the light pollution to people The Through the outdoor brightness collection system, at any time on the environment brightness collection. Display flat control system through the receiving system data automatically converted by software for the environment broadcast brightness.

2. Multi-level gray correction technology

Ordinary display system uses 8bit color display level, so that in some low gray and color over the color blunt. Will also cause color light does not meet. The new large LED screen control system uses 14bit color display level, greatly improving the color in the excessive hardness. So that people can feel soft when watching. To avoid people’s discomfort to light.

3. The installation of a reasonable choice of location and display area of the reasonable planning

Viewing distance and viewing angle with the display area has an empirical plan, while the image study in the display viewing distance and viewing angle has specific design requirements. In the design of the display should be as much as possible to meet the design requirements, reasonable planning.
outdoor rental led display
Actually, the next few years the domestic LED display large screen market is still in the growth trend, the main growth space will mainly come from the traditional inkjet, neon lights, billboards to replace the market, as well as high-definition, 3D, intelligent, monitoring the market, road traffic Function high-end LED electronic display market. As long as the standard industry order, display manufacturers to enhance the level of research and development, enhance their core competitiveness, product demand to guide the market, will be in the fierce competition in the market to win a place.

Five Key Points To Solve LED Display Black Screen

In use, LED display black screen this fault is very critical. How do we judge the black screen LED display, and how to deal with it? When you read the following five points, you know.

1. Make sure all the hardware, including the control system, is fully powered up. (Note: +5V, do not reverse, wrong)

2, check and repeatedly confirmed that the serial port for connecting the controller is loose or fall off phenomenon. LED display manufacturers suggest: if the black during the loading process, it is likely to be due to the reasons, that is, in the communication process due to loose communication lines and interrupt, so the screen black. Do not think that the display body did not move, the line can not be loose, please check it, which is very important for you to quickly solve the problem. )

3, check and confirm the connection LED display screen and the main control card connected to the HUB distribution board is closely connected, whether or not.

4, please check and confirm the connection between the card and the HUB distribution board, whether there is loose or plug.

5, if your screen interface definition and provided by the HUB board does not match the black screen phenomenon, please re check your jumper is loose, open circuit or short circuit phenomenon. If you think that ABCD signal has been one correspondence, please check whether the OE signal is connected correctly. (LED display manufacturers strongly recommend the use of HUB interface with the display screen definition of the distribution board)

If you grasp the above points, for the usual encounter LED screen black screen on the handy.

Optokingdom Engineer Teach You How To Calculate The Width and Height of LED Display

LED display installation of the purchase process, often involving the calculation of width and height of the display, for the convenience of customers to buy more and use LED display, Now optokingdom engineer will detailed introduce LED screen width and height calculation method for you.
hstv-p5d (3)
LED display the width and height of the calculation is in fact a rule was.

LED display with 3.75 (with indoor unit board specifications: 304mm*152mm, specifications for the 64*32 type example).

If make a (long) 4m* (high) LED display 3M, is calculated as follows:

4m/0.304m=13.16 this time to take integer (four to five), take the 13, and then use 13*0.304m=3.952m

Namely: meet the requirements of the length should be 3.952m frame aluminum or stainless steel, aluminum silver white or black, the thickness of the border is about 8mm, the width is about 3.5mm, to meet the final size LED display the above requirements are: 3.952+0.07 (and the width of the border on both sides of the =4.022m)

The same truth:

Method of calculating the height of the LED display: 3m*0.152m (unit plate height) =19.74 integer 20 (four to five homes), number 20 for unit plate, net screen size: 20*0.152=3.04m, containing the frame size: 3.04m+0.07m=3.11m.

Note: Chinese characters are 16*16 dot matrix, in general, the indoor unit board specifications for the 64*32 lattice, that is: the height of the indoor unit board can be cut in half.

Just calculate the height of the indoor LED display can take 19.5, the result is: (19.5) *0.152m=2.964m, including the size of the frame: 2.964m+0.07m (aluminum width) =3.034m

The calculation method of LED outdoor display: box type algorithm

(PH16 outdoor full-color, box size: 1024mm*768mm)

If you want to specify the width and height of the LED display, you can use the same way to calculate the same: if the customer requires 30 square meters to do such an outdoor full-color display. There is no requirement for width and height:

Usually according to the ratio of 4:3 and 16:9: if the ratio of 4:3 to design its width and height:

Calculation results: 30/12 wide open the root, and then multiplied by 4, divided by 1024mm integral. Then multiplied by the width of the box body width is the width of the screen requirements. =1.581*4=6.324/1.024=6.17: 6: display rounding, length: 6*1.024=6.144m.

The same truth: LED display height calculation method: =1.581*3=4.743/0.768=6.17, take integer 6.

Namely: the height of the display is: 6*0.768=4.608m

Display area should be: 6.144*4.608=28.32m.

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What Factors Should Be Considered When Design a Wedding Stage LED Screen

LED screen HD broadcast experience more and more people in the stage design rush, not just the wedding, some annual meeting, the theme show if you use the LED screen will make the audience horizon experience more shocking. However, in today’s wedding planning, LED screen, although playing a wedding photo, playback pro-pro fragment, live wedding and other major responsibilities, but may not be more people choose. Today and talk about how to make good use of LED screen in the wedding.
LED screen stage design

Because the LED screen is rented according to the square number, in other words the greater the square the more expensive the price. In fact, the square number of LED screen is entirely depends on the stage design effect, and today we look at several LED screen wedding stage design to see how to make the best use!

The first: embedded

As the name suggests is the LED screen embedded in the background of a frame frame. The background of the stage or some, or is built with KT board background, or is used to build the background of the curtain, but no matter what kind of background LED screen is like a larger LED TV in the middle of the stage, The proportion is not a lot, just let people see the screen only.

Advantages: high-definition playback quality is good, the area is relatively small price low

Disadvantages: small enough atmosphere

The second: modular

LED screen placed in the center, with both sides of the background board and as one, forming a comprehensive design of the stage background. At present this design is more people choose to accept the LED screen.

Advantages: Large area of the screen display to make the visual enjoy more praise, and as a part of the stage background appear more harmonious.

Disadvantages: such an area of the LED screen you want to have the atmosphere of the stage background can only be placed on both sides with KT board, and pull the gauze mantle is difficult to integrate with the LED screen.

The third: single vertical

This is the land of the LED screen, the whole stage of the background is the LED screen, and no KT board, there is no other stage design elements, and all the logo, images and pictures are displayed through this large LED screen.

Advantages: the atmosphere domineering, the guests of the feast is really 360 degrees no corner can watch the contents of the LED screen

Disadvantages: What is the price in addition to the price?

The fourth: discrete

The background of the stage or the whole, or KT board design, or pull the gauze mantle design, but the LED screen is set in the background plate side, or both sides have, or only one side, a bit like the position of the projection screen , Just to temporarily play wedding photos or video and set up, and not the stage background and integration.
indoor displayjpg
Advantages: can reduce the stage background design requirements, the stage background can be more flexible use of simple materials to complete.

Disadvantages: low cost, the area can not be too small, but the use of the performance is not high, resulting in high prices low utilization.


LED screen is no doubt that high-quality, high-grade, the reason why the use of LED screen hesitant, nothing more than taking into account the price problem, but we in the wedding planning stage design process, whether to use LED screen should be considered Get more!

1, the venue space problem

If the venue is very broad, it is recommended to consider the use of a large area of the LED screen, in order to the wedding scene, wedding photos and other information clearly expressed so that sitting in the remote guests can feel the actual content of the wedding and not Think of white to a. However, if the wedding venue of the pillars are more, or the shape is not long strip but wide flat type, then do not use the LED screen is actually the role of almost.

2, stage background style

Pull the gauze mantle of the small fresh style is absolutely not suitable for LED screen this high-end tough guy appeared.

3, how much to play the content

If the preparation of the video data is not a lot, not too much wedding photos, wedding prohibition, micro-film, etc., in fact, the projection screen is also enough to support the field.

4, the cost of the problem

LED screen is rented in accordance with the area, looks like the current market price is not very cheap, whether there is no need to use the LED screen have to look at their own budget.

5, the main table set the location

Some elders because the pure unity of the main table must be set in the center of the stage, this time if the use of the LED screen, everyone in the light under the meal, a meal down estimated eye can not stand.

Common Failure Analysis and Solution of LED Video Wall

In daily life, LED video wall in the use of a period of time will inevitably appear some small problems. So, do you know the common fault problem? Come to understand the common failure analysis and solution of the LED video wall.

1. A whole screen does not work show the pic

The possible causes and solutions of this phenomenon are as follows:

AC power distribution cabinet is not open switch on power distribution cabinet;

The computer stops working – turns on the computer, makes the computer work;

Send the card does not signal, the green light does not flicker – set the graphics card to enter the copy mode, such as still can not solve the problem on the transfer card;

Send the card to the screen of the signal line off – the detection of communication lines, such as still can not solve the problem on the network cable;

2. The whole screen display is not normal

The possible causes and solutions of this phenomenon are as follows:

The internal procedure of the receiving card is not correct – the sending and receiving card program;

Computer graphics or video source problems – replace the video card or video source;

Send card DVI line loose – insert and fix DVI line;

3. The whole screen picture is not connected together

The possible causes and solutions of this phenomenon are as follows:

Do not send a serial screen procedures – to send the screen program;

Program signal is not consistent with the actual line – again to see the scene of the signal line, re set the screen process;

4. Screen body appears ripple

The possible causes and solutions of this phenomenon are as follows:

Video card level is too low, can not play HD Video – replace a better graphics card;

The refresh rate of the screen is too low to adjust the parameters to improve the refresh rate of the screen;

5. Single box does not shine

The possible causes and solutions of this phenomenon are as follows:

Red power indicator light does not light, the power is not power – check whether the power line is connected, such as impassability, replace the power cord, if there is no effect, then replace the power supply;

Green signal light is not flashing or not – to detect whether the power of the receiving card, whether the signal line is connected, if the signal line is connected, then replace the receiving card;

6. Single module without display

The possible causes and solutions of this phenomenon are as follows:

Module display module without power supply terminal frequently check module docking is loose, the HUB board and re docking module, if there is a problem is to replace the HUB plate, the problem still exists to replace the module;

Module no display, module problems – direct replacement module;

7. Single module missing color, part not bright

The possible causes and solutions of this phenomenon are as follows:

Module internal components problems – direct replacement module;

8. Individual modules die a certain number of lamps

The possible causes and solutions of this phenomenon are as follows:

For the same period of time for a long time, or the screen to the useful life – direct replacement module or a single lamp

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