The technical requirements of stadium LED display

Introduction: In order to enhance the level of venues and undertake more large and medium-sized competition, the use of LED display is the rigid requirements of the stadium. Therefore, the detection methods of stadium LED display is more and more important.

The stadium was used to the filament lamp. It was gradually introduced into LED as a light source and the display content was gradually changed from the previous figures to text, pictures and videos. In the technology of LED display, the color of display, brightness and angle of view, system control technology and others have been continuously improved and widely concerned in practice.     In order to enhance the level of the venue, the use of LED display is the rigid requirements of the stadium. Therefore, the detection methods of stadium LED display is more and more important.


Key technical indicators of LED display

The related Key technical indicators about LED display mainly includes the white color coordinates of the display , the flatness, the brightness and the uniformity, the maximum sight distance, the pixel out of control rate and the contrast and so on. The core requirement is to ensure the visual clarity and comfort from the referee and the audiences. It describes the specific technical requirements of these indicators in the following.

The flatness

The local bulge or concave will lead to appear the dead viewing angle of LED display. In order to ensure that LED display images can’t distort, it must ensure that its flatness can meet the requirements.

The maximum sight distance

For the stadium LED display, it must make audiences to meet the maximum visual range requirements. The maximum visual range requirements of LED display  refers that you can see the maximum distance of characters under the normal conditions of use.

The pixel out of control rate

It means that the ratio of pixels to total pixels which theirs luminescence state and control requirements can’t match.


The greatest brilliancy

The brightness of LED is an important index to evaluate quality of products. The higher brightness of the screen, the better bright degree of the image. It looks clearer in the distance. But it can not exceed a certain range, otherwise it will bring visual fatigue to the audience. And it also cause a certain degree of light pollution.

The uniformity

The index of uniformity includes the pixel intensity uniformity, the brightness uniformity of display module and the module brightness uniformity. These indicators in the production process of the display screen is very scientific. It plays an important role In the product quality testing.

The highest contrast

This is an important optical performance index. Not only can it reflects the brightness of the display, but also reflects the influence of environmental illumination on display. Due to the highest contrast detection requires a certain ambient illumination requirements, it is difficult to realize in the field test. The higher contrast of the screen, the better clarity of the screen.

According to the electronic industry and the standards of sports industry, the standard technical requirements of stadium LED display are discussed in this paper.






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