Detailed Explanation of the Knowledge and the Advantages for LED Strip Curtain Display

LED Strip Curtain Display: As its strip, hollow, light does not affect the ventilation and lighting products form, it is also known as LED transparent screen, LED hollow screen, LED grid screen, LED Venetian display screen, LED glass curtain wall screen, LED strip screen, LED shaped screen, LED Strip Curtain color screen display screen, LED strip display screen and so on.

Because of its light weight, small wind load, the characteristics of flexible installation, it is usually used for building exterior and stage LED rental display and so on.And it is Suitable for the construction of large-scale outdoor display or led video curtain, so it is the preferred product to create a landmark dynamic display landscape .
Contrast with the traditional display, it is a new generation of high-end LED display product.
Weight:70-80kg per square meter.
When the area of the LED curtain screen is too large, the screen body of the steel structure and the original building structure is a major challenge. The weight is Lighter 60% -80% than traditional LED display. It is greatly reducing the infrastructure strength and weight of display screen , so it is particularly suitable for the construction of large-scale LED video curtain display.
Wind resistance
In addition to the weight, the large-size of the LED video curtain display is also bear a huge wind load, so it is further increased the load carrying capacity of the structure.
Air permeability is for 40% -50%. It has a strong wind resistance to reduce wind load, and further reduce the infrastructure strength and the weight of the LED video curtain display screen.
The traditional LED screen is required to build large-scale steel structure (including the foundation) for the screen body support.
With a small number of components can be easily affixed to the wall, and it is not damage to the wall and foundation.

Heat emission
LED curtain display need to use the fan for cooling, and the entire body of the LED screen is also need to install an independent air conditioning cooling system.
Under normal circumstances, it only can be carried out after the maintenance, it must built the protective maintenance channel about 800mm in the the back of LED video curtain screen.
Easy to achieve the before-maintenance or the after-maintenance according to the needs. If the before-maintenance mode is adopted, it does not need to build maintenance channels.
Only the front IP65 can be implemented.
Some parts of LED strip can achieve the IP68, especially suitable to build the led curtain display screen around the riverside and the seaside .

The advantage of LED Strip Curtain Display
1.Easy installation & maintenance and ultra-thin frame structure. According to the site environment, it can be maintained before or after. The light strip is removed directly from the back of the case to achieve after-maintenance. The light can be removed directly from the front to achieve before-maintenance.
2.It can be used for 24/7 all-weather .Because of the High brightness, can be used during the day and night.It can be used during the day and at night.
3.The neat structure and the screen body appearance without any plug and connection can simplify the screen structure and improve the screen stability.Control box is a part of the screen body, and also can be independent according to customer needs to keep the light bar screen structure clean.
a. Use two-in-one connector to combine the signal with the power supply.It can make the structure clean and beautiful and reduce the failure rate.
b. Precise positioning hole. Fixed by anti-rust, anti-salt spray screws. Ensure the same spacing.
c. Control box is the protection for control and power equipment. It is can be installed in the back of the box to fix by the site steel structure. And it also can be placed independently.
4.High refresh rate. Select MBI 5042 chip, up to 4000 Hz.
5.Best View.Use the black mas to improve contrast.Simultaneously fix the lamp position to ensure consistency of perspective. According to the viewing distance, the downward viewing angle of the lamp can be adjusted to 8 degrees according to the viewing distance in order to achieve the best viewing effect.
6.High degree of protection.The lights are protected by a sealant and the Waterproof rating to IP68. In order to ensure the stability of the signal and power, it installed a connector with a waterproof rating of IP67. The connector’s seal ensures a stable signal and power connection. It is fully sealed structure design and the light bar achieve to IP68 waterproof rating.
7.The light bar consists of a cover plate and a bottom case, so the anti-harsh environment is strong. Use a special process to form a closed pressure.It is applicable to a various external environments.

Trends of Rental LED Display

As a customized die-cast aluminum case design, light, thin, fast installation for its most important features for indoor & outdoor rental LED display . The thin and light box can be quickly installed, removed and transported, suitable for large-scale rental and fixed installation applications. It accepts VGA, HDMI, S-video, composite, YUV and other video input signals, can be free to play video, graphics and other programs by real-time synchronized transmission. Various information. LED displays rental is favored by the majority of customers in the last two years, has been used in a variety of large-scale party, activities. Since it gradually saturated with the market, how should indoor & outdoor rental LED screens development in future?

1. Standardization design
Easy to install, easy to calculate the area (such as 500mm * 500mm and 500mm * 1000mm) structure, is the irreversible trend of the domestic rental market is expected that the structure of the future market share of products can reach 70% or more.


2. Higher Precision
Currently on the market high precision led display rental is the trend. Brightness requirements can be debugged, the control system requirements for the use and control in place.

3. Multi-function
Rental led screens in future requires multi-functions. The rental led displays that can be used as main led screen, mesh led screen and led dance floor will be more and more popular.

4. Installation fast, safe
Accessories and cable types to be less, easy to identify, to achieve rapid product fast, accurate installation; assembly also has self-locking mechanism to eliminate hidden dangers of misuse;

5. Easy maintenance, can be individually removed and replaced
With power and signal work status self-test function, it can show the rental led screens’ power and signal work status. When the screen has problem, it can quickly determine the problem, and make the appropriate maintenance measures;

6. Light and thin
New materials such as carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, nano-materials such as the use of gradually wide, thinner and thinner cabinet. The weight of a single 500 * 500 cabinet  can be less than 8KG, light and easy to install, space-saving, space-saving stage space and transport packing box.

7. Industrial design
Leasing screen enterprises from the practical like to focus on the design, both appearance and user-friendly experience.

8. Mixed rental available
Calibration data can be loaded in the receiving card and the module, and no need to correct  when replace module and receiving card, to meet the requirements of using mixed batch of cabinet needs. In addition, the control system should also better meet the compatibility of different batches of products.

Russian customers buy led screen what should pay attention to

If some friends from Russia who want to buy led screen from China, what they should pay attention to ?

Recently we deal with a dear customer from Russia, he want to buy one piece of outdoor adverting led screen, from we talk about the project to discuss how to do custom clearance, I have learned much, here I share this story with you.

1. Because the lowest temperature of Russia can be -40 degree, that is a big challenge for led screen (normally the led screen’s working temperature is -20 to +60 degree).
So, the led lighting mask, led module bases, even signal cables, electronic cable, we used useSpecial material which has good unti-low temperature function.(LED lighting is no problem.)
2. We hard better choose some power supply with better quality, and make sure that power supply can be worked on -40.
3. If you use the normal power supply, there should be air-conditional to make the temperature higher, then you can operate the led screen.
4. The custom clearance is very strick, the control system and the led display need to be separate, and some electronic parts should with the required certificates. When supplier really for ship cargo,making sure each case with the same cargo, and that is very easy for people to check it.
Our product Led Strip Curtain Display and Decorative Aluminum Led Curtain Screen are Special design for these cities.Top material can protect it better.All they are Anti-low Temperature and Energy Saving.

10 tips for first time LED wall screen buyer

When you face the LED wall display Screen industry for the first time, you are most probably overloaded with technical information, promises and ideas that are passed to you as hard facts.
The series of articles described below will explain how to avoid the most common, painful and expensive mistakes people make when buying a LED wall screen.

1.Nichia LEDs…or Not?
Some “manufacturers” promise you they are using 100% Nichia LEDs… but they are promising the impossible. Here’s why they are lying and how to recognize them..
2.Dedicated Proprietary Control System
It actually sounds very professional, but this fancy denomination hides some serious drawbacks that nobody ever tells you, until it’s too late.
3.LED Screen in Franchising
Very interesting proposal. If you are a novice in the industry, the low initial investment can be very tempting… but not all that shines is gold! Here’s the nightmares stories of entrepreneurs that already tried it before you.
4.Resellers : Watch Out for their Conflict of Interest
On the market there are several options if you want to buy a LED wall display screen, but not all are manufacturers… Here’s what you risk when buy from a reseller that has a conflict of interest in providing you the best equipment and how to recognize them..
5.Air Conditioning: How to Solve a Problem at Your Expenses
Sometimes you might be told that you need to install the air conditioning on the screen, at any cost. While this makes sense in tropical areas, it is un-necessary for moderate climates… so why insisting? Here’s how they are trying to solve their problems at your expenses.
6.Prices Drops Dramatically before Closing the Order
Of course it is normal a little discount to seal the deal, but sometimes you‘ll see prices drop dramatically (over 30%) when you are pressured to close the order. Here’s why they are surely cheating you.
7.Best Quality at Lowest Prices, Thanks to Big Volumes?
Someone claims to use the best components on the market, and still be able to provide the lowest price on the market. Of course this sounds so tempting, and you wish it was true. But when you think about it rationally, this does not make sense. Here’s why it’s not possible.
8.The Photo-Book
This is a classic “hard-sell” technique, used in many Industries. When visiting a supplier, they will show you a photo-book where there are several nice pictures of what they claim to be their product and some ugly pictures of what they claim to be their competitor’s product. Since this strategy can be counterproductive, it is used only with Customers that are considered less competent, since they won’t notice some incongruences… that we’ll explain into details.
9.“I Am the Real Supplier”
Some companies might claim to be the “supplier” of the company you are dealing with or – as a variant – they might claim (1) to have the same control system, (2) the same software, (3) to have “Italian Heart Inside”, or (4) even to have shares in the competitor company. Here’s how to recognize them.
10.Are You Getting the Same Product You Were Shown?
This is not a selling technique but a real scam, and you could take legal action against it… but prevent is better than cure. Here’s how it works: you could be shown (and then purchase) a digital billboard with a smaller resolution than declared. For example, you could be shown a pitch 6/12mm and told that it is a pitch 8/16mm… Here’s how you can make sure to get what you saw.

The simple method to judge the quality of led power supply

  • The simple method to judge the quality of led power supply

First, although the general display manufacturers can make some requirements to the power supply suppliers, there are many power supply manufacturers and unknown power products flooded in the marke. It is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of pros and cons to the consumers. To this end, there are some suggest for our customer to select power supply


Appearance. An excellent power supply manufacture is strict with the production process to ensure the product batch consistency. The appearance of power, tin surface, the arrangement of components will not be good uniformity manufactured by irresponsible manufacturers.

Full load efficiency. The efficiency is the most important indicator of power supply. An high efficiency power supply is not only meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, but also saving energy for the user to save money.

The output voltage ripple of constant voltage power supply is large. The scale of voltage ripple is the key factor to impact the life of electrical equipment, the smaller the better.

The temperature rise on working. The scale of temperature rise will impact the stable and lifespan of power supply. The scale of temperature rise is the smaller the better. In other hand, it can prove from the conversion rate, the higher the conversion rate, the smaller the temperature rise range.

As the LED display product attributes, when led display playing video or image that the current will instantaneous change usually. This is also the reason of requiring higher standard of power supply.

Usually, in order to ensure the stable working of led display that requires reserve a certain margin of power supply. In genera speaking, the more margin power is better for power supply and also good for lifespan. But it will cost you more on purchasing products.

At present, the supplier of led display will reserve 20-30% margin for the power supply.There are other factors that we need to consider about.meanwell-nel-300-5-%ef%bc%881%ef%bc%89

First of all, in order to increase the life of the power supply, it is recommended to use more than 30% of the rated output power models

Second, you need to consider the working temperature of the power supply and the availability of additional auxiliary cooling equipment. The power supply needs to be reduced output under high working temperature.

Third, select the functional power source according to the application field, such as protection functions: over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, overload protection; Application: signal function, remote control, telemetry, parallel function; Special features: power correction (PFC), uninterruptible power (UPS)


The Difference between LED Screen DIP and SMD type LED modules

The choice made by investors regarding the module of LED display screen they want to purchase will vary based on the purpose for which the sign will be used.

DIP (Direct In-line Package)

This module is put together by using three bubble shaped color LED bulbs that are joined with two connector feet. Sockets or through-hole soldering is used to mount these DIP modules. With sockets, replacing the device is very simple and also there is no risk of damage caused by overheating (which occurs during soldering).After the assembling of DIP outdoor led screen modules is done, heat-dissipating silicone is used to weather proof each module.


SMD (Surface Mounted Diode)


In an SMD module, the three colors of LED bulbs are encapsulated into one slim case which is directly soldered onto a circuit. Because these diodes are mounted onto only one surface on the board, they are small and can be placed closer together. Closer placement results in a higher resolution and this is why SMD modules are more popularly used in indoor solutions. These modules can be made to as small as 1mm in size.

Large Advertising LED Screen

Pros and Cons:

  • The technological advancements have played a major role in reducing the price gap between SMD and DIP modules. Yet, DIP modules are still the cheaper ones and are mostly used in outdoor LED signs.
  • Due to the construction of DIP modules, they are better at withstanding various weather conditions and hence are preferred for outdoor LED solutions.
  • For indoor use, SMD modules are better because the smaller pixels provide better color and amazing quality of text and images.
  • The maintenance required with SMD modules is higher and they have a shorter lifespan because of the heat dissipation issues in the way these modules are constructed.
  • The pixels in SMD modules are dimmer and consume more power; roughly about 6500 NITs. Compared to this figure, DIP modules average at about 12000 NITs.
  • The SMD chips are coated in white at the back and this affects the outcome of the color on the screen. For example, darker colors may have more of a grayish effect on SMD module screens.

Have you ever seen the fantastic LED screens implanted in the skin

When it comes to LED display, the first thing we think of is a large electronic screen in square, or flexible LED display, but have you seen the LED display are installed on masks? Have you ever seen them installed on the skin? We will take you to enjoy different LED displays with human body.

     1LED screen on DIY haze masks

     We often wear masks because of having cold, poor air quality, preventing infectious germs and other reasons. When people who wear masks interact with each other, whether they could feel some barriers because can’t see each other under the mask of expression changes? Designers and Paul Adams SimonRebaudengo designed a expression of the LED display mask “Unmask”, which allows people to exchange expression even when they wear masks.

Masks with LED display

      Unmask adopts the I/O interface based on open source Arduino micro controller, LED matrix display and other components. LED matrix display presents four kinds of expression mode by table test equipment, including smile, surprise, kissing and no expression. Unmask is experimental prototype equipment at present, there is no commercial production plan, Rebaudengo and Adams will modify in view of the existing equipment and plan to use smaller parts and other material to make Unmask.

   The reason why people wear masks, of course, is not only the above situation, some people will also hidden emotions, because they don’t want others see their expressions. Although the conception of Unmask is good for those who want to hide the expression, perhaps it is not necessarily a good idea. But in any case, using science and technology to make a creative thinking to make people live better is Rebaudengo and Adams design Unmask original thought.

2Contact lenses with LED screen

Implanting LED screen on contact lenses, and then the image will be displayed directly on the retina. This will become a secret way of watching a movie or cheating? ! It is used for the purpose of monitoring the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients.

Contact lenses with LED screen

     A group of researchers at the university of Washington is trying to realize this project, so far they have been able to present real red and blue pixels on the LED screen, when they implement green, it can display full color. No matter how far the screen is from your retina, as long as you have the right focus, you can still see clear images. And if the LED effect is closed, it is still a common contact lenses. And its power and data adopt wireless transmission.

3.LED display implanted in skin

It is reported that recently there is very popular trend in the circle of bio-hacking that LED lamp surgically implanted into bodies. This will have lamplight passes, feeling like l in some science fiction movies. If the lamp with the tattoo, tattoo also will light too.

This kind of LED lights can be implanted in the skin called NorthstarV1, it is only a coin size, but can be combined to form patterns.

When we are still struggling with intelligent equipments’ screen size, wearing comfort level, scientists are developing a kind of flexible electronic circuits which can be directly applied in human skin, and that is implanting circuit into the skin to make your skin a touch screen.

LED display implanted in skin

 The electronic skin typically consists of flexible transistor, organic  leds, sensor, and organic solar cells, these parts are connected by extendable, flexible wires. These devices are ultra-thin, they were sprayed to a flexible substrate, forming a similar skin of large-area electronic circuit, and then being implanted in human skin.


How to do when some videos and audios can’t play by using synchronous control system on led display.

How to do when some videos and audios can’t play by using synchronous control system on led display.

First,  check whether the computer install decoder or not. If not, then you can install the decoder software. Such as, FinalCodecs.


Please check the control software support these format or not, if it can’t still play after install decoder.

If the software does not support that video format, you need to change the format into the support type.

Optokingdom will help to solve every problem for our clients. Your satisfaction is our biggest support!

How are play online video by LINSN software


  • Open the website of video and found out the flash address, then copy the address.


  • 1


  • Open LED studio software, new folder-file-add homepage and paste the address.


  • 2


  • Fill in the maximum value on the speed and stay item after entering the address.



And then you can play this video. More software control system teaching lesson, please follow our YouTube Channel: Optokingdom LED

Outdoor LED display select and install considerations

1.Led display has been installed in outdoor environment which suffering the rain, wind and dust. Electronic equipment is rained or serious damp that would cause short-circuit or even fire. Led display screen is also need to fight against to the thunder and strong electromagnetism.

2.Ambient temperature varies greatly. The led display will produce a certain amount of heat on working. If the temperature of environment is high and the heat dissipation is bad that would influence the PCB board to make the led display can’t work correctly.

3.The led display will face the sunshine directly. The strong sunshine will influence the display effect

  • For the above special requirements, outdoor led display must be done as follow:

1.The combination between led screen with the structure and the structure with the building must be strictly waterproof. And the led display itself also need to be equipped with good drainage system.

2.Install lightning protection devices on LED displays and buildings. Led display need to be grounding and grounding resistance is less than 3 ohms, so that the large current caused by lightning can discharge timely.

3.Install cooling devices to keep inner temperature of led cabinet between -10℃~40℃. Install the axial fans after the top of led display to discharge heat.

4.Select the operating temperature -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ industrial grade integrated circuit chip to prevent the winter temperature is too low to start led display.