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LED technologies are in high demand within the contemporary reality. Thanks to its innovative components, LED display products are replacing from the market the standard billboards and other boring static ways of presenting information. According to the forecasts of the leading European analysts, LED display production will dominate on the advertising and socio-informational markets in 6-8 years. A huge variety of LED display products allows consumers to choose the option that satisfies them, according either to its price or its functionality – starting from a small full color LED signs and ending with a full-scale outdoor LED display screen placed on the buildings facades. LED technologies – the future of advertising HaiSheng LED Co.,Ltd is a number 1 leader among LED display screen manufacturers in China. The company offers to your attention the latest LED display screens optimized for the needs of your business. Depending on your current needs, you can purchase ready-made LED advertising display screens of all sizes and kinds. Currently HaiSheng LED Co., Ltd has wide opportunities and it can implement any idea concerning manufacturing and installation of LED screens – both for outdoor and indoor usage. Nowadays LED screens enjoy recognized authority on the world market. They represent a highly efficient outdoor and indoor advertising, which in turn is the most advanced method of attracting the attention of potential customers. In addition to the dynamic advertising LED display screens have been successfully used to translate live videos. Thus, they could be used for live video translation during mass events, football matches, city festivals, concerts etc. The possibility of combining screens into a network allows a central computer to transfer all the necessary information concerning this or that event to the control computer of each individual LED display screen.
Products offered by HaiSheng LED Co., Ltd:

Outdoor LED screens:

Outdoor Rental LED Displays

Outdoor Full Color LED Displays

Football Field LED Screens

Stadium LED Display

Outdoor Building advertising play

Traffic Guiding LED Display

Mobile Truck LED Display

Indoor Led screens:

Indoor LED Advertising Players

Indoor LED Rental Screens

– Innovative LED Screens

LED Stage Lightings


Power amplifier

Mobile Stage

LED signs (indoor and outdoor ones)

LED Screen Accessories( led control card, power supply, cables, video processor, power voltage distributor etc)

Characteristic features of led advertising displays supplied by HaiSheng LED Co., Ltd:

High brightness, providing a confident perception of information on the street, even during a very bright sunny day

Low power consumption, which is achieved thanks to the usage of the latest management technologies of LED illumination

Low weight

Absence of image jitter and distortion

Budget-friendly led display screen prices
HaiSheng LED Co., Ltd: wishes you to have good and useful purchases and the luck of course!


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Led screen daily maintenance precautions

How to maintain led display in daily use? Pollution, loose, vibration, heat, environmental temperature changes and other factors will cause a variety of failures in using led display, affecting the normal use of LED display, or even cause serious accidents. Therefore, the regular maintenance of the LED display is essential. What should we do in the daily maintenance of LED display? Here come to you one by one:

  • Daily inspection


General LED display inspection are using the “monthly patrol”, large-scale LED display maintenance are the implementation of “weekly inspection”, the specific content as follow:

1. LED display screen body maintenance, including the lamp, module, cabinet, power supply, control card:

2.LED display control system maintenance, including controllers, fiber conversion card, distributor, send card

3.LED display operation software, including software maintenance, upgrades

4.Regular (monthly) technicians’ on-site inspection, the system checks and maintenance

5.Major events: technicians need to come to the site guide and ensure activities go well

6.For outdoor LED display, due to wind, rain, thunder, electricity and other natural factors damage, without the scope of the warranty. The owner needs to buy insurance from the insurance company for the led screen and the insurance company takes responsibility to it.

7.Maintenance service period, the general failure to solve the problem within 8 hours of maintenance, major accidents do not exceed 24 hours. Replace the module and other accessories, not more than 24 hours. When maintenance is finished, ensure that the big screen does not appear above the module level error (such as module color cast, module black, a column is not bright, etc.),

  • Clean up


For the lower protection level led display, especially outdoor screen, the dust can go into the device from the ventilation holes which will speed up wear and even damage fans and other equipment. Dust will fall on the display internal control device surface, reducing thermal conductivity and insulation performance, when wet weather comes, dust absorption of moisture in the air lead to short-circuit; long-term PCB board and electronic components can also lead to mildew, resulting in technical performance degradation, error occurred. Therefore, the LED display clean-up is simple but very important for maintenance

  •  Fastening


LED display is high power consumption equipment. The connection terminal of power supply will become loose, virtual connection and severe heat even burn the plastic components as the result of hot and cold after multi turn on and turn off in long term running led screen. Signal terminals become loosen due to the ambient temperature changes in hot and col. Moisture erosion lead to poor contact, resulting in equipment failure, it is necessary to LED display connector fastening. In the fastener adjustment, the force should be uniform and appropriate to ensure strong and effective.

  • LED screen surface clean up


Checks led screen in turn on and turn off statues. Including: whether the surface of the screen is contaminated or not, the purpose is to remove the surface dirt to reduce impact of the display screen illuminate; led display surface have damage cracks or not: communication distribution cable line is normal or not.

For high protection rate equipment, the tightness has become a key factor of screen, therefore, you need to check the seal intact regularly and check the surface paint and rust of outdoor screen steel structure. It requires wash the display surface if the outdoor screen surface pollution is particularly serious.

  • pay attention to two points before washing:

First, you need to pull out the power cord before cleaning.

Second, the choice of cleaning solution, including electrolytes, high purity distilled water, anti-static liquid. Recommend to choose good quality product, which can effectively clean the LED screen dust and other dirty mark.

  • Three steps of cleaning

The first step: vacuuming. Adsorption and remove the surface of the screen mask dirt and dust.

The second step: wet cleaning. Note that the lotion can not be directly sprayed on the screen, but to a little cleaning fluid sprayed on a clean cloth, and then gently wipe the same direction. You can also use a soft brush on the vacuum cleaner to brush the mask.

The third step: drying. Use a vacuum cleaner to dry the water marks left by wet cleaning to ensure that the display is clean and free of dust.