How are play online video by LINSN software


  • Open the website of video and found out the flash address, then copy the address.


  • 1


  • Open LED studio software, new folder-file-add homepage and paste the address.


  • 2


  • Fill in the maximum value on the speed and stay item after entering the address.



And then you can play this video. More software control system teaching lesson, please follow our YouTube Channel: Optokingdom LED

Outdoor LED display select and install considerations

1.Led display has been installed in outdoor environment which suffering the rain, wind and dust. Electronic equipment is rained or serious damp that would cause short-circuit or even fire. Led display screen is also need to fight against to the thunder and strong electromagnetism.

2.Ambient temperature varies greatly. The led display will produce a certain amount of heat on working. If the temperature of environment is high and the heat dissipation is bad that would influence the PCB board to make the led display can’t work correctly.

3.The led display will face the sunshine directly. The strong sunshine will influence the display effect

  • For the above special requirements, outdoor led display must be done as follow:

1.The combination between led screen with the structure and the structure with the building must be strictly waterproof. And the led display itself also need to be equipped with good drainage system.

2.Install lightning protection devices on LED displays and buildings. Led display need to be grounding and grounding resistance is less than 3 ohms, so that the large current caused by lightning can discharge timely.

3.Install cooling devices to keep inner temperature of led cabinet between -10℃~40℃. Install the axial fans after the top of led display to discharge heat.

4.Select the operating temperature -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ industrial grade integrated circuit chip to prevent the winter temperature is too low to start led display.


What is the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor LED display

indoor led display

A very important difference of indoor LED display and outdoor led display is the LED’s brightness, Indoor LED displays are just bright enough to be seen indoors, but have not bright enough to be seen in direct sunlight. Outdoor led panel signs can be seen and used in full-on, mid-day sunlight, and are weatherproof to withstand the harsh environmental conditions. Sometimes, people choose an outdoor led panel sign for indoor use, they just want the led panel sign to be seen from the street.

Another difference between indoor LED screens and outdoor LED screens relates to the resolutions that the screens offer. Because outdoor LED screens are normally intended to be viewed from farther distances than their indoor counterparts, outdoor screens can rely on lower resolutions with very little compromise in terms of visibility. Indoor LED screens that are intended to be viewed from shorter distances require higher resolutions to achieve picture with optimal quality.

The most obvious and commonly thought of difference between indoor LED displays and outdoor LED displays relates to the ability of the display to withstand inclimate weather conditions. Because indoor LED displays are not exposed to the elements, additional protections are not necessary, whereas with outdoor LED displays, weather protection is not an option, especially in certain geographic regions where extreme weather conditions are frequently experienced.

No matter the type of LED screen you are looking to purchase, there are certain characteristics that you should be sure to take into account. There are reasons why we manufacture indoor LED displays the way we do, and there are other reasons why outdoor LED displays are manufactured differently. When deciding which LED screen is right for you, be sure to take each of these factors into consideration.

Need Outdoor LED screens for your advertising?
At optokingdom, we offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor LED displays for advertising and beyond. Many of our product lines, such as our led strip screen series and led mesh screen series is particularly well adapted for use in outdoor environment, because of their cheap price but high quality and good in practicability

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Optokingdom Launches a New Attractive Mesh Led display is launching its new series of customizable led screen solutions for outdoor use. This LED display with creativity and flexibility of use in mind.

Unique design

LED Waterproof Screen

The outdoor decorative aluminum led curtain screen is the perfect architectural decoration patterns in the daytime because its unique appearance design. And it becomes led display screen to display image and video at night.

Ultra-lightweight, super slim, saving transport cost

HD outdoor LED Display

This led curtain screen only weight 5kg/sqm, which is easy to install. The convenient installation help everyone can install over 50sqm every day. 30sqm decorative aluminum Led curtain screen can be packaged in one CMB which is save a lot in transportation. It is not only good for transport but also good for maintenance. Front and rear maintenance are available due to its special design.

strip curtain led advertising displays

Translucent screen with exquisite appearance
this led display can be installed directly on the wall or glass. The hollow design makes permeability up to 70% which is conducive to ventilation and lighting. The exquisite appearance is good for decoration of shopping mall, hotel, office building and 5s shop etc.

The Color would not change within 20 years, exquisite designs can be customized.It can display text, image and video. Low power consumption is also good for long life span.Aluminum frame with stable performance.  Waterproof, anti-dust, wind resistant and anti-corrosion function which is suitable for all kinds of using environment.

outdoor advertising display

This decorative screen is very easy to set up. The cabinet was designed by our engineer very attentively and adopted advanced technology to manufacture which support front and rear installation. Cooling with wind is environment friendly and make noise free.

strip curtain led advertising displays

The screens are perfect for stadium, shopping mall, 5s car shop and theme park etc.

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We are the most trusted online store for LED Displays and LED screens. We offer the highest quality of LED Screens and LED Displays suitable for both indoor and outdoor advertisement.

Recommend a great product – led strip curtain screen

Led strip curtain display screen is mainly suitable install on high building external glass wall, roof of building and shop window showcase. These led display modules feature excellent transparency, light transmission and ultra-lightweight. With the simply install structure and fantastic appearance, they are very popular by customer and made excellent advertising effect.

Perfect display effect

The display image of outdoor led strip curtain display is vivid and live. The brightness can automatic adjust according to the using environment.

outdoor advertising display LED Waterproof Screen

Ultra-thin and light structure design with high transparency, automatic cooling without air conditioner.

Ultra-light structure significantly reduces the weight of cabinet, which is easy for installation, maintenance and transportation. Lightweight led curtain display screen can be installed on glass wall directly and the transparency rate is up to 80% which is good for sunshine and wind pass through.

Save time and labor cost

Simple install structure can be set up very fast which save time and labor cost.

HD outdoor LED Display strip curtain led advertising displays

Low power consumption saves energy

Average power consumption is 150w/sqm .Ultra-low running power consumption saves energy for you. No fans design makes noise free.

Compare with traditional led screen on roof

Outdoor SMS led strip curtain led display suitable used in the places with strong wind Ultra-Lightweight structure and anti-wind feature ensure its safety even in typhoon weather. The safety of traditional led display in typhoon weather is not good enough.

outdoor advertising display LED Waterproof Screen

Compare with normal led display installed on external wall

Led strip curtain led display not only features lightweight structure but also has beautiful appearance which can be installed on the wall without any change. The weight of normal led display is heavy which need to change the wall structure to support it.

Install on building external glass wall

Architectural contour and wall structure does not to be changed due to its lightweight and hollow design. It is also good for lighting. Normal led display screen need to make install structure and will break the structure of building.

HD outdoor LED Display strip curtain led advertising displays

Compare with outdoor advertising screen

Outdoor SMD led strip curtain display can be installed directly on original structure and fast set up. Traditional normal outdoor display need to make extra steel structure to fixed which will cost you more on structure.

Top protect level ensure led curtain display run well in different using environments.

Adopt quality material which ensures the led curtain display features waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-resistant, wind-resistant. No easy failure part ensures stable running and long life span. The conversion power supply is also become higher.

High-Quality LED Screen Cheap Price LED Display


Outdoor SMD led strip curtain display is suitable for making large outdoor advertising. It can be installed in building external wall, stadium, and viewing platform etc.

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Four principles of LED display steel structure design

The reliability, flatness, screen integrity and easy to install are the main factors in led display steel structure design.

Easy to install and maintain. The convenient of installation and maintenance need be considered in structure design. such as, maintain access, cables connection channel.

111Reliability: stable is the premise of steel structure, combined with the install environment at the scene, the balance of the force fulcrum, the structural capacity of the display should be greater 20% than the weight of led displays.

Integrity: Steel structure need to design for other devices except led displays. Such as speaker, cooling fan, air conditioner etc. And also need to consider about the surrounding decoration and anti-lighting devices set up. These are the factors we need to take into consideration in the first steel structure design. Try to make a beautiful appearance under the premise to ensure the quality and practicality.2

Flatness: The flatness of structure surface will influence the flatness of led screen which is very important of display effect. The structure frame needs to combine with the led display cabinets to ensure the flatness. It also requires ensure the flatness on welding.


Optokingdom led display online mall will design steel structure for you if you purchase led display screens from us. We has a professional team to design and guide your to finish installation if you send the detail of install environment to us. We are not only selling led display screens but also offer one-stop service to your led display project.

What should you do when a led module suddenly turn black on playing?


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What you need to do is to check the power supply work well or not.

Check the indicator light or not.

If the indicator light is green then to check the output voltage of power supply is 5V or not.

If the indicator light is not turn green or the voltage is not 5V that means the power supply is broken.

Please change turn off the led display and change the broken power supply.

Optokingdom led display online mall will share some tips to every client now and then.

How to solve the problem of LED displays not synchronized play?


This led display has 2.58 million pixels total controlled by 2 sending cards. And the image can’t synchronize play on one screen. The splice image is delay on one screen.

This problem general related with video source and sending card. You need to check whether the input signal work correctly and the sending card turn on “half-frame output” model or not at this moment. The sending card will turn on “half-frame output” model when the total pixels over sending card loading pixels.

The led display can work correctly for a period of time but the delay will happen after restarting led screen.

Actually it is very easy to solve this problem. You just need to add more one sending card to control and turn off the “half-frame output” model that would work correctly.

HaiSheng LED Co., Ltd – market leader among led display screen manufacturers

LED technologies are in high demand within the contemporary reality. Thanks to its innovative components, LED display products are replacing from the market the standard billboards and other boring static ways of presenting information. According to the forecasts of the leading European analysts, LED display production will dominate on the advertising and socio-informational markets in 6-8 years. A huge variety of LED display products allows consumers to choose the option that satisfies them, according either to its price or its functionality – starting from a small full color LED signs and ending with a full-scale outdoor LED display screen placed on the buildings facades. LED technologies – the future of advertising HaiSheng LED Co.,Ltd is a number 1 leader among LED display screen manufacturers in China. The company offers to your attention the latest LED display screens optimized for the needs of your business. Depending on your current needs, you can purchase ready-made LED advertising display screens of all sizes and kinds. Currently HaiSheng LED Co., Ltd has wide opportunities and it can implement any idea concerning manufacturing and installation of LED screens – both for outdoor and indoor usage. Nowadays LED screens enjoy recognized authority on the world market. They represent a highly efficient outdoor and indoor advertising, which in turn is the most advanced method of attracting the attention of potential customers. In addition to the dynamic advertising LED display screens have been successfully used to translate live videos. Thus, they could be used for live video translation during mass events, football matches, city festivals, concerts etc. The possibility of combining screens into a network allows a central computer to transfer all the necessary information concerning this or that event to the control computer of each individual LED display screen.
Products offered by HaiSheng LED Co., Ltd:

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High brightness, providing a confident perception of information on the street, even during a very bright sunny day

Low power consumption, which is achieved thanks to the usage of the latest management technologies of LED illumination

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Absence of image jitter and distortion

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