Small pitch LED display has become a star product!

The market of small pitch LED display is breaking out. The demand of downstream is hot. At this stage, small pitch LED display has become a popular star product. The pursuit of high-density display has never stopped. It is also an affirmation of technological progress. Under the high degree of attention, its advantage is obvious and its shortcomings will be revealed. In order to cope with the increasing competition for survival, the LED display manufacturers will change from OEM vendors to the role of the overall solution providers.

How to improve the user experience and satisfy the needs of customers? We must start from the product level first.


Standard resolution

Recently, it is a problem of being criticized that the splicing unit is made of 1:1 wide and high proportion. There is some troubles caused by the wrong specifications, when it is used to splice the video wall of the mainstream 16:9 signal source. On the other hand, in the field of large screen, the technology Of DLP splicing, liquid crystal splicing can achieve the splicing unit of 16:9 proportional. It has a great impact on the development of LED display.

16: 9 is a recognized standard for international UI and high-definition video. It is known as the standard resolution. It meets our needs of eye comfort. This allows the current display device to be made in this proportion. Including the LED display image also to be made in this “golden ratio” . The 1:1 unit can not be matched with the 16:9 signal source. It causes some trouble for the installation&use of LED video wall and the Image effects. Based on this issue, LED display enterprises have carried out the corresponding research and development.

In addition to the decrease in pixel spacing, how to improve the ease of use of the products effectively.? To Enhance the user experience is becoming the very important research and development ideas. When it achieves the standard resolution, the application flexibility of small pitch LED has been improved . Thereby providing more diversified choice for users.

The front – maintenance

Maintenance is already a common design for the LED display field. The front – maintenance can bring the convenience of installation and maintenance. It can greatly enhance the application experience for users. It is also an aspect of product differentiation advantage. However, small pitch LED display as lower-density display, it has the heat dissipation problem. It only can be removed from the front-module according to the traditional LED display. But it is inconvenient to dismantle the power supply and control card. So it will make the users too difficult to use. For this reason, many enterprises have strengthened the design of the front-maintenance in the small pitch LED display in the application. The front-maintenance is becoming the one of the hottest product categories in the industry in 2015.

led snow

At present, the competition of the market about the small pitch LED display is fierce. And the problem of the product homogeneity is serious. How to capture the psychological demands and the personalized solutions of the customers in design of product?”, this problem is becoming a breakthrough for every LED display manufacturers. Such as the introduction of the concept of front-maintenance. Believe that it will have more innovative products in the future!









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