Detailed Explanation of the Knowledge and the Advantages for LED Strip Curtain Display

LED Strip Curtain Display: As its strip, hollow, light does not affect the ventilation and lighting products form, it is also known as LED transparent screen, LED hollow screen, LED grid screen, LED Venetian display screen, LED glass curtain wall screen, LED strip screen, LED shaped screen, LED Strip Curtain color screen display screen, LED strip display screen and so on.

Because of its light weight, small wind load, the characteristics of flexible installation, it is usually used for building exterior and stage LED rental display and so on.And it is Suitable for the construction of large-scale outdoor display or led video curtain, so it is the preferred product to create a landmark dynamic display landscape .
Contrast with the traditional display, it is a new generation of high-end LED display product.
Weight:70-80kg per square meter.
When the area of the LED curtain screen is too large, the screen body of the steel structure and the original building structure is a major challenge. The weight is Lighter 60% -80% than traditional LED display. It is greatly reducing the infrastructure strength and weight of display screen , so it is particularly suitable for the construction of large-scale LED video curtain display.
Wind resistance
In addition to the weight, the large-size of the LED video curtain display is also bear a huge wind load, so it is further increased the load carrying capacity of the structure.
Air permeability is for 40% -50%. It has a strong wind resistance to reduce wind load, and further reduce the infrastructure strength and the weight of the LED video curtain display screen.
The traditional LED screen is required to build large-scale steel structure (including the foundation) for the screen body support.
With a small number of components can be easily affixed to the wall, and it is not damage to the wall and foundation.

Heat emission
LED curtain display need to use the fan for cooling, and the entire body of the LED screen is also need to install an independent air conditioning cooling system.
Under normal circumstances, it only can be carried out after the maintenance, it must built the protective maintenance channel about 800mm in the the back of LED video curtain screen.
Easy to achieve the before-maintenance or the after-maintenance according to the needs. If the before-maintenance mode is adopted, it does not need to build maintenance channels.
Only the front IP65 can be implemented.
Some parts of LED strip can achieve the IP68, especially suitable to build the led curtain display screen around the riverside and the seaside .

The advantage of LED Strip Curtain Display
1.Easy installation & maintenance and ultra-thin frame structure. According to the site environment, it can be maintained before or after. The light strip is removed directly from the back of the case to achieve after-maintenance. The light can be removed directly from the front to achieve before-maintenance.
2.It can be used for 24/7 all-weather .Because of the High brightness, can be used during the day and night.It can be used during the day and at night.
3.The neat structure and the screen body appearance without any plug and connection can simplify the screen structure and improve the screen stability.Control box is a part of the screen body, and also can be independent according to customer needs to keep the light bar screen structure clean.
a. Use two-in-one connector to combine the signal with the power supply.It can make the structure clean and beautiful and reduce the failure rate.
b. Precise positioning hole. Fixed by anti-rust, anti-salt spray screws. Ensure the same spacing.
c. Control box is the protection for control and power equipment. It is can be installed in the back of the box to fix by the site steel structure. And it also can be placed independently.
4.High refresh rate. Select MBI 5042 chip, up to 4000 Hz.
5.Best View.Use the black mas to improve contrast.Simultaneously fix the lamp position to ensure consistency of perspective. According to the viewing distance, the downward viewing angle of the lamp can be adjusted to 8 degrees according to the viewing distance in order to achieve the best viewing effect.
6.High degree of protection.The lights are protected by a sealant and the Waterproof rating to IP68. In order to ensure the stability of the signal and power, it installed a connector with a waterproof rating of IP67. The connector’s seal ensures a stable signal and power connection. It is fully sealed structure design and the light bar achieve to IP68 waterproof rating.
7.The light bar consists of a cover plate and a bottom case, so the anti-harsh environment is strong. Use a special process to form a closed pressure.It is applicable to a various external environments.

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