Optokingdom invites you to enjoy the 5th World Internet Conference

The 5th World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang, China from November 7th to 9th, 2018. About 1,500 guests from 76 countries and regions, representatives of international organizations, leading figures in Internet companies, and well-known experts and scholars gathered in Wuzhen to build a network of destiny together in the digital world of creating mutual trust and governance. The theme, on the development of cyberspace, showcases the achievements of information technology innovation, discusses ways of digital economic cooperation, and injects new impetus and new contributions to advance the global Internet governance governance process.

The conference released 15 leading Internet technologies for the world.





1.Apollo automatic driving open platform released.

2. Qualcomm’s world’s first fully integrated 5G new air interface millimeter wave and RF module below 6GHz released.

3. Azure Sphere-microcontroller-based IoT security solution released.

4. Amazon’s fully managed platform Amazon SageMaker released.

5. WeChat mini programs business model innovation.

6. Huawei Ascend 310 chip release.

7.Ant Financial Service’s self-controllable financial-grade commercial blockchain platform.

8.Beijing University cracks information islands interface efficient interoperability technology and Yanyun DaaS system.

9.360 security brain – distributed intelligent network security defense system.

10.Jingdong Intelligent Supply Chain Technology Service Platform.

11.Anmou Technology China’s new artificial intelligence platform.

12.Alibaba Cloud Computing supET Industrial Internet Platform.

13.Tsinghua University CPU hardware security dynamic monitoring and control technology.

14.Artificial intelligence open platform of Xiaomi Smart Home.

15.Tesla intelligent after-sales service.

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Optokingdom shares the reason why outdoor advertising preferred LED display advertising?

Traditional outdoor advertising model (such as single-column advertising, light box advertising, bridge advertising, three-sided advertising, etc.) with the advancement of technological innovation, the traditional industry upgrade. In the past, the old advertising model no longer meets the needs of market users, and traditional outdoor advertising has caused visual fatigue. Outdoor advertisers have to follow the pace of technology, so there is an outdoor LED display advertising, then LED display advertising is better than traditional outdoor advertising in what aspects?

The traditional advertisement publishing information is not as convenient as the LED display information. Every time a traditional advertisement is published, the entire advertisement has to be redesigned and replaced, and labor costs are required, which is time consuming and labor intensive. LED display ads only need to be connected via computer cable or wireless communication (wifi, 3G, 4G), simple settings in the computer, you can use to publish advertising content, convenient and fast.

The traditional advertising form has limited content and cannot fully express the advertising content; while the LED display advertisement, the operator and the publisher can update the LED display advertising content at any time, only need to operate and control the computer, and the updating process is not restricted by other external conditions.

Traditional advertising can only be presented in the form of pictures, lacking creativity and making people forget. LED displays are often more appealing to the public in the form of intuitive, vivid, visual video and 3D effects. They are usually located in public places, transportation routes, plazas, commercial buildings, shopping centers, etc. It is wider than the traditional media audience and has a better communication effect.

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HSTV engineers share How to do emergency protection after led screen is watered

With led screen widely used everywhere, people know the function and outstanding advertising effect of led screen, but not all people know how to solve when there is maintenance work. Here we talk about how to protect the led screen when it is watered.

1.dry the led screen by fans at the earliest time

2.turn on the led screen with below detail steps
1): set 10% full white balance, power on 8-12 hours
2): set 30% full white balance, power on 12 hours
3): set 60% full white balance, power on 12-24 hours
4): set 80% full white balance, power on 12-24 hours
5): set 100% full white balance, power on 8-12 hours

3.led screen will work normally after above mentioned steps, but there are a few points that we need to pay attention to

1)don not put the led screen with water in the flightcase in case the led lamps will be braised to get broken
2)If led screen is restored in warehouse with water, flightcase is probably affected also, you need to dry the flightcase under strong sun and 100% make sure it is dry so that you could move the cabinets into the flightcase
3)During the white balance test, there will have dead led, it is normal
There is no repair value if watered led screen in the flightcase for more than 72 hours, the stability will be influenced much, buy a new led screen is more practi

How to choose high quality small pixel led display

With the continuous improvement of LED display technology, small pixel LED display become more and more excellent. The industry named led display which pixel under 0.8mm small pixel led display. What should we consider about when we choose small pixel led display?
Price. Due to the pixel pitch become small, the led lamps are more intensive. It requirements of small led display heat dissipation, electricity and circuit is higher than other pixel led display. Now, Small spacing LED display technology is still in the development period, not very skilled, resulting in the small distance LED display price is very expensive. But with small pitch LED display technology is more and more skilled, more and more high capacity, the price will be declined. Just like the cellphone, the price is very expensive when it come out but when the cellphone flooded in the market the price is not so expensive.
From the maintenance aspect, although the LED display life is very long, the lamp is more, and the thickness requirements of indoor is lower than outdoor, resulting in the cooling effect is not very good, prone to failure. This situation is hard for small led displays maintain but now there is solution, front maintain led display. Attention should be paid to the purchase and application of small pixel led display
The brightness area ratio of LED display is the ratio of each pixel of luminous surface to the pixel of whole LED display screen, and led display is arranged by discrete pixels, pixels and pixels are very different. Some viewing effect is not good in very close distance and uneven brightness will have granular things. If the light source is in very small pixels, the brightness index of a pixel is very high; it will cause a strong visual impact.
Flat LED display is recognized in the industry ‘TCO’ 99 standard requirements, LED lights can not less than 50%, but now many of the LED display on the market cannot meet the requirements
The TV low-pass filter cut-off characteristics also affect the proper shooting distance of the LED display screen with different filling coefficients. The attenuation of small filling coefficients is more than large filling coefficients, so it required in long distance to take a photo. If the low-pass filter pass band is 4MHz, and the high frequency attenuation characteristic 12db/ octave, then the shooting distance of the fill factor 25% is more attenuated 1.15db than the fill factor 50%, and the shooting distance needs to be increased by about 10%. The increase of fill factor is the wider application of LED display color difference is more ideal, perfectly solved the dazzling problem, now the LED display creation conditions are also getting better and better.
It is aims to achieve high-definition of small distance LED display, enter the home appliance industry. Now the LED display is used as municipal project l and commercial media. If you enter the home appliance industry and sells to every family, which is undoubtedly a display revolution
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Hai sheng engineers analyze LED display control card FAQ

Hai sheng engineers analyze LED display control card FAQ
1. How to determine whether the control card is working properly?
After the control card is powered on, observe the power indicator first. The red light indicates that the 5V voltage has been connected. If it is off, turn off the 5V power supply immediately. Check whether the 5V working voltage is connected properly, whether it is overvoltage, reverse connection, failure, output short circuit, etc. Please use a separate 5V power supply for the control card. If the red light is not on, repair it.

2. When the control card is normal, why is there no display or abnormal brightness?
After connecting the control card and display driver, the default is 16 scan. If there is no display, please check whether the data polarity and OE polarity setting in the control software are correct. If the brightness is abnormal, one line is particularly bright, indicating that the OE setting is reversed. Set OE correctly.

3. When the message is sent to the control card, the system prompts “An error has occurred and the transmission failed.”
Please check whether the connection of the communication interface is correct and whether the jumper on the control card jumps in the corresponding level position. The parameters in “control card setting” are correct. Also, if the operating voltage is too low, please use a multimeter to measure the voltage above 4.5V.
4. Why does the display screen not display properly after the information is loaded?
Check if the scan output selection in the “Control Card Settings” is correct.

5, why 485 group network communication is not smooth?
Please check whether the connection mode of the communication line is correct, and connect the communication lines of the various screens together to the computer interface. This will generate strong reflection waves and cause serious interference to the transmission signal.

Why transparent led display can grow fast in the glass wall field

It is understood that the transparent LED display has a high perspective rate, to ensure the floor, glass facade, windows and other lighting structure lighting requirements and visual angle range,and it also ensure the glass wall original lighting perspective function,the most important is save space.

HSTV What is the advantage of the transparent led display:

1)The transparent led display have light weight,doesn’t need to change the building structure,pasted on the glass wall directly.

2)Transparent led display doesn’t need the steel structure,save much installation and maintain cost.indoor install and indoor maintain are very easy.Except that,the transparent led display has special display effect.because the display background is transparent,it can make the advertisement picture to suspended in the glass wall on the feeling, has the characteristics of good advertising effect and artistic effect.
It suit for high building,market,stage.airport,hotel…

3)Install the transparent led display In the 4S car shop,it not only can achieve the best effect of transparent glass,but also can keep the decoration design.

4)In some retail shop,such as KFC,McDonald….they always use paper poster,but transparent led display can change the it and become a “electronic poster”

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HSTV share to improve the stability of LED display.

HSTV share to improve the stability of LED display.
Keep the humidity of the large-screen operating environment of a full-color LED display, and do not allow anything with moisture properties to enter your full-color LED display. Using a full-color display with humidity to start a large screen may cause corrosion of the full-color display components and cause permanent damage.640x640-p5-2
If water enters for a variety of reasons, turn off the power immediately and contact the maintenance personnel until the display in the screen is dry.
LED display switching sequence:
A: Before turning on the LED display, turn on the control computer and let it operate normally.
B: The large screen of the LED display is recommended to exceed 2 hours per day. In the rainy season, a large-screen LED screen should be used at least once a week. Normally, the screen is turned on at least once a month and lights up for more than 2 hours.
On all white, all red, all green, all blue and other highlight screens do not play for a long time, so as not to cause excessive current, the power line heat is too large, LED lights are damaged, affecting the life of the monitor.
Do not disassemble or splicing the screen! The full-color LED display screen has the closest relationship with our users. There is also a need for cleaning and maintenance.
Exposure to outdoor environments, such as wind, sunlight, dust, etc., is prone to soiling. For some time, the screen must be dusty. This requires timely cleaning and long-term coverage of dust-proof soil.
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HSTV display How to set the computer to automatically boot every day

HSTV display How to set the computer to automatically boot every daycabinet front maintain

Step 1: Start the LED display to serve the computer, press DEL, enter the BIOS, then select “POWER MANAGEMENT FEATURES”, enter to enter. In the power window, find “RESTORE ON AC / POWER LOSS” item, press Enter, and then set its value to “POWER ON” by the arrow keys;

Step 2: Select “RESUME ONRTC ALARM” and press Enter. Then use the arrow keys to set the value to “ENABLE”. Step 3: Select “RTC ALARMDATE” and press Enter. Set the value to “EVERYDAY” to indicate Do the same thing every day. In the same way, set “RTC ALARM HOURS”, “RTCALA RM MI NUT E”, and “RTM ALARM SECOND” to “07” and “55” “00,” which means that the boot time is 7:55 in the morning. :00”. After all settings are completed, press F10 to save and restart.

Since different motherboard settings may be slightly different from the above, just remember to find “WAKE UP” or “Resume by Alarm” in power management, as this is the option to set a scheduled boot.

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Hai sheng LED display regular maintenance precautions

Hai sheng LED display regular maintenance precautions

Environment precautions
1. Operating temperature range -30 °C ≤ t ≤ 50 °C, working environment humidity range 10% to 90% RH. Low-temperature or high-temperature LED displays require special designs, and haisheng offers free designs.

2. Avoid use or storage in high temperature, high humidity, high acid/alkali/salt environments;

3. Keep away from flammable materials, gases, and dust;

4. Avoid strong collisions during transportation and avoid sharp object collisions;

5. When the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation conditions are not good, care should be taken not to open the screen for a long time;

6. If the LED display panel exceeds the specified humidity, it will cause parts corrosion and even short-circuit and cause permanent damage.

7. It is forbidden to enter water, iron powder and other conductive metal materials in the screen body. The LED display should be placed in a low-dust environment as much as possible. Large dust can affect the display, and excessive dust can damage the circuit. If water enters for various reasons, switch off the power immediately until all the components in the screen are dry.
Switch screen precautions
1. Open screen: first open the control computer to enable normal operation and then open the LED display screen;

2. Close the screen: First turn off the LED screen power, turn off the control software, and then turn off the computer properly; (The first turn off the computer does not turn off the display, it will cause the screen body to appear highlights, burn the lamp, the consequences are serious)

3. Switching screen time interval is greater than 5 minutes;

4. Avoid opening the screen in the full white screen state, because this time is the maximum power state, and its impact current to the entire distribution system is the largest;

Power supply considerations
1. LED module for DC +5V power supply (working voltage: 4.2 ~ 5.2V), prohibit the use of AC power supply; the positive and negative polarity of the power supply terminals is strictly prohibited (Note: Once the connection is reversed, it will burn the product or even cause a serious fire);

2. LED display power supply voltage: 220V ± 10% frequency: 50HZ ± 5%;
3. Safe and reliable earth contact, reliable ground and neutral isolation, access to power away from high-power electrical equipment;

4. If abnormalities such as short-circuit, tripping, burning, or smoking are discovered, the power-on test should not be repeated, and problems should be found in a timely manner;

5. Keep the power supply stable, and do a good job of grounding protection against lightning strikes. Do not use it under harsh natural conditions, especially strong lightning.

6. Steps must be taken to power the large screen power supply step by step because the maximum power state of the entire screen will impact the entire distribution system.

7. LED display screen does not allow full brightness of the full white screen for more than half an hour, so as not to cause excessive current, power cord heat, LED lamp damage, affect the life of the display, it is recommended to play the main dynamic video;

8. During the use of the LED display products, the power cannot be continuously turned on or off, and the operation between the two should be separated by at least 1 minute;

9. The internal wiring of the large screen of the LED display screen is prohibited by non-professionals, so as to avoid electric shock or damage to the circuit. If problems arise, please ask a professional to perform overhaul.

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Advertising LED Display Solution

Advertising LED Display Solution

In the field of commercial advertising,it has developed a special uniform standardized outdoor cabinet with the same dimension applicable to displays with different pixel requirements,suitable for exhibitions,theme parks,and outdoor advertising,etc.The complete solution with excellent features including high reliability,highly adaptable,and smart control.Our professional service and high quality are worth your trust. Due to the continuous improvement of LED technology, the cost of LED decreases, and hence the cost of LED displays declines as well. This development helped increase the market for and popularity of LED displays. As the currently most prominent application area for full color LED displays, digital outdoor advertisement now slowly takes over for traditional print ads.

Features and advantages of Advertising LED display Solution

 1)Uniform Standardized cabinet design makes the same cabinet dimension applicable to displays with different pixel requirements; more convenient installation of advertising screens.
2)Unique waterproof cabinet design, in accordance with protection standards IP65; can be directly installed for outdoor use.
3)With sensitive control system, it can adjust screen brightness automatically according to the lighting change of indoor and outdoor, saving energy to reduce your operating costs greatly.
4)High refresh rate and high gray make the picture more realistic, which meets the demand of high visual quality of commercial usage.
5)The advertising contents can be changed at any time, for different customers and various advertisements.
6)LED display supports network control function, allowing you to control the displays of several cities in one place to change the contents at any time.
7)With environmental monitoring systems, you can know the display operation anytime, anywhere.
8)With multi-function card, it can turn on and turn off the screen by software timing or manually at any time, achieving unattended function.
9)Company also provides spare parts. All parts are modular designs, which facilitates after-purchase maintenance.