Advertising LED Display Solution

Advertising LED Display Solution

In the field of commercial advertising,it has developed a special uniform standardized outdoor cabinet with the same dimension applicable to displays with different pixel requirements,suitable for exhibitions,theme parks,and outdoor advertising,etc.The complete solution with excellent features including high reliability,highly adaptable,and smart control.Our professional service and high quality are worth your trust. Due to the continuous improvement of LED technology, the cost of LED decreases, and hence the cost of LED displays declines as well. This development helped increase the market for and popularity of LED displays. As the currently most prominent application area for full color LED displays, digital outdoor advertisement now slowly takes over for traditional print ads.

Features and advantages of Advertising LED display Solution

 1)Uniform Standardized cabinet design makes the same cabinet dimension applicable to displays with different pixel requirements; more convenient installation of advertising screens.
2)Unique waterproof cabinet design, in accordance with protection standards IP65; can be directly installed for outdoor use.
3)With sensitive control system, it can adjust screen brightness automatically according to the lighting change of indoor and outdoor, saving energy to reduce your operating costs greatly.
4)High refresh rate and high gray make the picture more realistic, which meets the demand of high visual quality of commercial usage.
5)The advertising contents can be changed at any time, for different customers and various advertisements.
6)LED display supports network control function, allowing you to control the displays of several cities in one place to change the contents at any time.
7)With environmental monitoring systems, you can know the display operation anytime, anywhere.
8)With multi-function card, it can turn on and turn off the screen by software timing or manually at any time, achieving unattended function.
9)Company also provides spare parts. All parts are modular designs, which facilitates after-purchase maintenance.

The advantage of transparent led screen– optokingdom

With the development of science and technology, the window has not only the window, but also the works of art appreciated by the people. In New York, Paris, London and other major fashion capital, the major chain stores glass window, all kinds of goods dazzling, every quarter of the window update will attract a large number of passers-by stop to enjoy. We can found there are some of made by transparent led screen. So what’s the advantage of transparent led screen?

Window transparent led screen known as LED glass screen also, set transparent, good looking, lightweight, hidden and many other advantages in one, it will not affect the glass window lighting and viewing sight, but also has good thermal performance. It broke the conventional led display cannot be applied to the glass limitation, making advertising more vivid, three-dimensional.

transparent led screen

There are several functions of transparent led screen

Selling product

Transparent LED screen is the most direct advertising, visitors can directly through the glass window and display to see the store’s goods, directly stimulate their buying inclination, thereby enhancing the store’s attention rate, Promote the merchandise sales


It can use as advertising tool of the shop and it can help a lot for promotional activities and maximize the effectiveness of advertising

Transparent led screen is widely, it can be used at windows of stores, car 4S shop, high-end clothing store or shopping mall booth and any other theme display function of commercial space. Transparent led screen will more widely using in other places; hope shopkeepers quickly grab this opportunity.

Release information

Transparent led screen is belonging to led display; it can be controlled by computer to playing video, image and text. The shopkeeper can release some promote information, such as discount.

Attract the attention of tourists

Transparent led screen can make glass become transparent display. When the fashionable window “paste” on a huge transparent electronic screen, advertising from static to dynamic, from the dynamic upgrade passers-by “dialogue” shopping experience, this unique, eye-catching design is very attractive

Common mistake on buying led screen

Many people don not know how to identify the factors which affect to buy a led screen which lead to different errors. So how we could avoid these errors. Here it is conclusion to list the common mistake on buying led screen.

  1. buy the best quality

Firstly, the purchase should be based on the real own demand, meet the requirement but also have forward thinking according to market. But we can not blindly pursue the best even though expensive product means better quality or higher level, but we also need to check if it is practical for our own application or not. In the meanwhile, you should consider your own economic condition, or it just waste money buy some unnecessary function.

  1. reply national law too much

The law is published in 1990’s, it is 2017 year now, there are many changes on the standard. For example, dead led is allowed the 5/10000 according to national law, for example, P10 – 10 square meter, 10000pixels on each square meter, it will have 100000pixels, it will allow 50pcs dead led according to old law which is not acceptable for client now.

  1. grey level

Grey level is an important index, there is some led screen with 14bit, 80bit but to be claimed as 256bit, an easy test is to play some exciting sports video to check if the view is vivid or not.

  1. lifespan

Led screen supplier write the lifespan is 100000hours under ideal working environment, the ideal working environment means led screen from lighted to non-luminance under constant voltage constant current in lab, 100000hours means 11 years. But in real application, the lifespan can not be longer than the 100000hours.


 Tips for buying small pitch led screen

Obviously you could feel that small pitch led screen is more and more widely used since it could display higher quality picture/video on led screen to create a visual feast, but what should you pay attention to before you make the decision to buy?

combine pixel pitch, size, resolution

Pixel pitch, size, resolution is the three main factors that people consider before buy led screen, but in fact, it is not the smaller pitch, the higher resolution, the better view effect, it should combine to consider size of the led screen, working environment, installation height etc. The smaller pitch, the higher resolution, the higher price.

consider the maintenance cost

When we are choosing small pitch led screen, we could not only consider the high cost of led screen but also the maintenance cost. The bigger size, the more complicated of maintenance, the higher cost of maintenance. In the meanwhile, the power consumption of small pitch led screen is not a small price also.

signal in compatibility

On small pitch indoor led screen, the signal has different types, quantity, more signal on same led screen, centralized control etc, so we need to take care the signal input more. Not all the small pitch led screen could meet all above mentioned requests, so we need check if current signal equipment could support all the signal or could provide a video processor to support different functions of signal input way. Module/power supply front open service, 160degree wider angle ,500nits – 1500nits brightness.

Tips for installing the led screen

More and more led screen is installed all over the world, but not so many people take care the installation issue, here in this email, some people will install the led screen neglecting government standard or lower the standard of steel structure, cable quality etc, i will introduce some points about the installation work of led screen:

The working environment of led screen is not that bad, sun, rain, there will have shortage happen once the electronic product is damaged even fire.

Led screen is easily to be attacked by the thunder, lighting.

Usually the outdoor led screen is a few square meter even hundred square meter, it request wider view angle, but some installation site will face to sun directly which will affect the view effect

Big temperature change during night and daytime, there will have heat produced when the led screen is working, if the environment is too high, then heat dissipation will be a serious problem, it could have the led screen burned without good solution; if the temperature is too low, the led screen can not work under extreme low temperature.

Here it will be the solution to above mentioned questions:

The steel structure needs to be strong enough considering the base, wind load, waterproof, dust-proof, moistureproof, temperature, lightning-protection etc; and power distribution box, air condition, lighting etc needs to be considered. The steel structure needs to get a permit from government.

Scaffold is an important step also, the solution needs to be qualified.

The power supply system needs to be conformed to local power use standard, led screen is industrial power use standard, three-phase power supply, grounding protection, leakage protection

The led screen and installation site needs to be combined well, design good drainage protection; waterproof level should be at least IP65/IP54

Led screen inside temperature needs to be -10 – +40 degree, could install axail flow fan behind the led screen; choose -40 – +80 industrial drive ic’choose lower power supply if the temperate is too low

Install lightning protection in case big current from lightning could release; thunder could attack led screen, so need to set ground protection, put metal shell, cable metal shell, metal frame of led screen inside on ground

Prepare 1 unit power distribution box once the power consumption is bigger than 10KW, add leakage protection, leakage switch; you could also add the LCD controller in the power distribution box to display the real time temperature, once the led screen inside is over 65 degree, it will remind it and send warming sound, then cut off power automatically to prevent fire.

As we know,TV,computer and LCD all has visual angle.In the led display field,it also has vision angle,What is the vision angle of full color led display?What is visual angle related to?


What is Full color led display screen vision angle

Visual angle which is people can see the content of the led display screen from different angle. Visual angle is also understood as the maximum or minimum angle of view of a screen ,and visual angle is just a reference value,LED visual angle include perpendicular and Visual angles:140°/140°,it is too say,the maximum angle 140°perpendicular and Horizontal maximum angle is 140°,over 140 degree,the view looks not good or blind.

Horizontal visual angle means full color led horizontal line(the middle of line about the led display )on the left or right place also can see the content of the led display very clearly.this angle is the led display horizontal angle;

Similarly,if the horizontal is used as the standard,the up and down visual angle will be the perpendicular angle.In general, visual angles are based on contrast changes.when the visual angle increases.The contrast of the displayed image  at this position will decrease,And when the angle increases to a certain extent,the contrast will be decrease to 10:1,this angle is the full color led max angle.

Full color LED display, visual angle influence factor:

Full color LED screen view angel the bigger the better.

But the size of the visual angle is mainly determined by the way of the core encapsulation,so it must be careful when install the chip.

In addition, the visual angle is closely related to the viewing angle and distance

,at the present most of the led factory are the same.If we custom angle according to the situation,the cost will be very high and the same chip,the bigger vision angle ,the led display brightness will be lower.

LED rental display screen function and advantages

LED rental display screen is a customize rental aluminum cabinet,it is easy to install,light,thin and the shipment suitable for large area rental and fixed installation use synchronous control system,can support DVI,VGA,HDMI,S-video,YUV and all kinds of video input signals,can feel free to play video,Graphic and other programs,Play all kinds of information in real-time, synchronous and clear mode of information dissemination,Vivid color, strong adapt ability

weight:only 8kg,easy install Thin:rental aluminum material,strong toughness, high accuracy, uneasy deformation and save shipping fee

3.high accuracy:Accurate to 0.1mm

4.compatible:suit for outdoor, indoor

5.The up and down, left and right connected by fast lock.

6.cooling fast

7.cost:cabinet weight is light,installation charge low,cabinet Low power consumption,save works charge

How to keep color consistency of led screen?

As you could see, there is color difference on some led screen which block visual feast, but why there is color difference on led screen? According to our nine years’ manufacturing experience, here i would like to share our analyze and solution to solve this problem:

Factors lead to color difference:

  1. led chip

In the production of led chip, it is hard to make sure all led chip is exact same on characters even though in the same batch, but manufacturer will classify different levels of led according to brightness, the more closer brightness between the two levers, the better consistency of led, manufacturer usually control 20% more or less between each two levels.

  1. driver ic

Led screen adopt constant current ic, these driver ic has 16 output of current, the current is controlled by resistance, for same ic, the error needs to be controlled within 3%, for different ic on the same led screen, the error needs to be controlled in 6%. It is normal to have 25% brightness difference on pixels of led screen, but if led chip is not from same level, then the brightness error will reach 40%.

Brightness difference will cause mosaic phenomenon. So how to solve this, here are two tips for your reference:

control the current of led about 20am on each led then it improve the stability

Make use of human being’s visual character, improve the fresh rate then eyes could feel the led pixel is

What’s the method for install outdoor led display supporting pole?


There are for processes for installing outdoor led display; Site survey, equipment structures, installation, debugging.

led display structure

When we set up outdoor led display we need to distinguish wall mounted, hanging and roof type led display.  When install led display we should use with a crane and hoist for sub-hoisting according to the distance and height and incorporate with worker to finish high space working. Safety and refinement operations are the first requirement of installing.

Of course, as an excellent LED display construction workers will only be installed is not enough. Outdoor LED billboards of the main support structure are usually steel materials, it is easily oxidized and cause corrosion when it in the open air environment, by the temperature, humidity, harmful substances and other factors, serious corrosion can make steel components Anti-load capacity greatly reduced, therefore, familiar with some maintenance and reinforcement method is also one of homework to the construction staff.

Basic expansion method: through the provision of concrete casing or reinforced concrete enclosure, to increase the outdoor LED billboards base size, change the basis of billboard base size too smallto reducebearing capacity resulting uneven foundation settlement

Pit-type care method: directly under the basis of the underpinning pit pouring concrete

Pile-based care method:adoptstatic pressure column, into the pile, pouring pile and other types of piles under the base and both sides of led billboard to carry out the basis of reinforcement method

Grouting method: the chemical slurry evenly into the foundation, through the slurry to the original loose soil or crack gel curing, in order to improve the bearing capacity of the foundation and waterproof and impermeable

Strong and firmly supporting structure is very important for led display project. Small optokingdom will keep continue to share more information to our customers.

How to judge the quality of LED chip

In today’s society, the outdoor led display screen become more and more popular,because of the different quality,made the accidents often happen.


So how do we judge the quality of outdoor LED?


Check the chip quality and the chip size,because the chip is the most important

part of the led general,bigger chip will be more stable,function will be stronger,the brightness will be higher and loose heat more faster.

Glue and phosphor

Look at the glue and the phosphor.Good led display screen will use import glue,after packed the led light,and press it by hand,it will be not out of glue not only out of shape,but also broken.


In general, the holder is the silver plated copper holder,it loose heat fast,can cool the led light very quickly,Small resistance.There also has someone use ceramics holder instead of silver plated copper holder,the ceramics holder heat conduction is very good.


LM is the measure of the brightness

The light color

Check the led light color whether coincident or not,good quality led light glow coincidence and the color will be symmetrical,bad quality led light will be looks asymmetric.

Mature taping will be made the led color looks beautiful,it depend on good machine.good machine can guarantee good quality.

In the led display screen field,the most important is the brightness,under the high demand of brightness,heat dissipation will be a big and long problem.Hope it can be solved in the future.