How LED defeat the threatening OLED and hold the market share?


In recent years, OLED has become a term with quite high frequency appearing in relevant reports in display industry. This new term makes many people confused as the difference between OLED and LED lies in a single word. Although OLED is mainly used in some applications with small size screens, like mobile phones, in the field of large screen display, some enterprises has already felt threatened by it. Regarding the seemingly upcoming OLED, can traditional LED enterprises defeat it and hold a high market share as before?

First of all, there are some conceptual differences between OLED and LED. As the word LED shows, Light-emitting diode is the pixel display of LED, and the color LED display consist of three basic light emitting elements including red, blue and green LED, with dot arrays configurations. LED modules, control system and power supply system comprise a complete LED display,which emits lights with different colors by turning on or off the LED lights and then forms the images.

However, OLED works totally different from LED display. OLED, short for organic light-emitting diode, emits lights by driving the organic thin films through electricity, whose emitted lights can be flat colors like white, blue, red, green and so on, or OLED can also achieve a full color effect.

In short, OLED differentiate from LED in emitting ways, materials. Yet both LED and OLED are self-luminous. What should be mentioned is that flexible OLED can be bent, curled and even folded.

How OLED can threaten the position of LED in the display market? Speaking of OLED, people always link it to LCD. Yet even LED is gradually taking LCD, the upcoming OLED will also bring challenges for LED display industry. As one of members in LED display industry, HSTV thinks that traditional LED display can maintain its market share with some countermeasures.

According to HSTV, competition is inevitable, no matter when and where. To hold a high market share, LED enterprises need to adjust market strategy. With the development of LED tech and the decrease of LED display price, LED companies need to mine the application value of LED display, especially small pitch LED displays. Besides, LED enterprises should pay more attention to customer service. A better customer service can be a lasting competition advantage. If you have interest in LED display, welcome to visit our website.

Can small pitch led display keeps growing in the future?


Small pitch LED display has been a focus in LED industry in recent years, thus it becomes the main force to promote the market. Small pitch LED display carries its own characteristics of high definition, legerity and agility, and small possessed space when uninstalling. So Far, small pitch LED display has been mainly used in business, such as conference rooms in enterprises, schools, and used to meed the demands of information presentation in other educational institutions.

Small pitch LED display attracts more and more users in various fields with its outstanding features. Since small pitch LED display made its debut in the market, this kind of LED display has successfully aroused widespread concerns. As the new emerging force in LED display industry, small pitch LED display showed the world an explosive growth with comparatively high sales volume. For example, sales of small pitch display reached over 200 million RMB in 2012, and 800 million RMB in 2013, which is four times of the sales volume in 2012.

Although small pitch LED display enjoys an increasing sales, and the techniques are being steadily improved, can small LED display keep growing and maintain the consumption focus in LED industry is what insiders concerns.

When it comes to the development prospect of small pitch LED display, HSTV, which is a LED display and LED lights manufacturer holds that small pitch LED display is a promising product among all the products in this filed. Since the techniques of LED display has reached a high level, HSTV thinks that consumers of small pitch LED display will shift their focuses to its size, structure, display performance optimization, standardization and also the combination between small pitch LED display and AR, VR, and also 3D technology.

In order to hold superiority in the LED display market, HSTV has been producing and providing various small pitch LED displays to fulfill multiple needs of different consumers and the LED display market. Up to now, HSTV provides LED displays in many kinds, including indoor and outdoor rental led displays, fix mounted led display, led signage, led advertising player and so on, for anyone who are interested in our products, please feel free to send us a inquiry or learn more details on our website.

The reasons why you use led display

LED Displays are a better way to communicate with your customers, staff, students, guests, visitors, anyone! Discover how the POWER of LED’s can increase your bottom line. LED displays will help increase your profits, increase your sales, give your business a professional image and increase customer satisfaction. LED displays require virtually no maintenance, have extremely low energy consumption and feature attention-getting colors.

LED signs have become the advertising and promotion choice of business owners everywhere, such as bank and financial institutions, automotive sales and service, self storage, restaurants, general Retail, schools, church, government military, lean manufacturing, material handling, transportation, rail and transit, airports, sports and entertainment, theaters and cinemas.

LED displays attract potential customers passing your premises and they inform customers who have entered your site.LED displays can be updated instantaneously to inform your customers, staff, students, guests and visitors of recent changes. Let your students know that a class has been moved or has been canceled. Direct incoming visitors to the vacant sections of your parking lot. Direct your hotel guests to the locations of their specific conferences.

HSTV can provide you with an outdoor or indoor display to meet your needs, with the software and interface to operate the display and train your staff to use it effectively.

HSTV products include indoor and outdoor rental led display, fix mounted led display, led signage, led advertising player and so on, you are welcome to send us inquiries.

A brief introduction to led display products.

Led display is becoming common in our daily life, but still there are large groups of users don’t have essentially understanding of led display, HSTV makes the brief led display introduction to help clients:
LED means Light Emitting Diode:
Light emitting diodes emit visible light when electricity is applied. Traditionally LED is created from two semiconductors. By running current in one direction across the semiconductor the LED emits light of a particular frequency (i.e. of a particular color) depending on the physical characteristics of the semiconductor used. The semiconductor is covered with a piece of plastic that focuses the light and increases its brightness. These semiconductors are very durable, they contain no filament, require little power, are very bright and have a long life.

What is a programmable LED display sign?
Programmable LED displays are connected to a computer by cable, modem or via Ethernet. It is also possible to program an LED display sign by means of its own programming keyboard. ALPHA LED displays normally have both options. It is generally simpler and more efficient to program by means of a computer. Software designed especially for programming ALPHA LED displays is available. Most LED Displays are equipped with backup batteries to protect the data in the event of a power outage.

What is the difference between a full matrix and character matrix sign?
On a full matrix sign, there are no spaces between the individual LED cubes. Each cube is directly adjacent to the cubes around it. This makes the sign look like a solid wall of LED pixels, which allows both text and graphics to be displayed. On a character matrix sign, spaces exist between the individual LED cubes, so only text can be displayed.
What is the difference between an indoor and an outdoor sign?
Indoor signs have smaller characters than outdoor signs, because the viewing distance is much shorter. Indoor signs do not have to be as bright as outdoor signs, because they do not have to be viewed in bright daylight. Outdoor signs are manufactured to withstand outdoor conditions of direct sunlight, and large temperature variations, rain, snow and dust.

An outdoor led display accident

There was a strong thunderstorm in Weifang City on June 30 2016, the thunderstorm caused an accident to Weifang Olympic Oktoberfest that the makeshift lighthouse and led display truss got collapsed.


It’s said that the stage lighting and sound items are the center decoration for the Weifang Olympic Oktoberfest, all the devices are imported top-level audio and lighting equipment. However the gorgeous decor did not escape the storm because the stage rental display truss is not stable enough for storm resistance.


Because the rental led display cabinets are light weight, thin, not easily deformed and can be quickly installed, it is widely used for arena, wedding, events and other places. But we should keep in mind the potential security risks and problems when building screens truss. In order to avoid such accidents, HSTV suggests clients build suitable led display stage from the following two basic aspects:

First is to choose led cabinet which is light weight and easy to be assembled and disassembled, such as the carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, the unique nano-polymer materials and other new materials can significantly reduce the rental display weight and thickness. These cabinets are good for display quick installation and maintenance and reduce the burden for stage truss so as to increase the security.
Second is to select a regular construction project team to build the stage truss. They can make sure reasonable steel structure building and avoid the potential security problems due to wind and other external factors.

why use led display for advertising ?

Along with the technology developing, led display screens are widely used in different places. The high efficiency advertising benefits you a lot. HSTV summarizes the reasons as below:

1. Led display screen make your idea come to life. Led display screen can play video. More contents can be show on the screen. Video can is easy to draw people’s attention.
2. High brightness can fit any circumstance even under high ambient light conditions. It can ensure people watch the advertising comfortable.
3. High definition make image vivid and lively. High definition guarantees the contents can reach the effect as you design. Show every single detail of your advertising.
4. Wide viewing angle makes your advertising reach everywhere. Large display screen can attract more people. Wide viewing angle sends advertising in the front of audiences even in distance.
5. You may worry about the quality of outdoor led display screen. IP65 waterproof and dust proof protect led display out of water and dust. All outdoor weather available.
6. Long life span guarantees high quality.
7. Safety. Led light safer than liquid crystal. It won’t explode by itself. And lifetime up to 100000 hours.
8. Suitable for outdoor environment. Such as highway, school, square, station and hotel.
9. Good appearance. Elegant exterior design fit noble places.
10.Transparent price all in optokingdom.com. Low price led display screens sale online.

Led display applications in sport stadium

The European Cup was officially began in Paris, France at three o’clock Beijing time on June 11. European Cup was held in ten cities of France, the 24 European strong teams and 51 matches ignited millions of passionate fans. It’s quite sensibly that such a wonderful event can’t leave led display. HSTV summarizes the following applications for led display in sport stadium:

High refresh full color big LED screen: it is used for highlighting the stadium live broadcast or wonderful slow-motion replay and so on.

LED perimeter display: it’s not only used for playing any length bar advertising, but also used for information dissemination.

Bucket-type led display: it’s one of the most common led displays for sports stadium applications, can be used for sports live broadcast, wonderful shot replay, commercial advertising broadcasting, as well as a timing and scoring classification.

Timing and scoring LED screen: it is connected to the game timing and scoring system to display the players’ game scores and related information. from the sense of a game, it is very important and necessary because general sport events are inseparable from the timing and scoring LED screen.

The ten possible reasons for LED drive failure

Basically speaking the core function of LED drive is to transfer the input AC voltage source into output current source which follows Vf forward voltage drop changes. As the key component for LED display products, LED drive quality will directly affect the display reliability and stability. HSTV based on related technologies and applications, lists the to possible reasons for LED drive failure:

1. Ignore the LED lamp Vf variation range and result led lamps low efficiency and even unstable performance.
2. Ignore the power margin and derating requirement.
3. Have poor knowledge about LED display operation characteristics.
4. Unauthorized use of coupling voltage regulator for LED drive power supply during testing
5. Don’t use specified electric loading for LED drive testing
6. Following situation will result in LED drive damage:
AC is connected to LED drive DC output interface caused LED drive failure;
AC is connected to DC/DC drive input or output interface caused LED drive failure;
Constant current output is connected to adjustable light received caused LED drive failure;
The phase line is connected to ground caused LED drive has no output.
7. Outdoor projects usually use three phase four wire system, wrong phase connection results LED drive failure.
8. Grid fluctuation range beyond reasonable margin caused LED drive failure.
9. Frequent tripping circuit caused LED drive failure.
10 poor heat emission caused LED drive failure.

Readers are welcome to follow our technical articles on www.optokingdom.com to learn the detailed explanations for each of the reasons.

LED Display failure and solutions

The LED display will occasionally gets in failure, HSTV analyzes the reason and gives suggestions as below:
A. Output in question
1, the detection output interface to the signal output of the IC is connected or short circuit.
2, the detection output latch clock signal is normal.
3. The last driver to detect whether data cascaded output data interface port and output port connection between IC or short circuit.
4, the output signal if there is mutual short-circuit or shorted to ground.
5, check the output of the cable is good.
B. When all bright a line or lines does not shine
1, the detection circuit 138-4953 Weld between whether open or short circuit.
C. The entire board is not bright
1. Check the power supply and signal cable is connected.
2, check whether the test card to identify the interface, the test card is not recognized by the flashing red light, check whether the lamp board test card with power, or in light board interfaces have signal and ground lead to a short circuit can not recognize the interface. (Intelligent Test Card)
3, detecting the presence or absence 74HC245 Weld short circuit, if the 245 corresponding enable (EN) signal input and output pin Weld or shorted to other lines.
NOTE: The main check the power and enable (EN) signals.
D. When point oblique scanning, regular interlaced display overlapping does not shine
1. Check the A, B, C, D signal input port to have a break or whether Weld, short-circuiting between the 245.
2, detection A, B, C, D output terminal between 138 and 245 corresponding to the open circuit or cold solder joint, shorted.
3, if a short circuit or a short circuit between the signal and ground detection A, B, C, D each signal.
NOTE: The main line signal detection ABCD.
E. Show confusion, but the output signal is normal under one board
1, detected 245 corresponding STB latch side latch output terminal of the drive IC is connected or the signal is shorted to other lines.
F. When there is a full light does not shine or a few columns
1. Find the column control pin on the module, measuring whether the driver IC (74HC595 / TB62726 ,,,) connected to the output.
G. A single point or single highlight, or the entire line is highlighted, and not controlled
1, check whether the column is short-circuited and the power ground.
2, testing whether the line short-circuit the positive supply voltage.
3, to replace its driver IC.
H. Show confusion, the output is not normal
1, the detection clock signal CLK STB latch short circuit.
2, testing whether there is a clock CLK 245 input and output.
3, the detection clock signal is shorted to other lines.
Note: The main clock and latch signal detection.
I. Display lack of color
1, 245 detect the color data end if there is input and output.
2, testing the color data signal is shorted to other lines.
3, whether there are open or shorted, Weld-level data to detect even the color of the mouth between the driver IC.
Note: You can use the voltage detection method is easier to find the problem, test the voltage data port is different than normal, identify the problem areas.
J. There are single-point or multi-point full on (no law) does not shine
1, to find whether the module corresponds to the Bank’s short-circuit measurement and control pin.
2, the replacement module or a single lamp.
K. When the scanning line, two lines or lines (usually a multiple of 2, there is regularity) simultaneously lighting
1, if a short circuit is detected between A, B, C, D of each signal.
2, testing whether the 4953 output with other output short circuit.

how to distingusih the led display quality?

Led display products is getting more and more popular for modern life, how to distingusih the led display quality? HSTV listed the following methods:

1. Flatness
Surface flatness of the display should be within ± 1mm, so as to ensure the display image is not distorted. Partial raised or recessed will lead to the display viewing angle appears dead. The quality of flatness is determined mainly by the production process.

2. Brightness and viewing angle
Indoor full color screen brightness should be 800cd / m2 or more, outdoor full color screen brightness should be 6000cd / m2 or more, so as to ensure the normal operation of the display, otherwise the displayed image can’t be seen due to low brightness.

3. The balance effect
White balance is one of the most important indicators of the display. Red, green and blue color science should take in the ratio of 1: 4.6: 0.16 in this way pure white is possible, if the actual proportion of any deviation occurs, the white balance bias. White balance is mainly determined by the quality of the display control system

4.The color reduction
Color reduction refers to the color display of color reduction. Display height should be consistent with the color of the playback source, so as to ensure realistic images.

5. Have mosaics, dead phenomenon
Mosaic refers to appears on the display lit or normally black small four-square, both modules necrosis, connector quality mainly used for the display, but off.
Dead point is steady appear on the display or normally black single point, how good or bad from the die to determine the dead point.

6. Have color
Color refers to the existence of obvious color difference between adjacent modules, transition colors in module units, the color phenomenon is mainly caused by the control system is poor, the gray level is not high, low scanning frequency caused.