Quick Install LED Display Tips

1, check the power supply voltage, find the DC positive and negative connection switch power supply, connect the 220V power line to the switching power supply

2. Turn the power off first. Connect the V+ to the red line, the V- connection, the black line, respectively, to the control card and the LED unit board, the black line access control card and the GND of the power supply. The red line connects the control card to the +5V and the VCC to the cell board

3, connection control and unit board, with good cable, connection. Pay attention to the direction, you can’t answer it

4, connect the RS232 data line, the data line to a head connected to the computer DB9 serial port, the other end is connected with the control card, DB9 5 feet (brown) connected to the control card GND, DB9 3 feet (brown and white) connected to the control card RS232-RX. If your PC does not have a serial port, you can go to the computer city to buy a USB to RS232 serial conversion line.

5, again check the connection is correct, black line connection is -V and GND. The red lines are +V and VCC +5V.

6, connect 220V, under normal circumstances, the power light, control card bright, the screen has shown. Check the connection if it is not normal. Or check for error checking

7, open the downloaded software, set the screen parameters, send subtitles.


Common LED Screen Module Categories and Advantages & Disadvantages

According to the process of LED display surface processing, we can divide it into plug-in module, patch module, sub patch module, three in one paste module, and three abreast to one module.

indoor rental
Plug-in module
Refers to the encapsulation of DIP lamp will light feet through the PCB board, the tin filled in the lamp hole welding, LED display module made by this process is plug lamp module; has the advantages of large angle, high brightness, good heat dissipation; the disadvantage is the small pixel density.
Surface mounted module
Surface mount is also called SMT, the encapsulation of SMT lamps by welding on the surface of the PCB plate, light feet not through the PCB board and the advantages are: wide view, display image soft, pixel density, suitable for indoor viewing; the disadvantage is that the brightness is not high enough, the radiating tube is not good enough

P5-32x32-8scan (2)
Sub surface mounted module
Is a product between DIP and SMT, the LED lamp package surface and SMT, but its positive and negative pins and DIP, production is through PCB welding, LED screen module has made this kind of process is: high brightness, good display effect, the shortcoming is: complex process maintenance difficulties.
Three in one SMD
Refers to R, G, B three different colors of LED chip packaged in the same colloid, the advantages are: simple production, display effect is good, the drawback is: split color separation difficult, high cost
Three abreast to one SMD
Refers to the R, G, B three independent packaging SMT lights in accordance with certain spacing perpendicular together, so that not only has three in one all the advantages, but also to solve the three in one of the shortcomings
As can be seen above, these 5 different LED screen modules have different advantages and disadvantages, so when you customize the LED display, you should choose according to the actual application and the scene.

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LED Screen Goes Black Screen, How To Quickly Return To Normal

LED screen goes black screen, in fact, is the easiest eliminated and solved in all the trouble problems, Optokingdom carry these problems and solutions , concluded and arranged in detail,  When we come to this kind of problem, never helplessly!
Fault 1:LED screen full screen black screen
Inspection method:
1. Check whether the power supply is energized.
2. Check whether the control host is open, whether the communication line is plugged in, whether the sending card is inserted, whether the data line between the multimedia card and the acquisition card and the sending card is connected well, whether the switch position of the receiving card is correct or not.
Processing method: make sure the power supply is powered on, the host is opened, the communication line is inserted, the sending card is inserted again, and the data line between the media card and the acquisition and sending card is re inserted. Adjust the switch position. Note: when you start LED display, you can not find the signal between the control system COM port and the data sending card, indicating that the acquisition line is not connected or the computer itself COM port is bad. You need to connect the data line and even replace the computer.
Fault 2: whole unit board black
1, Check whether the signal line is normal, check whether the upper and lower module corresponding pin is connected.
3, Check the signal line, the output pin to the foot of the module is connected.
4, Several consecutive display panels transverse direction blank screen, check the normal unit plate and abnormal unit plate between the cable connection is connected; or chip 245 is normal,
5, Several continuous board longitudinal direction is not bright, check the power supply of this column is normal or not.
Processing method: if the signal line is normal, the upper and lower modules are connected with each other, and the output pins of the signal line to the foot of the module are re inserted, and the cable between the normal unit plate and the abnormal unit plate is re inserted to ensure that the power supply is normal.

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LED Dance Floor Manufacturers

The LED dance floor is one of the most important applications in the LED display industry, and its emergence is a major trend in the design of stage advertising. It is used in the stage show place, very good to rendering, decoration, lighting effects, strange shapes, magnificent stage engineering, called optical films like building a miracle. And there are many types of LED dance floor, the new LED dance floor manufacturers which is best?

Stage LED display
The new LED dance floor refers to the new stage form that combines the creative LED screen with 3D and other dynamic light and shadow display technologies, such as the transparent LED display screen and the stage effect, which are distinguished from the conventional LED display screen stage effect. The appearance of the new stage rental screen makes the stage’s style of expression more colorful, giving people a colorful visual eye, and interpreting fantastic beauty of light and shade. In choosing the new stage rental led screen manufacturers, we should pay attention to the following aspects:
First of all, depends on the strength of manufacturers. Factory strength represents many aspects, including its registered capital, site size, R & D strength, staff team, production capacity and other aspects, they are a symbol of enterprise strength brand. Powerful enterprises, large companies means better market reputation, the quality of their products as well as guaranteed after-sales service.

Second, the price of the products depends on the price. Price is the core of the most widespread concern among users, because everyone likes to buy products of high quality and low price. The user can select several manufacturers to compare prices, but do not need to blindly down prices, as the saying goes, no good cheap goods, the price is too low, the majority of product quality is also not so good, after all, the enterprise can not be a fool. Optokingdom here suggested that users can combine the project budget, select the appropriate stage rental screen manufacturers, so as to better promote the project’s economy, effective implementation.
The last thing to look at is technology. The choice of LED dance floor manufacturers not only to see the strength of the manufacturers and the price, still need to see whether manufacturer of patent technology, project implementation experience is mature, take the hand of many successful cases, the reputation of the industry is good, what are the advantages compared with similar manufacturers, the implementation of the project is stable? In general, the LED dance floor manufacturers advanced technology have rich project experience, and can help users to reduce many problems in the implementation of the project installation and customer service process, more time can be avoided and the unnecessary expenditure of funds.

At present, there are many manufacturers who make LED dance floor on the market. Users can make comparisons and make on-the-spot visits, and finally choose their own partners. Optokingdom has created a new LED dance floor with originality, this dance floor led display adopted synchronous control system which achieve high definition and gentle display effect, combine stage virtual scene and performance perfectly. 16BIT color processing technology make image show every detail more clearly. It adopted high-strength acrylic glass mask and strong aluminum-magnesium alloy case which features high anti-impact performance. Can be trampled on freely. The load-bearing arrange is 500kg/㎡. LED display can cool down sufficiently ensure working stable. The temperature of mask is very low without any other assist heat dissipation device, natural wind cooling without any noise.

Common LED Display Cabinets VS Waterproof LED Display Cabinets

What is the difference between common LED display cabinets and waterproof LED display cabinets ? How to choose between these two kinds of cabinets ? We believe that many of us don’t know the answers of these two questions. Because of the influence of the wet rainy weather, we usually use waterproof cabinets on outdoor led displays. on the contrary, indoor environment asks less for waterproof requirements, so it is better to choose simple cabinets when we design indoor LED displays. But how to distinguish between them is another question. Optokingdom would like to offer some information about it for you.
common LED display cabinets and waterproof LED display cabinets

The difference between common LED display cabinets and waterproof LED display cabinets on the aspect of structure is that : there are no back doors and fans on simple cabinets. The advantages of common LED display cabinets are reduced weight and reduced cost.

Edge–Wrapping is an essential process for both simple cabinets and waterproof cabinets. Simple cabinets that apply stainless steel edge–wrapping process have simple structures, at some level, they can be designed to be waterproof. Waterproof cabinets are fully sealed up so they are able to keep dry under the normal outdoor rainy conditions.

More and more people now apply simple cabinets even when design outdoor led displays because the cost of waterproof cabinets is very high and some simple cabinets can be designed to be waterproof as well as waterproof cabinets.

The trend of cabinets designing seems develops towards“thin”and “easily–disassemble”. But from a professional point of view, “fully sealed up”and “thin”doesn’t always means perfect. We can take the example of your computer machine box, the cabinet structure only make it dust proof, once plenty of water comes in, internal damage will definitely happen. On the other hand, it is not conducive to dissipate heat in a small space.

How to Solve Outdoor Monochrome LED Display Garbled

How should we do when Monochrome LED display appear unintelligible text ? Some outdoor display in the process of use, especially outdoor walk word monochrome LED display, there will be unintelligible text appear. how to solve?
1. Leakage water problems
First of all, the LED screen appears unintelligible text, mostly related to leakage, due to improper rain protection measures, water immersion after rain. Cause short circuit board, and then form garbled. If this happens, build a vendor and repair it immediately.
2. Transmission data problems
The control circuit of the brain output to the screen is out of order, focusing on the screen power supply and signal input section. Like the control system board damage, data line interface damage, data line damage, and so on, will cause outdoor screen garbled.
3. Cable problems
In case of power failure, test whether the power supply of the defective module is normal (if the abnormal first piece is dark and 80% is the power supply problem)
4. Software or control card problems
LED display parameters are not set up, this time you need to determine the scanning configuration problems, usually 1/4 sweep; if not software problems, check the control card problem; and then make it bad, only contact service providers to solve.

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The Most Common Four LED Screen Assembly Method

LED display screen assembly is a complex and tedious process, and each link requires engineering and technical personnel have excellent professional skills, to be able make LED display products do precisely and fine. Insiders know that the LED display is composed of many modules which are spliced, and the module is assembled by many beads. In the LED display assembly process, assembly steps ring after ring, ring must be careful, otherwise it will affect the LED display effect. In order to meet the requirements of large area, high brightness and dynamic display screen of LED display, as well as matching drive requirements of LED driver. The following describes the four types of LED display connection form:

1, the whole screen of LED display screen series: general assembly simple series connection in LED1-n, end to end, is equal to the current through LED display work. The other is an improved method of 1.1 with series connection with bypass.

2, LED screen whole screen parallel assembly method: one is simple parallel form, and the other is independent matching parallel form. The LED1-n in a simple shunt is parallel to each other, and the voltage on each LED is equal when operating. The reliability is not high, but also for the issue of parallel form, independent, with good effect, single LED display driver to protect the integrity, failure does not affect other work, can be matched with different characteristics.

3, LED display cross array assembly mode: cross array shape, mainly in order to improve the reliability of LED display work, reduce the failure rate raised.
4, LED display mixed assembly method: appeal by parallel and series of advantages put forward by each other. Also includes 2 kinds. One is the combination of the first and the subsequent, and the other is the combination of the first and the subsequent.
The above four type LED display, assembly, connection, each has its advantages and disadvantages, according to different applications, choose the most suitable LED display connection. Many engineering people tend to ignore this, leading to a variety of connection faults in the LED display, which ultimately affect product quality and reduce user confidence. Thus, the assembly of the LED display, details determine success or failure!

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Whether Indoor LED Screen Can Change to Outdoor Use or Not

Recently optokingdom Mr Cen met customer consultation, said his indoor LED display used for a period of time, now want to change to use in outdoor environment. asked that if he can change the indoor led screen to the outdoor LED screen directly? To solve this problem, we answer the following questions for our clients:
First of all, this is definitely not changed, the main reasons are as follows:
1. Brightness limits. Indoor LED screen brightness requirements are not high, using a dynamic scanning circuit, outdoor led screen brightness higher, static scanning circuit, the hardware difference between the two. Dynamic scanning is actually in order to save hardware cost and use, with the driver chip number is more than ten times, determines the indoor display brightness is relatively low, generally 1500cd/ square meters or so, only suitable for indoor use.
2. Waterproof limits. Indoor screen structure does not require simple waterproof or water treatment, and outdoor LED display high waterproof requirement in production when the waterproof treatment of cable and the box, so in the box structure itself requires a difference.
3. Viewing distance limit. Indoor LED display viewing distance is generally P3 P4 P5 P6 model, so the area is generally small, in 15 square meters, while the outdoor LED display requirements viewing distance is more far away, the model is generally P10 P16 P20, so it decided it’s area much larger, more than 30 square.
In a word, the indoor and outdoor LED display screen because of its brightness, water-proof treatment, selection of different models, resulting in the different from start of production, raw materials, accessories, cabinet and other hardware , so it is not good to change, change will only The loss outweighs the gain. You’d better to buy another one outdoor led display.

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Comprehensive Analysis of LED Strip Curtain Screen Features

LED display in the exhibition, stage effect, as well as high-end display fields, have emerged, and the practical performance is more and more widely. In the future, in the field of outdoor advertising, LED screen big screen will continue to play the performance characteristics and technical advantages, LED strip curtain screen as part of the LED display, of course, also quickly applied to various industries.

LED strip curtain screen
LED curtain with strip, hollow, transparent, does not affect the product characteristics of ventilation and lighting, also known as the LED light transparent screen, LED bar screen, LED hollow screens, LED strip curtain screen compared to common LED screen, what is the different? What are the unique advantages of the LED strip curtain screen?
1, LED strip curtain screen mainly for home and outside super large real-time display project, for large-scale rental stage;
2, To ensure that the outdoor reality engineering pixel brightness enough, front module do waterproof processing with silicone potting silicone, color can be according to the engineering requirement, the control card designed with the exterior color, with perfect coordination;
Silicone wire 3 outlet module, high and low temperature will be excellent, with professional waterproof connectors, fully sealed waterproof structure protection grade professional design meticulously to 1P67 can adapt to a variety of indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity environment, working environment and -20 range up to 80 degrees Celsius, can work in the rain;

4, A number of mold stage can be composed of full-color display wall;
5, Digital tube can be used as linear light source, from the connection point, light source, lighting effect is more different;
6. The utility model can be combined with various shapes optionally, and the installation is convenient, and the appearance and the structure of the original object are not affected;
7, LED strip curtain display can be used for outdoor and indoor, require light transmittance, display pixel size is large, has a certain decorative effect of the large screen display applications, it is a LED between the normal display and lighting lighting display applications;
8, The display unit is a strip can be assembled into the inner arc surface display, display outer arc surface, inner circle surface display, S display surface, globular shape and other special-shaped screen, a display screen can not achieve the routine;
9, LED strip curtain screen has light weight, good wind resistance, easy installation, good heat dissipation, convenient front and rear maintenance, good waterproof performance, good seismic performance, low cost of auxiliary installation frame, no fan mute, and so on;
With the rapid development of display industry and the unique advantages of LED strip curtain display, there will certainly be a peak era in the future.

How to Use Notebook System to Control LED ad Screen

Senior technical personnel in general LED display industry all know, LED advertising screen to show the performance and effect is high, but for the convenience of control LED screen control system should have input and output interface and remote communication function is enough. The system structure of our LED based ad screen controller based on HDMI1.3 technology. The system can be divided into 6 types: analog input, 1 way VGA input, 2 DVI input, state indication, real time clock, and optical fiber data transmission model.
At present, the LED advertisement screen mainly has two kinds of synchronous display and off-line display according to the data transmission mode. LED advertising screen control this is a synchronous display system, which uses a set of embedded system for LED screen video source, which can reduce the cost, but also has feasibility and high flexibility, easy construction. Independent video LED advertising screen system is completely out of the control of the computer, and it can realize communication, video playback, data distribution, scanning control and other functions. Since the controller is controlling the large frame data, it is necessary to allocate the data provided by the video source, and send the data from different ranks into different controllers.
The data correction module receives the input data from the front end and stores the data by point by point correction, and then stores the data in SDRAM. The field data is then divided into 8 groups and sent to the LED ad screen distributor at the same time.
FPGA according to the timing relationship, the input data is read into the next step. Because the parameters of the LED advertisement screen can not be exactly the same in the process of production, the LED tube must be filtered to obtain good image display effect.
When the data is assigned, the signals are transmitted in the form of LVDS. Because this system uses MCU+FPGA structure, thus realizing network remote operation of the real, not only can be used as a LED screen controller, the display will be more nodes to form a large outdoor advertising media network. According to HDMI technology to control LED advertising screen, the brightness is appropriate, the use of fine resolution, high field scanning frequency, high pixel, can be used for outdoor broadcast level applications. The design through single point correction, which allows buyers to relax the LED in brightness and color requirements, and related procurement costs will also be reduced.