What is The Difference Between Wireless Control LED Screen and Wireless Transmission LED Screen

Wireless control led screen and wireless transmission led screen, which means similar, often customers will confuse them. So, what is the difference between the wireless control screen and wireless transmission screen?
led strip OSS15.625-40
To understand the difference between the two, we must first understand the basic concepts.

There are many screens in the general family, TV screen, computer screen, mobile phone screen and pad screen, etc.. To display the contents of a screen on another screen is called the screen. Wireless transmission screen is relative to the wired transmission screen is concerned, that is, the use of WIFI mobile phone or computer screen displayed on the tv.

Wireless control system

The wireless control screen refers to the use of wireless control tools (such as iPad, mobile phones, etc.) unlimited remote control LED display, and the realization of the screen playback, switching, automatic volume adjustment function.

Wireless control screen and wireless transmission screen is mainly in the following aspects:

Wireless transmission screen is commonly used to control home TV or computer screen, belonging to civilian products. Wifi wireless TV with WIFI function, can automatically search the IP address of the device, wireless sharing function content of wireless search, wireless transmission, network movies, pictures, music, novels, television and interactive users increased to a great extent.

Wireless control screen is commonly used to control LED display, LCD/DLP splicing screen, advertising machine, etc., are commercial products. To realize the wireless control of commercial large screen through the control of the host computer and iPad mobile wireless data synchronization tool, video playback, volume, brightness, split screen edit subtitles, the LED display management more convenient, more interactive.

What Reasons Cause LED Display Dead Light

At present, the LED technology is becoming more and more mature, and the advantages of its long life has been the focus of public attention. But in recent years, in the production and application of LED, we still encounter a lot of dead light phenomenon. The so-called Dead lights, also known as light, LED light source is not bright. Whether it is the production or application of the resulting dead lights, manufacturers are very headache problem, both to face the loss of bad products, but also affect the consumer confidence in LED products.

led bead

1, Deformation caused by dead lights:

Due to the existence of the lamp plate deformation, the operator will go to surgery, because the board deformed above beads also with tensile deformation, gold, caused by light is not bright, that this type of board is best in front of the production of plastic processing. Longer in the production and assembly and moving over and may also cause the deformation of gold wire phenomenon. There is a pile caused by the production process, in order to facilitate smoothly, will light board randomly stacked, due to gravity, the lower beads will force deformation, damage of gold.

2, Improper storage caused by dead lights:

This is the most common, do not pay attention to the problem of moisture after the bag is opened, the lamp sealing glue more silica gel material, which has certain characteristics of water absorption, moisture beads affixed to the plate after the welding process after high temperature silicone will Rezhanglengsu, gold, chip, support deformation in gold displaced fracture, lamp not lit phenomenon is produced, therefore recommend: LED should be stored in dry and ventilated environment, storage temperature of -40 – +100 DEG C, relative humidity below 85%; LED in the original packaging conditions under 3 months to use better, in order to avoid the bracket rust; when the packaging bag is LED after opening, to be used as soon as possible, the storage temperature of 5 DEG -30 DEG C, relative humidity below 60%.

3, Chemical cleaning:

Do not use chemical cleaning liquid LED is unknown, because it may damage the LED colloid surface, and even cause the colloid cracks, if necessary, please sign for cleaning with alcohol cotton at room temperature in a well ventilated environment, the best time to finish in a minute wind control.

4, Welding process problems:

A, electric soldering iron is the most common, such as sample preparation, maintenance, because most of the existing manufacturers in order to save costs, the electric iron for more quality products to repurchase slightly substandard, mostly bad ground, existing leakage, welding process of welding LED– body, which is equal to the earth to form a loop in the iron the tip, the leakage is equal to that of dozens of times, hundreds of times – exerted on the lamp voltage in the LED lamp above the burning moment.

Note: the static with the situation will be more serious, because when the body is connected with a smaller resistance on the formation of the electrostatic loop, through the body to the lamp current will be larger, this is also a lot of people say there is still the electrostatic with so much damage to the lamp.

B, the heating platform caused by welding dead lights, lamps as sample single, most enterprises in order to meet the needs of small batch and single sample, because the equipment cost is low, the advantages of simple structure and operation, the heating platform became the best means of production, but due to the use of the environment (for example: there is a fan of the local temperature not a constant problem) and the welding operator operating proficiency and the control of welding speed becomes a problem caused by a large dead lights, in addition there is a heating platform equipment grounding.

C, reflow, general this welding method is the most reliable way of production, suitable for mass production and processing, if improper operation, will cause more serious consequences such as death light, temperature is not reasonable, the machine bad grounding etc..

5, The heat dissipation structure, power supply and the lamp plate does not match:

The design of power supply or unreasonable power supply exceeds the maximum limit of LED can withstand (current, instantaneous impact); the lamp radiating structure is not reasonable, can cause premature decay and death light.

6, Electrostatic:

Static electricity can cause LED function failure, it is recommended to prevent ESD damage LED.

A, LED testing and assembly personnel must wear anti-static bracelet and anti-static gloves.

B, welding equipment and test equipment, working table, storage rack, etc. must be grounded.

C, use ion fan to eliminate the static electricity generated by LED during storage and assembly.

D, LED box with anti-static material box, packaging bag using electrostatic bag.

E, do not have luck, touch LED.

ESD damage by LED will appear abnormal phenomenon:

A, reverse leakage, light will cause a decrease in brightness, serious lights do not light.

B, the forward voltage value becomes small. LED can not emit light when low current drive.

C, the welding is not good.

There are many factors leading to the LED display dead light, can be summed up as a result of the production process and the use of improper storage.

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What is the Refresh Rate and Gray Level of LED Display

What does LED display refresh rate and gray level mean? As follow optokingdom Engineer will explain for everyone.

With the development of indoor LED display and application more and more, both in the command center, the monitoring center and the studio, you can see the LED display is widely used. However, the overall performance of the LED display system, the display is able to meet the needs of the users? Whether these LED display images can accord with human visual viewing? These LED display can withstand different camera angles of different camera shutter test? This is the LED display needs to face the need to consider the problem, I would some factors affecting LED display (including the refresh and gray level etc.) make a analysis.
LED display refresh rate (visual refresh rate)

“Visual refresh rate” refers to the rate of screen updates, usually in Hertz (Hz) as a unit, in general, the visual refresh rate of more than 3000Hz, for high-performance LED display. The higher the visual refresh frequency, the more stable the screen display, the smaller the sense of visual flicker. LED display low “visual refresh rate”, in addition to its influence on camera, photography, horizontal horizontal stripes, but also has a similar lighting and flashing tens of thousands of pieces of image, the human eye watch may therefore produce discomfort, and even cause damage to the eyes.

Although the human eye, the visual refresh rate of more than 60Hz has been felt is a continuous picture, but the higher the visual refresh frequency, the more stable the image display, the more difficult to feel the human eye fatigue. Now in the high quality video, in order to get a more detailed picture, such as wonderful playback or close-up photography process, have to take more than 1000Hz per second camera. At this time, LED display for will be captured, under the high-speed shutter can still show footage (no black scan line) or continuous tone, is a great challenge.

Gray level of LED display screen

“Gray level” refers to a variety of colors in between the dark and the light, the color changes with different class, generally in the 14 bit gray scale (bit), which has at least more than 16384 kinds of color class, is a high-performance LED display screen. If the gray series deficiencies, lack of hierarchy or color will occur is gradient color gradation is not very smooth, but can not fully show the color film. LED display screen effect greatly reduced. Some of the low efficiency of the LED display screen in the 1/500s shutter, you can check out the obvious color distribution, if we increase the shutter speed, such as 1/1000s or 1/2000s, the situation will be more obvious.

What is the impact of the LED screen refresh rate and gray level?

We know that LED screen several core components, such as LED switching power supply, LED drive chip, LED lamp, the refresh frequency and gray level LED display, LED driver chip directly determines the LED screen frequency, gray level refresh in visual performance. In the current LED driver chip, the high technology “ScrambledPWM (S-PWM) technology, S-PWM technology is to improve the traditional pulse width modulation (PWM) technology, which will be an image conductiontime dispersed into a number of shorter turn-on time to increase the overall visual update rate. Further, a new generation of LED driver chip built-in S-PWM technology, can be originally each frame (frame) counting time (LED ON, LED OFF grain grain) way, broken down into several average counts, and each scattered parts, can not maintain the original scattered before the ratio of On/Off. As shown below.

S-PWM technology provides a different counting mode, so the image refresh rate can be raised to a maximum of 64 times. If replaced by S-PWM to improve the image refresh frequency of the operation, just use a low order clock (such as 5MHz) can be easily refresh the visual refresh rate 64 times, and can reach more than 4800Hz. Compared to the general video refresh rate of at least 10 times higher than the capacity, but also to avoid the occurrence of high frequency electromagnetic interference (EMIissue), over-voltage surge (Overshoot) and under voltage surge (Undershoot) problem.

S-PWM driver chip LED display, with a digital camera high-speed shutter to take photos, there will still be no horizontal black scan line and color distribution (as shown below). Its visual refresh frequency, the performance of gray level, far beyond the use of traditional switching type driver chip LED display.

High quality LED driver chip, built in S-PWM technology, making the refresh rate of up to 3840Hz, gray level up to 16bit, in the case of high-speed shutter camera, after the emergence of the level of black scan lines and color distribution

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Considerations On Installing LED Display Module

At present, with the increasingly wide application of LED display, consumers in the purchase of the LED display will usually require manufacturers to help install, so that the LED display is a technical discipline required to install LED. Although the technical staff of experienced, LED display installation is hundreds of times, but for some technical personnel just contact LED display soon, in the installation of LED display is often easy to overlook some places, resulting in unnecessary problems.
1, the installation of the LED display module, the requirements of the use of double-sided adhesive or wood glue, so that the module card slot and suction plate firmly affixed. In the use of double-sided adhesive, it is necessary to add a glass glue, or in the sun for a long time under the sun, will cause the mold off. Remember!

2, LED display module with low voltage input, so not without power supply and direct access to the 220V, otherwise it will cause the whole burnt led module. Remember!!

3, Blister word or arranged in the box body module, as far as possible by three points, four points, in line to make the whole word or the box body to form a loop, or a loop, i.e. each stroke at the end of the module according to the positive and negative electrode is connected with the two power line.

4, switching power supply according to the characteristics of the LED display module to adjust the output voltage, please do not use the rotating voltage adjustment button.

5, LED special switching power supply. Power can only moisture, not waterproof, so the power supply must be waterproof measures.

The positive and negative points, there are 6 LED display module, power supply port wiring installation note must correspond to the positive pole and the negative pole, if the positive and negative reverse, LED screen module does not light, and will not damage the LED display module, as long as the switch to normal.

7, LED display module are used low-voltage input, the power supply is installed in the light-emitting screen LED module within 10 meters.

8, the installation can not push, squeeze, pressure LED screen module on the device, so as not to cause damage to the device, affecting the overall effect. Remember!

9, single line length of 12~m, 15~m, respectively, according to the actual use of two. The bent connecting wire (including the unused connecting thread) is fixed on the blister bottom plate with the glass glue to prevent the shading.

10, in order to prevent the connection line is easy to fall off from the wire seat, the line seat design has a barb, if inserted in the inconvenience, should withdraw from the re insert. We must confirm the connection LED screen module wire has been firmly seated, otherwise it will cause off day after.

11, there is no water treatment of the LED display module, installed in the font or box, should prevent rainwater into the font or box.

12, LED display module spacing can be adjusted according to the requirement of the brightness, each square cloth point the best control in 50~100 group.

13, the power supply port outlet module series number not more than 50 groups, otherwise the tail module will be due to voltage attenuation, resulting in LED display module brightness reduction. Although the formation of the circuit can avoid the occurrence of attenuation, but should not be connected to too many LED screen modules.

14, the power line access to the box, must first through the four line or the three line and the corresponding group of four or group of modules connected. When the power cord enters the box, a large junction should be made to prevent the LED display module from being pulled out.

The Cooling Performance of Transparent LED Display

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, in the era of progress, transparent LED display more and more appear in people’s field of vision, transparent LED display with high transparent, green energy-saving characteristics favored by the customers, then what about the cooling performance?
The LED display is critical for LED screen heat dissipation performance and life, general LED display manufacturers in product design, production and processing and construction through physical cooling, air convection cooling, air conditioning and refrigeration cooling, wind tube and heat conduction material, heat dissipation will LED display solutions.

In general, the average power consumption of conventional LED display per hour about 300W per square, the maximum power consumption of about 900W per square; and the average power consumption of transparent LED display per hour about 250W per square, the maximum power consumption of about 800W per square; transparent LED display in the square units per hour than the conventional display such 50W-100W, after long-term use can save a lot a cost of electricity. Low power consumption, low calorific value, screen body problem will not be too high, so that the normal operation of the display in normal temperature environment.

Display mode is a big difference between the transparent screen and the conventional screen. The conventional LED display in the basic work of all points on the light and heat; and the transparent LED display at work, only part of the show will shine, the other part does not light, the screen body temperature is much lower than the conventional screen.

In the product structure, the transparent LED display screen installation using light bar type structure, there is a gap between the heat lamp, lamp can soon be sent out, the cooling performance is good, do not need to complete the display of the conventional auxiliary fan and air conditioning and other tools.

In summary, the transparent LED display very good heat dissipation, low energy consumption, is a representative of a new generation of green display, environmental protection and energy saving, its future development potential immeasurable, its blue ocean market is coming!

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Optokingdom Engineer Shows You Kinds of Rental LED Display Cabinet

A lot of people think that full-color LED display as same as the LCD flat-panel TVs, is composed of a single screen, in fact, the LED screen is composed of a large number of cell board Cabinet splicing. If a piece of hundreds of square meters of LED display is a single structure, then the transport is a big problem. In order to facilitate the transport of the Cabinet as a unit, easy to install and disassemble, easy maintenance, etc., then as follow Optokingdom engineer will show you what types cabinet would be used on rental led display?

Die casting aluminum alloy Cabinet

Die casting aluminum body weight light, reasonable structure, high precision, the basic can achieve seamless splicing. The latest display of die-casting aluminum is not only a simple upgrade of the traditional display Cabinet, from the structure and performance have been updated comprehensive optimization, is the use of the patent compact indoor display Cabinet rental, splicing precision, disassembly, maintenance is very convenient.

Die casting aluminum LED display using a mold Cabinet, the smoothness of the more secure, effective control of the tolerance range, basically solve the Cabinet joint problems; humanized design, convenient installation, light Cabinet, joint and connector is more reliable; the quality of light, with lifting structure, more convenient, installation is firm; imported power connector, connection, safe and reliable; the Cabinet between the signal and power connections with concealed connection, after installation can not see any traces of the connecting line. At present, Cheng Cheng Die casting aluminum Cabinet has been classified as inside and outside the home, leasing, etc..
Die casting aluminum rental Cabinet series features:

1 ultra light weight is only 8kg, single person can be portable, easy to install;

2 ultra thin – the Cabinet is made of die-casting aluminum, high strength, toughness, high precision, not easy to deformation, for the transport of labor;

3 high precision – dimensions are machined to 0.1mm;

4 compatible – new structural design, to meet the requirements of lifting, stacking, meet indoor and outdoor requirements;

5 quick – up and down the Cabinet around the use of rapid locking mechanism, 10 seconds to complete the installation of a Cabinet, high installation accuracy;

6 reliable – high strength and hardness, good heat dissipation;

7 cost – light weight, low cost, low power consumption, operation cost and labor cost.

Two, nano polymer material Cabinet

Nano polymer material has the characteristics of anti shock and anti fall, it is characterized by very light, relatively low cost of die-casting aluminum, simple loading and unloading, easy handling, low transportation costs, low cost

Nano polymer material Cabinet highlights:

1 light – the weight of a single Cabinet is only about 5kg.

2 Thin – the thinnest thickness of 20mm, the maximum thickness of 70mm.

3 fast – save time, build fast, fast maintenance, labor saving, simple handling, handling light

4 odd – can be infinite length hoisting, fixed installation, lifting height up to 20M, can also be 15 degrees inside and outside arc splicing, and can be drawn from the entire screen any Cabinet, to achieve any creative shape.

5 provinces – save money, lower than the cost of die-casting aluminum Cabinet 20%, low transport costs.

Three, carbon fiber Cabinet:

Carbon fiber Cabinet design ultra-thin, light weight, good strength, tensile resistance of 1500kg, the weight per square meter is only 9.4kg. The use of full modular design, more convenient maintenance, 45 degree right angle side screen can be achieved with the installation of 90 degrees. At the same time to provide non transparent backplane, suitable for stadium, outdoor advertising light field large area installation.

Four, magnesium alloy full-color LED display Cabinet:

Magnesium alloy is made of magnesium and other elements. The utility model has the advantages of small density, high strength, good heat dissipation, good shock absorption, strong impact loading capacity and good corrosion resistance to organic matter and alkali. Magnesium alloy is used as LED display Cabinet with high performance price ratio, easy installation, excellent heat dissipation, which makes the product more market advantage.

With the people in the visual and aesthetic demands, the scene layout and stage activities, wedding celebration, opening ceremony and other activities of the atmospheric appearance, full-color LED display rental market is hot, but also various LED display manufacturers focus in the field of a market.

How to Judge the Quality of LED Display Power Supply

LED display power as an important part of the power supply system, as we can see all kinds of power supply on the market, choose a qualified and reliable power supply, energy saving effect of the LED display and service life are improved significantly, so how to correctly identify and choose a qualified LED display power? Can be considered from the following 7 aspects:

1. Look at the appearance of the process to select LED display power. A good power supply manufacturers, its working process is also very strict, because in order to protect the product batch consistency. An irresponsible manufacturer, the production of the power of its appearance, tin surface, the arrangement of components is not good enough.

2. From the full load efficiency to choose LED display power. The efficiency of the power supply is one of the most important indicators, the efficiency of high power conversion rate of energy, so that not only attached to the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, but also to be able to save money for users to save money.

3. Constant voltage power supply output voltage ripple. The size of the ripple on the life of the electrical equipment has a very big impact, the smaller the better ripple.

4. Observe the temperature Shenglai power supply selection LED display power supply. The temperature stability and lifetime of power, low temperature rise and better temperature rise. Also can be seen from the efficiency, the general efficiency of high temperature will be small.

5. Due to the properties of the LED display products, when playing the video or the screen will usually produce an instantaneous change in the current, which put forward more stringent requirements on the LED power supply. Usually, in order to ensure the normal display screen, you need to reserve a certain amount of power products. Generally speaking, the more reserved margin, the more stable the performance of power products, the longer the life, but this will increase the cost of power supply products, too much allowance is also easy to cause a waste. Currently, the industry’s LED display power supply is generally reserved for 20%–30%.

6. In order to increase the life of the power supply, it is recommended to use more than 30% output power rating models. For example, if the system requires a 100W power supply, it is recommended to select more than 130W output power rating models, and so on can effectively improve the life of the power supply.

7. According to the selection of power supply application field, such as protection function: over voltage protection, over temperature protection, overload protection; application functions: signal function, remote control, telemetry function, parallel function; special function: power factor correction (PFC) and power (UPS).

How Effective Waterproof to Outdoor LED Display

As we all know, LED display is divided into indoor and outdoor, indoor display needs moisture-proof, outdoor display not only need moisture-proof, as well as waterproof. If waterproof, moisture-proof-proof work is not in place, it is extremely likely to cause a short circuit, serious may also cause a fire, etc.. So, in this storm faster than the open book of the season, waterproof, moisture-proof is the essential work of LED display.

How to do LED display moisture-proof, waterproof?
OFSE391 (6)
For indoor display, the first moderate ventilation. Moderate ventilation can help the water vapor attached to the display screen to evaporate quickly, reducing the relative humidity of the indoor environment. However, avoid in some wind and humid weather ventilation, this will increase the indoor humidity; secondly, placed desiccant indoors, with moisture-proof to physics, reduce the moisture-proof in the air; or open air conditioning dehumidification, if the screen is mounted in the space to install air conditioning, you can turn on the air pumping damp weather wet.

The outdoor LED display itself environment than the complex indoor, indoor moisture-proof can take the method, but the outdoor screen should not only consider the damp problem, but also make daily maintenance of waterproof work, especially in the rainy season, so a good seal installation can help the display screen to reduce the influent risk, regular cleaning and display attached to the dust, can also help to display better heat dissipation, reduce adhesion of water vapor.
At the same time, late in the process, PCB board, LED display the humidity caused by power supply, power line etc components will be easily oxidized corrosion, and the failure, so this requires us to make the LED display, the PCB board to do anti-corrosion treatment. For example, the coating of Sanhuang paint, power supply and power line to use high quality accessories, welding is the most susceptible to corrosion in place, should pay attention to the protection work, especially the frame, easy to rust, rust treatment do best.

Finally, whether indoor or outdoor screen screen. The most effective way to avoid the wet damage function is often used to display, the working state of display itself will generate some heat, some water vapor can be evaporated, thus greatly reducing the possibility of short-circuit caused by damp. Therefore, the regular use of the display, the relative humidity of the display screen is not much smaller.

Optokingdom Shares The Solution to A Bright Line Problem of LED Screen

Nowadays, from the small storefront door to the hotel, conference hall, film city, airport station, more or less will install a LED screen.

When we are using the LED screen, sometimes it will appear a bright line problem, which seriously affects its display effect. Then, how to deal with this problem? Optokingdom thinks that professional LED screen manufacturers can solve this problems from three aspects.

LED display is a complex LED lamp screen polymerization. The device comprises a unit board, a control card, a power supply, a box body, a bracket, etc.. Recently, a friend of the screen when playing a bright line. Has been unable to solve, optokingdom here to share solutions.

1. You should determine that the power is not damaged or it can not properly use, then check the power supply and control unit board. If you have measured the output voltage that is between 4.9 ~ 5.5v, the outside of this range is likely to be that the power supply is broken.

2. You should check whether the control card is not used normally. If not, you need check whether there is a 5Vpower supply. In that time, you need use the control card software to find the control card, if you can find the function of the control cards to send content, then check the communication lines.
3. You can check the cell plate to see whether it is good or not. LED screen signals are transmitted from one plate to the input of the other plate. So there is a board problem, then, it will affect the back plate. So you need check the cell plate one by one .