Static electricity hazards and preventive measures to led display

How standardized production? How to produce a low attenuation, long-life LED display in the true sense? This article is going static protection angle to discuss hazards and prevention measures in the process of led display production.

static electricity protection

  • Electrostatic hazards in the production process of the LED display.

If we ignore anti-static in any part of the production, it will cause electronic equipment failure or even damage it.

When the semiconductor device is separate place or load circuit, even not powered, static electricity can also cause permanent damage to these devices. Familiar, LED is a semiconductor product; it will cause damage to the element if the voltage between two or more pins of LED exceeds the breakdown strength of the component media. The thinner the oxide layer, the LED and driver IC greater sensitivity to static electricity, such as solder is not full and the solder itself quality problems, etc., will have a serious leak path, causing devastating damage

Another failure is due to the node temperature exceeding the melting point of semiconductor silicon (1415 ℃). Pulse energy of electrostatic can produce localized fever, so faulty lamps and direct breakdown of IC. The failure will occur even if the voltage is lower than the breakdown voltage of the media. A typical case, LED is diode formed by PN junction, breakdown between the emitter and base will drastically reduce current gain. After the LED itself or the drive circuit IC exposed to static electricity, it may not appear immediately functional damage to these components, the potential damage is usually in the course will be manifested, that is deadly damage to led display.

  • The reason of product static electricity

From the microscopic, according to the theory of atomic physics, substance power stays balance in the neutral state. Different substances electronic contact with the electrons pros and cons make the material loss of power balance to cause phenomenon of static electricity.

From a macro perspective, the reasons are: object between friction and heat, to stimulate electron transfer; contact and separation between objects generate electron transfer; electromagnetic induction caused by uneven distribution of surface charge; friction and the combined effect of electromagnetic induction.

Electrostatic voltage is produced by different kinds of material contact and separated from each other. This effect is the well-known friction electrification voltage generated depends on the mutual friction of the material itself. The main reasons to produce static electricity during led display production are body directly or indirectly contact with related components.

Therefore, we should make good static protection in the LED display production process to improve product reliability.

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Influencing LED Display Quality have eight key processes

  • Influencing LED Display Quality have eight key processes

 LED display on the market today, good and bad quality, largely determined by the production process. LED display technology exist cost of the problem, many companies put too much in the technology led to LED display prices are too high. How to ensure the quality of LED display technology at the same time reduce costs? Need eight technical control to protect the quality of LED display.

First, LED mixed lights


The same color of the different brightness of the file LED lights mixed lights, this procedure if the problem will lead to the LED display in the brightness of the local situation is not the case, a direct impact on the appearance of LED display.

Second, LED display cooling performance

If the LED display cooling performance is poor, the temperature is too high, then the stability of the LED will affect long-term down will make LED display acceleration performance degradation. So in this regard, we must do a good job of PCB board cooling design and cooling ventilation.

Third, Weld problem

When the LED display does not shine, the most likely case is due to solder joint caused. Weld, including many aspects, so the details must be done here. When the factory must also do a rigorous inspection.

Fourth, the drive circuit design

If the drive circuit design is not good, there will be LED display around the LED brightness lower than the middle.

Fifth, strict control over the wave soldering temperature and time

Preheating temperature of 100 ℃ ± 5 ℃, the maximum does not exceed 120 ℃, and the preheating temperature rise requires a smooth, welding temperature of 245 ℃ ± 5 ℃, welding time is recommended not more than 3 seconds after the furnace should not shake or impact LED, until Recovery at room temperature. Wave soldering machine temperature parameters to be regularly detected.

Sixth, the LED display line must control the verticality

A small deviation will directly affect the LED brightness consistency. Will lead to the emergence of inconsistent color. The LEDs must be perpendicular to the PCB.

Seventh, anti-static LED display

For anti-static LED display manufacturers must make adequate measures in this regard. A variety of anti-power settings must be done in place, but also regularly tested.

Eight, LED electric heating value

Typically, the maximum LED current can not be higher than the standard value of 20MA 80%, if it is a little smaller display must reduce the current value.


LED display technology on every step of the details of the deal, in the details to do better, then the higher the quality of LED display.

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How to reset led display when screen messy

The steps to reset messy led screen of  LINSN control system


Step 1. connect computer and control card by USB and DVI cables and open software and click “option” choose “software setup” and input “linsn” with keyboard and then input password “168”



Step 2. choose “receiver” and click “load from files” and click “ save to receiver” and choose “display connection” and load from file and resend date and save.

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Step 3. change sending card if it can’t work correctly after sending data.

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Five indicators reflect full color led screen quality

With LED display price war intensified, there were a lot of low-quality products has been sold to the market. According to professional summary, full-color LED display quality mainly reflect in the following five points:

  • 1. Failure Rate

Because full-color display composed by thousands or even hundreds of thousands of points on groups of red, green, and blue LEDs, any color LED failure will affect the overall visual effect of the display. In general, the failure rate should not higher than ten thousandths (failure of the LED device itself causes) from assemble to 72 hours aging test before shipment according to the industrial experience.


  • 2.Anti-static ability

LED is a semiconductor device and sensitive to static electricity.  Static electricity can easily lead to failure, so the anti-static ability is critical to the life of the display. Generally speaking, LED body static mode test failure voltage should not less than 2000V.

  • 3. Attenuation characteristics

The brightness of Red, green and blue LEDs will decay with the working hours increase. The merits of LED chip and auxiliary material and packaging process determines the level of LED decay rate. Typically, after 1000 hours, 20 mA at room temperature lighting test, the red LED attenuation should be less than 10%, blue, green LED attenuation should be less than 15%. Red, green, and blue attenuation consistency makes great influence white balance of led display, and then influence the fidelity effect of display.

  • 4. Brightness

LED brightness is an important determinant of LED display brightness. The higher LED brightness and greater use of the current balance, the better for power saving and LED stability. LED has a different angle value; the brightness has been set in the chip case, the smaller angle, the more LED bright, but the smaller viewing angle of the display. General should choose 100 degree LED to ensure the viewing angle of led screen. You should find the balance in brightness, angle and price according to the different pixel pitch and different viewing distance led display.

  • 5. Consistency

Full-color display is composed of numerous red, green and blue LED primitive. The brightness of each color LED, the wavelength of consistency determines the entire screen brightness uniformity, white balance consistency, chromaticity consistency. In general, the display device manufacturers require suppliers to provide 5nm wavelength range and 1: 1.3 brightness range LED; these indicators can be achieved by component suppliers were graded by spectral separation.

led display consistency

LED devices as the most critical component full-color LED display, for three reasons: First, LED full-color machine is used in the largest number of key components, using only a few thousand to tens of thousands per square meter LED; secondly, LED the entire screen is to determine the optical properties of the main display, directly impact on the evaluation of the audience. In addition, LED display in the share of the overall cost in the largest proportion, ranging from 30% to 70%. LED selection is determined more than 50% of the entire display quality. If you fail to choose a good LED, no matter how well the other components of the display cannot make up the display quality defects.

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The four elements of improving rental led screen life

  • The four elements of improving rental led screen life

As we all know, Rental led screen is more and more popular,and the LED display was used for a long time.and some led screen may blur, dead lights and other phenomena, and life of these LED display will cause great influence and form additional maintenance costs, how to improve the service life of LED rental screen it?

Affecting the rental LED screen service life have many factors, such as: performance LED lamp beads, supporting parts performance, production processes and applications environment.

(1)The major factor :Performance LED lamp beads is associated most closely with LED display life . Detecting a LED lamp beads good or bad performance of the main indicators are: attenuation properties, UV resistance, water vapor permeability, etc.2a0b-tmp

(2)In addition to the factors of LED lamp, LED Rental Display also uses a lot of other ancillary components such as circuit boards, power supply signal interface, power supply, casing, masks, etc., wherein a part of any quality problems are likely to arise reduce the life of LED screen lease.

(3)LED display product manufacturing process can also affect the fatigue properties of LED display, thereby affecting their life. LED display manufacturing process mainly related to the following aspects: Component storage and presentment process, sealing technology, welding technology furnace, three anti-treatment processes.

(4)Rental LED screen applications environments both indoor and outdoor, different environments on the LED display life have different effects.Indoor temperature difference is small, LED display is not affected by rain, snow and UV rays, its relatively long life; but the temperature difference between the outdoor environment up to 70 degrees, and often susceptible to wind and sun and other factors, harsh external environment will accelerate the aging of the display, shorten the life of the display.


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What’s requirement for outdoor led display except high resolution?

Outdoor LED advertising screen requires a higher resolution to meet the clear display effect in long-range, high light environments compare with indoor full color led display.p16-a-10

Optokingdom online mall news: Outdoor LED advertising screen requires a higher resolution to meet the clear display effect in long-range, high light environments compare with indoor full color led display. The highest resolution of traditional LCD screen can only reach 1024*768 but for LED display normal display under sunshine requires resolution up to 1920*1200 at least. If you want to make outdoor led display work well in complicate outdoor using environment that there are other problem need to be solved. Such as waterproof, dust-proof, lightning protection, anti-riot, anti-reflective, and anti-electromagnetic interference etc.

What does led display need to meet except high resolution?

Outdoor led advertising display need to be featured waterproof and dust-proof. Water and dust is the first ordeal for outdoor led screen, which it requires the water protect rate up to IPX5 to ensure screen run well in rainy day. Dust is an important factor in accelerated aging outdoor led display; outdoor display equipment must be designed the structure of dust and dust filtration equipment, that is to say the protection rate need to up to IP65.

Outdoor advertising led display requires smart keep constant temperature. The heat of led display comes from three main aspects, sunshine, air convection and internal electronic components while it is working. It needs to equip with the device which can learn about the temperature of led display according to the position of install and temperature difference of geography to ensure it run well. No matter what methods that you used for led display heat dissipation ( air-condition cooling, forced air-cooled heat sink cooling) that need to meet the working temperature stay -30℃——55℃ and humidity during  10%——90%.

Outdoor advertising led display need to anti-riot and against theft. Outdoor led advertising display used in public places, so the security issue should be take consider in first. Avoid exposed screws, combined with anti-theft locks and rugged structural support, to solve security problem.


Lighting protection is also requires for outdoor advertising led display. Outdoor display equipment also needs a reliable lightning electrical control design to ensure the device run well during a thunderstorm.

Anti-reflective! If you want to show clear content in outdoor environment that it need to adopt a special coating treatment glass which can improve the image of the visual point of view and resolution, reducing glare from the screen.

The outdoor environment is not controllable, so that anti-electromagnetic interference is very important for led display screen outdoor use. We can’t change the using environment but we can shield the components of led display that can prevent internal device, cables to signal disturb and external electromagnetic interference.

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